Check out what the Daily Caller reported below:

Graham also released less-redacted versions of the four applications that the FBI sought for surveillance orders against Page. The applications show that investigators relied heavily on information from Steele to obtain authorization to spy on the ex-Trump aide through eavesdropping and physical searches of his property.

The fourth application provides the most detail of the FBI’s investigation of Page. Investigators asserted that there was probable cause to suspect that Page was working covertly as a Russian agent. Page was not indicted in the special counsel’s investigation, and a report of that probe said that nobody from the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government or acted as a Russian agent.

The declassified documents also show transcripts from meetings with George Papadopolous, an aide on Trump’s campaign, who was secretly recorded by FBI informants during their Russian collusion investigation.

The Daily Caller adds:

Graham also released two transcripts of a confidential FBI informant’s conversations in 2016 with George Papadopoulos, another former Trump campaign aide.

One of the transcripts was from a Sept. 15, 2016 meeting that Papadopoulos had in London with Stefan Halper, a former Cambridge professor who served as an FBI confidential human source. The other transcript was from an Oct. 29, 2016 encounter that Papadopoulos had in Chicago with one of his friends, who served as an FBI informant.

Both Halper and the second source secretly recorded Papadopoulos.

As investigations against high ranking members of the intelligence community advance…

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