By: Brian Evans

In February, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that President Trump has the right to withhold federal taxpayer funding from American cities, municipalities, and states that harbor illegal aliens, also known as sanctuary cities! After all, those sanctuary cities are in violation of federal law! Now, President Trump has announced that the federal government will be withholding funding to those cities!

The Hill reported that…

President Trump on Thursday said his administration will begin withholding funding from self-described sanctuary cities after a federal court ruled last week that it could do so.

“As per recent Federal Court ruling, the Federal Government will be withholding funds from Sanctuary Cities,” Trump tweeted. “They should change their status and go non-Sanctuary. Do not protect criminals!”

The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan ruled on Feb. 26 that the Department of Justice (DOJ) could withhold funding from cities and states that refuse to cooperate with the Trump administration’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants.

The three-judge panel found Congress had delegated authority to the attorney general to set conditions on the federal grant program it had created, called the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program.

The decision came after multiple courts had ruled against the Trump administration on the issue, saying it lacked the authority to impose immigration-related conditions on certain funding.

A group of seven states and New York City sued the DOJ in 2017 after then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the agency would start withholding funding from local governments that refused to share information about undocumented immigrants or provide jail access to federal authorities investigating inmates’ immigration status.

Now, the cities throughout the United States who have said that they will violate national immigration laws are panicked, as the Trump Administration prepares to pull their funds!

The Center For Immigration Studies has put together a  map to show the cities who are set to lose funding…

Sadly, in late February, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency accused the state of California of refusing to disclose if they plan to release a number of criminal illegal aliens, including those accused of crimes against children.

Breitbart News reported…

ICE officials sent subpoenas to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office (SDCSO) asking for whereabout information and if the sanctuary state plans on releasing a series of illegal aliens.

An ICE release stated…

“Issuance of these immigration subpoenas is necessary because the SDCSO is forced to comply with California’s sanctuary state laws, and therefore cannot cooperate in honoring immigration detainers or requests for non-public information to assist in locating criminal aliens that have been or will be released from custody.”

Several examples of illegal aliens that ICE is searching for include…

A 40-year-old illegally present Mexican national who was arrested in December … for continuing sexual abuse of a child, lewd and lascivious act of a child under fourteen years old, and oral copulation with a person under fourteen years old. An immigration detainer was lodged with the SDSO. He has two DUI convictions, both from 2009. He has been returned to Mexico on eleven occasions between 2009 and 2011. He remains in SDSO custody at the county jail; [Emphasis added]

A 42-year-old illegally present Mexican national who was arrested for first degree robbery … in November 2019. He has a prior conviction for possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) from 2013. A federal immigration judge granted him voluntarily departure, but he failed to depart the United States as ordered. After his November 2019 arrest, an immigration detainer was lodged with SDSO but due to California sanctuary state laws the detainer was not honored, and he was released back into the community; [Emphasis added]

A 31-year-old illegally present Mexican national who was arrested … for battery of spouse and false imprisonment in December 2019. He has a prior conviction for deceptive government identification, 2008. U.S. immigration authorities previously returned or removed him from the U. S. three times between 2008 and 2010. ICE lodged an immigration detainer with SDSO following his December arrest but due to California sanctuary state laws the detainer was not honored, and he was released back into the community; [Emphasis added]

A 28-year-old illegally present Mexican national who was arrested for assault with force, great bodily injury, child cruelty and battery of spouse … He was previously arrested in 2017 for battery on spouse by local law enforcement. He was returned to Mexico multiple times in 2004. A final order of removal was issued by a federal immigration judge in January 2018 and he was removed to Mexico. Once again, he illegally reentered the United States. An immigration detainer was lodged with the SDSO and he remains in custody. [Emphasis added]

They noted how Gregory Archambeault of ICE added that…

“The public needs to be aware and concerned that California sanctuary state laws do not protect public safety and is bad public policy. Criminal aliens are being released back into the community daily and most will re-offend resulting in more victims,” Archambeault said. “For ICE, the most concerning part about dealing with uncooperative jurisdictions, or places that are not allowed to work with us, is that we don’t always know who is being arrested, when they’ll be released, or if they are at-large in the community again.”

In fact, in addition to those incidents, in Los Angeles, twenty-two members of the ruthless and evil MS-13 gang were arrested for the gruesome murders of American citizens, as well as charged with enforcing a criminal racketeering enterprise by murdering people in what authorities can only call a ‘medieval-style’ killing! The authorities reported that the gang members ruthlessly chopped up the bodies of 7 of their victims with machetes, as well as, cut their hearts out, leaving a bloodied and a horrific scene behind! One of the victims was a member of a rival gang, who was left dismembered and heartless, from their heinous act!

A 12-count indictment was handed down last year by prosecutors in Los Angeles who charged the MS-13 gang members with the murders of seven people! One of the members convicted goes by the name ‘Lucifer’, as authorities warn that these gangs are growing in power and influence, especially as they are gaining a constant flow of Central American illegal aliens to recruit from in Sanctuary Cities like Los Angeles, California!

Reuters reported that…

The court documents say that younger associates of the Fulton clique who want to become full-fledged MS-13 members were required to kill a rival gang member or other adversary to gain initiation.

Among the murders detailed in the indictment is that of a rival gang member who was abducted and hacked to death on March 6, 2017 in a remote area of the Los Angeles National Forest by MS-13 members who believed he had defaced their graffiti.

The victim was dismembered, his heart cut from his chest and thrown into a canyon with other body parts, according to court papers.

Other slayings were also carried out with machetes, knives or baseball bats in the national forest or Malibu hills, prosecutors say. In addition to the murder charges, many of the 22 MS-13 members named in the indictment were charged with racketeering and conspiracy.

Among those charged were the accused leaders of the Fulton clique, Angel Amadeo Guzman, also known as “Splinter” or “Desastre,” Edgard Valasquez, known aka “Snoopy” and Walter Chavez Larin, aka “Delito” or “Dexter.”

Paul Delacourt, who is the Assistant Director in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles office stated…

“Taking violent offenders off the street should send a message to MS-13 members and their associates that medieval-style violence and senseless murder will not be tolerated in Los Angeles.”

Already, President Trump has announced that he is sending in 100 ‘elite tactical agents’ to a number of sanctuary cities, to arrest and deport criminal illegal aliens, and it couldn’t come soon enough! Prior to that, Attorney General Barr had filed lawsuits against three separate sanctuaries for obstructing law enforcement officials from carrying out immigration enforcement! Now, reports indicate that even in San Francisco, illegals are being arrested by ICE and preparing for deportation, against the wishes of left-wing leaders!