By: Brian Evans

As Los Angeles continues to protect illegal aliens who stream across the border, with no checks on their background or even possible gang affiliations, the Sanctuary City is now riddled in the aftermath of their dangerous policy decisions!

For example, in Los Angeles, twenty-two members of the ruthless and evil MS-13 gang were arrested for the gruesome murders of American citizens, as well as charged with enforcing a criminal racketeering enterprise by murdering people in what authorities can only call a ‘medieval-style’ killing! The authorities reported that the gang members ruthlessly chopped up the bodies of 7 of their victims with machetes, as well as, cut their hearts out, leaving a bloodied and a horrific scene behind! One of the victims was a member of a rival gang, who was left dismembered and heartless, from their heinous act!

A 12-count indictment was handed down Monday by prosecutors in Los Angeles who charged the MS-13 gang members with the murders of seven people! One of the members convicted goes by the name ‘Lucifer’, as authorities warn that these gangs are growing in power and influence, especially as they are gaining a constant flow of Central American illegal aliens to recruit from in Sanctuary Cities like Los Angeles, California!

Reuters reported that…

The court documents say that younger associates of the Fulton clique who want to become full-fledged MS-13 members were required to kill a rival gang member or other adversary to gain initiation.

Among the murders detailed in the indictment is that of a rival gang member who was abducted and hacked to death on March 6, 2017 in a remote area of the Los Angeles National Forest by MS-13 members who believed he had defaced their graffiti.

The victim was dismembered, his heart cut from his chest and thrown into a canyon with other body parts, according to court papers.

Other slayings were also carried out with machetes, knives or baseball bats in the national forest or Malibu hills, prosecutors say. In addition to the murder charges, many of the 22 MS-13 members named in the indictment were charged with racketeering and conspiracy.

Among those charged were the accused leaders of the Fulton clique, Angel Amadeo Guzman, also known as “Splinter” or “Desastre,” Edgard Valasquez, known aka “Snoopy” and Walter Chavez Larin, aka “Delito” or “Dexter.”

Paul Delacourt, who is the Assistant Director in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles office stated…

“Taking violent offenders off the street should send a message to MS-13 members and their associates that medieval-style violence and senseless murder will not be tolerated in Los Angeles.”

However, as the Democrats continue to try to keep President Trump from securing the border, causing a massive flow of illegal immigration to continue, the problem is bound to grow, and expand exponentially! In fact, with Democrat-controlled cities like Los Angeles, who declare their cities a sanctuary city, it creates an even greater draw, as illegal aliens know that they can run free in the streets, without fear of reprisal or deportation! Combine that with the fact that California is offering free healthcare, free food, free shelter, etc., it is causing a massive and growing population who have no respect for the rule of law, the United States Constitution or laws, or the American people!

Sadly, while Democrats continue to resist the President and his efforts to secure the border and deport illegal aliens who have broken US immigration laws, the MS-13 gangs continue to wreak havoc, murder the innocent, rape young teenage girls and force them into prostitution, as well as traffick countless young girls in sex and human trafficking rings!