Evans News Report

Defending The Constitution, With Fair And Honest News Analysis


Evans News Report is an independent news journalist website (www.evansnewsreport.com) that was launched in early 2017, combined with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which allows us to aggregate top articles from a broad base of trusted news sites including ENR articles. Consequently, it allows us to reach a broad base of readers. Evans News Report was launched by Brian Evans from Southwest Missouri, and was established to fight against the constant barrage of attacks on America’s constitution, and our constitutional republic. We fight against the false statements, lies, and distortions that are perpetrated on the American and worldwide public by Mainstream Media, and Progressive-Socialist institutions. In addition, we strive to not only deliver the news, but we research the topics, and to put it into the context of historical facts, so that our readership can visualize the true meaning behind the events that are occurring today. As a result, we give our readers the best possible understanding behind the events of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
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