By: Brian Evans

Long before President Trump took office at the White House, his future administration was under attack from the “Resist” movement. Democrats, mainstream media outlets, Hollywood, huge corporate executives, and left-wing hate groups have launched a new civil war against not just the President, but the voters who propelled him into office. They loath the very ideals that his voting base elected him to implement. After all, President Trump has openly vowed to unravel the socialist/communist path that President Obama set our country down just eight years ago. In fact, from the day that President Trump rode down the escalators at Trump Tower and announced his candidacy, the left became empowered to gather any dirt on him, smear him at every turn, and when those methods failed, manufacture stories to slow or stop his agenda in its entirety.

NBC executive Andrew Lack is one of the two major anti-Trump players behind the Russia/Trump collusion narrative. It started when Andrew Lack dug up the infamous Hollywood Access tapes and plotted with Matt Lauer to make a timed release just prior to the 2016 election. Then, according to Fox News sources, instead of airing it on NBC, Andrew Lack and Matt Lauer leaked it to the Washington Post who then released the tapes. They hoped that it would bring then Presidential candidate Trump’s support down, thus propelling Hillary Clinton into the White House. To their surprise, it didn’t have the effect that they had predicted, and Trump’s numbers remained unaffected.

Then, there is Jeff Zucker, President of CNN. He acquired the egregious ‘Trump Dossier,’ that has now been proven to be a complete fabrication. Jeff Zucker had received  the ‘Trump Dossier” from the Anti-Trump left-wing progressive/socialist site Buzzfeed. Even more troubling, the Hollywood Reporter  found that Zucker has been dictating anti-Trump questions live on the air by feeding the anchors the questions. Zucker has re-tooled and re-branded the network as a an anti-Trump war room, designed to impede the agenda that President Trump was elected to implement. In addition, they hoped that it would bring his Presidency to a crashing halt or at least stall it out.

So how does the NY Times and the Washington Post fit into the anti-Trump push? The NY Times, and especially the Washington Post has shifted from a news publication to a tabloid type paper that prints articles based on topics offering sensationalism and gossip; all while promoting the progressive ideology, while pushing for a governmental shift from capitalism to socialism or communism.

Ironically, the National Enquirer has become a more dependable  source of information than most mainstream media outlets like NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post, NY Times, LA Times, Huffington Post, Salon, and other mainstream media outlets. As a result, most American’s have lost their faith in the mainstream media and have taken to other forms of news information found readily on the internet. Meanwhile, the mainstream outlets have become the new National Enquirer tabloid source that Americans turn to for the latest sensationalist story or gossip column. After all, it has become quite apparent that with each day there will be a new sensational story released, which will be proven wrong within days of its release. The mainstream media just pumps out false stories and then quietly retracts the stories; thus leaving its readers believing the fallacies to be truth.

Now as the Trump/Russia collusion narrative is beginning to fall apart and Americans are becoming annoyed with the lies, CNN is staging a new act to clean up their image. Since Americans are beginning to view the CNN network and other mainstream media outlets unfavorably, and as “fake news”, they have begun retracting some of their “fake news” stories quietly that conservative outlets have proven to be false. Interestingly enough, CNN has put the “King of Fake News”, Jeff Zucker in charge of investigating and vetting supposed fake news stories.

Even more interesting, is the fact that Senate Democrats are beginning to turn on the far left of their party for supposedly providing Zucker and other outlets with “fake news stories.” The Democrats have begun pointing the finger at Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) for involvement in some Presidential hit pieces. Harris’ office has denied any involvement, but Warren’s office has not confirmed or denied the allegations as of yet.

Where does this leave our country? We live in a time when the Democrat Party has declared war on the Republican Party, simply because Republicans are standing between their Progressive/Socialist movement that is set on shifting our government away from a Constitutional Republic and towards a socialist system. Meanwhile, they have placed operatives throughout all areas of government, schools, and mainstream media alike. They have utilized those operatives to push conspiracy theories about the President and his staff. Ironically, the Democrats have had closer ties with Russia than any Trump staffer or cabinet member could. Now, the Democrat’s narrative has begun to unravel, and it is boomerangs back to hit them in the face. Nobody knows for sure how this story will play out, but one thing is for sure. It has hurt, and continues to damage the very fabric of our Constitutional Republic. In addition, it has created a sense of distrust between ‘We the People’, the government that is supposed to represent us, and the media who has been entrusted with the responsibility of revealing the truth. It is a broken trust that will take years to regain, if it ever can.

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