By: Brian Evans

Currently, the state of California, which is the American communist petri-dish, has furthered their push for an end of American’s ‘First Amendment’. In fact, the California Senate just passed California Senate Bill SB 1424. Now, it is moving through the California Assembly, and looks likely to pass. If passed, it will require the state’s attorney general to create an advisory committee by April 1st, 2019, and consist of representatives from social media companies, civil liberties groups, First Amendment scholars, and at least one person who works for the Department of Justice. The so-called ‘Advisory Group’ would monitor the spread of what they determine to be ‘Fake News, that is published on social media. That means that the group would work with social media companies to  censor and silence anyone who has opinions that differentiate or counter their own beliefs and perspectives.

After the legislation passes, and the committee is assembled, the group will identify what they deem to be ‘Fake News’, and report their findings to the California Attorney General. The AG would then be tasked with presenting the committee’s plan to the state legislature.

Social Media has already been struggling with censorship of conservative voices, as twitter was caught suspending thousands of conservative voices, in what they called a massive crackdown in so-called Russian ‘bots’. However, instead of Russian bots, they suspended Trump supporters, christians, and conservatives. Also, facebook has had problems with similar censorship agendas. However, now we are talking about the government censoring the freedom of speech and the press, and not a private company. Furthermore, Facebook abandoned its “trending news” section, when it was exposed for using ‘Fake News’ as a method to discriminate against the voices of conservatives, and anyone who deviated from their Progressive agenda. Also, they censored conservative speech by calling it ‘hate speech’, because they said Christians had to be supportive of homosexuality, or it would offend others. They said, American’s had to embrace Islam’s Sharia over Constitutional Law, and they couldn’t speak out about violent acts like female genital mutilation, because it was deemed offensive. Meanwhile, Progressive’s called for the assassination of the President, threatened his supporters, lambasted Christians, demoralized Conservatives, pictured bloody and gruesome pictures of the President, and used vulgar and offensive language. However, Facebook and even Twitter remained SILENT! They even allowed the Mainstream Media to publish article after article that shamed the President, his supporters, and Conservatives, despite those articles being debunked and determined to be ‘FAKE NEWS’. Therefore,  Facebook and Twitter turned out to be more about censoring anti-Progressive ideology, and less about ‘Fake News’.

Even groups like Electronic Frontier Foundation, have voiced opposition against the bill. The Electronic Frontier Foundation told CBS Sacramento that the bill would give the government the power to decide what content should be considered true or false, adding that the First Amendment prevents restrictions of content even if the information is false.

Today, more than two out of three American’s believe that the Mainstream Media intentionally reports ‘Fake News’, and many of those American’s are turning to the internet and social media, in search of the truth. The ‘Fake News’ problem was first coined by the Progressives, and believed by many in America, that is, until their lies, manipulations, and distortions became exposed. Surprisingly, as more and more lies became exposed, the Mainstream Media stepped up their un-factual attacks against all those who oppose their Progressive ideology. Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media,  and Progressive Democrats have targeted anyone who counters their reporting’s authenticity. Just one example can be seen when CNN called for conservative media censorship, and then simultaneously attacked a Parkland Florida student hero that stood up to the anti-Gun lobby. We see the left become unhinged, as the American people slowly abandon traditional news, and look for news from more honest, and authentic sources. However, the more irrelevant the Mainstream Media becomes, the more emboldened they grow in their call for an end to the ‘First Amendment’s’ freedom’s of speech, and freedom of the press. A move that further shows the blatant bias and open animosity, that they hold towards not only our Constitutional Republic, but towards ‘We the People’ as well.