By: Brian Evans

Never in my lifetime, could I ever have imagined that there would be a struggle between the founding ideals of our nation that have created one of the richest and most prosperous people in the world…AND SOCIALISM! After all, Socialism has seen failure after failure, as each attempt to implement the radical ideology led to complete and total Marxism, with the prosperity of each nation being plundered by the Elite political class, and the citizens of each Socialist nation being left in utter and total poverty. Sadly, as Socialist nations saw their leadership become more and more powerful, they also become more removed from the true purpose of a government, and that purpose is to represent and protect its citizens! Never-the-less, Socialism has always ushered in various forms of authoritarianism, as well as, a Marxist or Communist government, with all power and freedom stripped from the nations citizen population! Furthermore, under Socialism, while at first, the new form of government brings about prosperity for a brief year or two, it is followed by the bankruptcy of its people, utter poverty, and the desperation of its citizens! That is because, like in Venezuela, the government confiscation of all businesses, banks, corporations, and monies, it enriches the government! Then, as the late Prime Minister of England’s Margaret Thatcher noted…

socialisms problem

Still, despite the history of Socialism’s failed economic system that has left countless billions of humans in dire poverty, starvation, and desperation, and even though Marxism has repeatedly ushered in the largest exterminations of human beings in history, the Democrat Party has officially embraced the radical and openly racist ideology. In fact, during the State of the Union, when President Trump said…

“We are born free, we stay free…America will never be a Socialist country!”

President Donald J. Trump

It proved to be one of the most chilling moments of the night, not only because it has to be said by a President of the United States of America, but also because Socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was not alone in her scowl and refusal to clap, but the ENTIRE DEMOCRAT PARTY SCOWLED AND REFUSED TO APPLAUD in that moment!

Ocasio-Cortez at SOTUCSPAN


Now, as patriots try to preserve our nations Constitutional Republic, and all the freedoms it bestows upon ‘We the People’, the Gateway Pundit revealed that…

The liberty-oriented Protect Freedom PAC will be running a “Stop Socialism” ad in New Hampshire during the Democratic primary debates airing on CNN on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“The ad shows stark imagery of the true history of socialism and draws parallels between the failed promises of the past and the promises of today’s self-described socialists, including Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the PAC said in a press release about their new ad campaign.

The ad begins with historical footage of socialist dictators as the narrator says, “they came with big promises. Preying on those who felt downtrodden, forgotten, mistreated. Socialism offered a clear exchange — give us some of your freedoms and we’ll give you economic security — but every time, the exchange went bad.

The footage switches to black and white images of Senator Sanders and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez as it warns that we must “stop socialism, before it stops us.

“Socialism is a failed ideology based on false promises. It inevitably leads to a loss of freedom, and historically has led to misery, oppression, and mass state-sponsored murder. Protect Freedom PAC is committed to telling the truth about socialism,” Protect Freedom PAC spokesman Michael Biundo stated.

The Protect Freedom PAC aims to support pro-freedom and liberty-minded candidates around the country.

“Protect Freedom PAC was founded for the purpose of supporting pro-freedom and liberty-minded candidates using the tactics, technology, and strategy that best fits each race individually,” the PAC’s website states. “PFP was founded by seasoned political veterans with decades of national campaign experience, which includes working on the campaigns of both Ron and Rand Paul.”

Regardless, Democrats and their Party’s Elitist leadership, have whole-heartedly embraced Socialism and its false-promise of prosperity to the American people!

Sadly, the most revealing moment of the last State of the Union was when the President made the promise that…

“Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will NEVER be a socialist country.”

Although throughout history, it has never had to be addressed by a President, and although if it had been said anytime throughout the history of our nation, it would have received thunderous applause! However, instead of unanimous and thunderous applause, it received a standing ovation and applause from Republicans, but the Democrats looked stone-faced angry, and refused to applaud!

Therefore, in a brief moment, it revealed that every Democrat in attendance either fully embraced full-scale socialism and Marxism, or that the Party is now so much under the control of the radical Marxist wing of the Party, that all its members submit to their agenda, out of fear for their own political survival!

In fact, just this  past week, Fox News revealed a study that just the Democrats ‘Green New Deal’ would, in just the first year, COST EACH AND EVERY SWING-STATE HOUSEHOLD A MINIMUM OF $70,000 per year, as well as, bankrupt the United States government within the first few years, leading America down the same path as Venezuela, and likely even worse! Fox News reported…

Radically transforming energy consumption under the “Green New Deal” (GND) would cost the average household at least $70,000 in the first year of its rollout, and a cool quarter-million dollars total after five years, a new study concluded.

The study, released jointly by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and Power the Future on Tuesday, looked at a wide swath of data to estimate how transforming the energy sector — which includes de-carbonizing transportation and retrofitting U.S. commercial and residential buildings — would affect the average household in five representative states.

Within the first year of implementing the program, the average household in each of the given states (AlaskaFloridaNew HampshireNew MexicoPennsylvania) would incur at least $70,000 in expenses — followed by roughly $45,000 in annual expenses for each of the following 2-5 years and over $37,000 after that time frame.

Their estimates came on the same day as the Democrats’ second primary debate, which included leading progressive candidates who not only have endorsed the GND, but who also sought public support from its visionary, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. A slew of other candidates — including the party’s frontrunner, former Vice President Joe Biden — have endorsed the basics of the project. Three congressional Democrats introduced a carbon tax bill last week that similarly would seek a drastic reduction in emissions.

They went on to note that…

the study found that the battleground state of Pennsylvania would face over $2 quadrillion in costs for upgrading residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Florida would encounter a $1.4 quadrillion price tag and New Hampshire, one of the first primary states, would face $102.8 trillion in retrofitting costs.

A quadrillion, which is equal to one thousand trillion, is represented by a 1 followed by 15 zeroes. One quadrillion would be roughly 250 times the annual federal budget.

The two others saw costs that were much higher than even the national debt — $352.8 trillion for New Mexico and $533.4 trillion for Alaska.

Democrats and even the leader of the ‘Squad’, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have downplayed the concerns about the costs of the Socialist plan for America, and have even mocked conservatives who challenged her plan, by calling them Dr. Evil, demanding outlandish ransoms in the “Austin Powers” movies. However, countless studies, on both ends of the ideological spectrum, have found the cost of the Socialist program, the Green New Deal astronomical and unbearable, for the American people, and the American nation as a whole!

Even some Democrats, like 2020 Presidential Candidates have called for more moderate ‘Green New Deal’ programs, but those would bankrupt America as well, costing Trillions of dollars over the first few years!

Fox News stated that…

Like other studies of the Green New Deal, CEI’s cautioned that its findings likely underestimated the program’s actual costs.

“Most provisions of the GND are so broad and open-ended that the list of potential programs necessary to implement the program is limited by the capacity of legislators to imagine a new government program,” authors Daniel Turner and Kent Lassman wrote. “Therefore, it is impossible to calculate the whole or maximum cost of the GND. However, other parts of the GND are more precise, sufficiently so that an approximate minimum cost estimate is available.”

Both CEI and the Heritage Foundation found that the Green New Deal’s energy goals alone would cost households hefty and likely impractical sums. When the American Action Forum (AAF), led by former Congressional Budget Office director Douglas Holtz-Eakin, looked at the GND, it accounted for several other goals with primarily economic aims (“universal health care” and “guaranteed jobs”). It found that the program could cost as much as $94 trillion.

That figure is likely much lower than CEI’s total calculations because AAF appeared to focus on household retrofitting rather than adding it to more costly changes for commercial and industrial buildings. CEI’s study also provided perhaps one of the more detailed reports in that it broke down how households would accumulate their eyepopping expenditures.

Just transitioning to electric vehicles and building a high-speed rail would cost the average household at least $20,000 in each of the states analyzed. Shipping cost increases ranged from $181 to $308 annually while the costs for an electrical grid ranged from $22,773 in New Hampshire to $52,796 in Alaska.

A Republican Study Committee has In the House, the Republican Study Committee pushed a resolution that declared the proposal a “thinly veiled” attempt to usher in a socialist society and would violate the nation’s core principles

Another Fox News article revealed that…

Reaching the “Green New Deal’s” (GND) goal of drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is practically impossible, according to an analysis using the government’s own economic modeling.

The Heritage Foundation attempted to use the Energy Information Administration’s National Energy Model to forecast the impact of steep carbon taxes aimed at reaching the net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goal that’s supported by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. House Democrats, and a host of 2020 presidential candidates.

Not only did the model crash, it failed to approach anywhere near the goal outlined in the “GND.” The closest Heritage was able to get was a 58 percent reduction in emissions, achieved through a $300 carbon tax  — taxes above $300 crashed the EIA’s model.

“Carbon taxes above $300 (resulting in slightly above 50 percent CO2 reductions by 2050) cause the model to crash, and thus a 58 percent CO2 reduction from 2010 levels is the largest level we are able to model,” the study’s authors, Nicolas D. Loris and Kevin D. Dayaratna, wrote in the study published on Wednesday.

Just a 58 percent reduction would, by 2040, cost the economy $15 trillion in lost gross domestic product and an average of 1.1 million jobs per year. The average family of four would also see a total income loss of $165,000, or nearly $8,000 each year.

Household energy expenses would also see an average increase of 30 percent. Worse, the rate of emissions reductions slowed substantially as Heritage progressively raised carbon taxes in its modeling — indicating that Democrats will face increasing difficulty in reducing emissions as taxes reach higher levels.

Regardless, the true Democrat leader in Congress denied the facts, and even put out a fictional story with herself as the narrator, in which she painted an America of tomorrow that has been restored to a successful and thriving nation, with a flourishing economy and environment…Sadly, it is simply a story, manufactured by the Marxist left, which ignores the truth behind the Green New Deal, and its devastating outcomes in America…

Meanwhile, you have the architect of the ‘Green New Deal’ claims that climate change will lead to devastation equal to “25 holocausts’ combined! Meanwhile, you have the open Marxist Bernie Sanders comparing ‘climate change’ to Pearl Harbor, as well as other Democrats claiming the world will end in 10 to 12 years, similar to claims made by Al Gore, which never came to pass, and proved to be falsehoods and lies!

Fox News also pointed out that…

In her resolution for the “GND,” Ocasio-Cortez pointed to a United Nations report which determined that global warming at or above 2 degrees Celsius would lead to a host of bad outcomes. Those included mass migration, a loss of more than 99 percent of all the Earth’s coral reefs, raging wildfires, and more than $500 billion in lost annual economic output just for the U.S.

It’s unclear, however, how much the “GND” would be able to halt those catastrophic impacts. Through a model that the U.N. has utilized, Heritage found that a 100 percent cut in emissions would only “have a negligible impact on global warming.”

For Heritage’s analysis, it assumed emissions reductions would be twice as effective as former President Obama’s Interagency Working Group assumed in changing the climate. Yet and still, “the world would only be less than 0.2 degree Celsius cooler by the year 2100, and sea-level rise would be slowed by less than 2 centimeters.”

In addition to emissions cuts, the ‘Green New Deal’ also claims to guarantee

“high-quality health care,” affordable housing, and “economic security.”

However, the American Action Forum (AAF) analyzed and incorporated other aspects of the plan and found that it could cost as much as $94 trillion, and like other studies, found that the combined cost of the ‘Green New Deal” and its various components would likely climb much higher in total cost to the American people in both personal household costs, and in unbearable and exorbitant taxes!

In fact, in regards to the American taxpayers, the study stated that…

“Our cost estimates constitute a significant underestimate of the true costs of the Green New Deal as the carbon tax and regulations do not completely achieve the policy objectives outlined in the non-binding resolution. Furthermore, the analysis does not account for the direct taxpayer costs, as advocates want to pay for the Green New Deal through a massive stimulus-style package. Layers of additional regulations and mandates, such as the proposal’s objective to maximize energy efficiency for every new and existing building in the U.S., would drive costs even higher.”

In fact, according to a fact sheet posted and quickly removed by Ocasio-Cortez’s office, a carbon tax would only be “a tiny part” of the “GND’s” goal of achieving emissions reductions. It stated that…

“We cannot simply tax gas and expect workers to figure out another way to get to work unless we’ve first created a better, more affordable option.”

Even more amazing, is the fact that Democrats have become so openly brazen about the costs of their policies…IF ONLY THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA WOULD REPORT IT, AND SOCIAL MEDIA DIDN’T BLOCK THE INFORMATION FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

Regardless, the pro-Marxist Democrat who brought the ‘Green New Deal’ OPENLY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY ADMITTED that the purpose of the ‘Green New Deal’ is not about climate change or global warming, but instead it is about transforming a Capitalist economy into a Socialist one! In fact, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff recently admitted that the GND was a…

“how-do-you-change-the-entire economy thing”

In fact, AOC’s Chief of Staff, Saikat Chakrabarti told The Washington Post in May that…

“The interesting thing about the Green New Deal is it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all.”

In fact, her Chief of Staff told Sam Ricketts, climate director for 2020 hopeful and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee…

“Do you guys think of it as a climate thing? Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”

Sadly, the ‘Green New Deal’ is just a tip of the America crushing iceberg, as the radical leftist fringe of the Democrat Party have successfully hijacked the Democrat Party, and are now working on the United States of America, as they seek to sink it to the depths of an abysmal Marxist hell! In the end, if they truly convince the American people to do what so many civilizations and nations have done before, sacrificing our nations God-given freedoms for the assurances of protection and security from their trusted government, America’s demise will be no different from that of the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, or even Nazi Germany! We the people will give up everything, in exchange for nothing, which is the true promise of a Socialist and Marxist controlled government!