The town of Palm Beach, Florida, on Monday mandated masks and social distancing protocols, even though 100 percent of residents aged 16 and older are vaccinated, per the county health department.

“People who are vaccinated can be infected with the coronavirus, particularly with the Delta variant,” Council President Maggie Zeidman said. “The viral load with the Delta variant is much higher. That means that everybody is susceptible. People who are vaccinated now need to mask up, so everybody has to wear a mask.”

“The mandate includes all town-owned buildings where town of Palm Beach offices, divisions, and departments conduct business and provide services to the community,” the Palm Beach Post reported.

 Town Manager Kirk Blouin said the reoccurring measures will “remain in effect until the town deems it safe to relax mitigation efforts,” while the police have been “authorized to issue trespass warnings and remove any individuals not in compliance with the policy.”

“We’re back in it,” Blouin stated. “We’re in a full-blown pandemic still.”

According to the Google News coronavirus tracker, there have been no deaths from coronavirus since June 3 in Palm Beach County. On July 25, Palm Beach County had a seven day average of 569 cases.