The following is a transcript of Todd’s morning radio commentary.

Hello Americans. I’m Todd Starnes with news and commentary next. 

There’s good news and bad news and really bad news in the state of Arkansas.

The bad news is that Governor Asa Hutchinson vetoed a measure that would have banned genital mutilation and hormone treatments for minors. 

The good news is that it the Republican legislature overrode the governor’s veto. 

But the really bad news is that the governor exposed himself as a Republican in name only during an interview on Fox News Channel. 

He defended his veto – saying that it was government overreach. 

The governor accused Republicans of abandoning the idea of a limited role in government and suggested Ronald Reagan would have done the same thing he did.

“I go back to William Buckley, I go back to Ronald Reagan, to principles of our party, which believes in a limited role of government,” Hutchinson said. “Are we as a party abandoning a limited role of government and saying we’re going to invoke the government’s decision-making over and above physicians, over and above health care, over and above parents?”

That – is a load of malarkey. 

Conservatism is about the common good and natural law, as eloquently stated by Gabe Kaminsky in an essay for The Federalist.