By: Brian Evans

Over the past week, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been assembling a transition team, meeting with foreign leaders and working to undermine the current Administration’s actions, and acting like the current President, even though there is abundant evidence of voter fraud, as well as, countless litigation issues still pending!

Combine that with the fact that Joe Biden is doing exactly what they claimed General Michael Flynn did, and they have been targeting him and his fairly, prosecuted him with vengeance, bankrupted his family, caused his wife and kids extreme pain and anguish, and all because the Democrats DISTORTED THE TRUTH, as General Flynn was simply doing his job… and all AFTER PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS OFFICIALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT…UNLIKE JOE BIDEN NOW! In fact, Joe Biden won’t be ‘President Elect’ until after state electors meet in mid-December, and that is if Biden is able to fend off the growing evidence of election fraud that will likely not only lead to him not serving as President, but instead serving time in Prison…ALONG WITH NUMEROUS OTHERS!

Regardless of the facts, the Democrats, along with their Mainstream Media co-conspirators and pro-Marxist propagandists push a narrative repeatedly, in an effort to confuse the general population, as they try to brainwash Americans into accepting and empowering one of the most corrupt, greed driven, and power-hungry parties in American history!

Biden is now even giving COVID-19 briefings with the backdrop of “Office of the PRESIDENT ELECT”, as the FAKE NEWS MEDIA refuses to air the President’s briefings! Sadly, it is straight out of the playbook of ruthless Marxist and dictatorial regimes like in Venezuela, the Soviet Union, China, and Cuba!

A local CBS station tried to find where it talks about the “Office of the President Elect’, but came up with a little bit of nothing, and a whole lot of BS!

In fact, CBS WUSA9 investigated and confirmed it does not exist, while Gary Nordlinger, who is a professor of Political Science at George Washington University, he stated in a memo from the General Services Administration the following…

Sebastian Gorka said it best in his show…