According to new revelations, Trump ally and attorney Sidney Powell’s case against the state of Michigan has officially made it to the Supreme Court docket.

A week and a half ago, an Obama-appointed judge in Michigan dismissed Powell’s case against the state, claiming it was “An Amalgamation of Theories, Conjecture, and Speculation”:

Now, it appears that the case has made it to the SCOTUS docket.

“Sidney Powell’s case has finally found its way to SCOTUS Docket,” reported @APhilosophae on Twitter.

“It contains the forensic audit done in Michigan that proves systemic voter fraud occurred through the Dominion Voting System tabulation,” the Twitter account added. 
It also has proof of at least 200,000 FRAUDULANT VOTES casted in the election.”

Source: BREAKING: Huge Update Surrounding Sidney Powell Case, Has Allegedly Made it to Supreme Court Docket