By: Brian Evans

As the left continues to move to the radical left-wing end of the political spectrum…aka Marxism and Fascism, they are now using Gestapo style tactics to try and subvert and separate the President from his supporters, especially the men and women in uniform! In fact, after it came to light that the Police Union was supporting the President and selling “Cops for Trump” T-Shirts, the radical left-wing Mayor of Minneapolis had the Police Union’s website taken down, to subvert their ability to sell the shirts!

Already, President Trump has shown himself to be one of the most pro-police, pro-military, pro-officer Presidents in history, and THEY KNOW IT!

The latest in a string of controversies by the left began when the Police were banned from wearing their uniforms to the President’s rally this week, likely because the Mayor was concerned that it would show the massive support that the President has, in regards to the men and women in blue! After being banned and threatened with repercussions, they decided to have t-shirts made to sell to the officers who wanted to attend that read “Cops for Trump”! President Trump found out about the shirts and thanked the Minnesota Police Department Federation for selling the “Cops for Trump” T-shirts. The Police Federation said it was a way to show their support for the President, being their Mayor was blocking them from wearing uniforms! President Trump tweeted…

Also, President Trump went onto Fox and Friends to thank Lt. Bob Kroll for his kind comments. Then the President encouraged his supporters to buy their t-shirts to support the Police Federation!

Then, within a few hours, the now-radicalized left pushed for and got their website account suspended, as they actively work to silence any and all opposition to their rule!

Apparently, the left will now stoop to any level, silence even the most honorable, and subvert the United States Constitution of the United States, if it gets in the way of their power and prestige, as the work to implement a One-Party rule in America! In other words, Marxist and Fascist rule!