No doubt Republicans and supporters of President Donald Trump are nervous about the polling numbers we’re all seeing.

It looks a wash – a ‘blue wave,’ if you will – is approaching again.

Democrats swept in to take control of the House a couple of years ago and made advances in retaking the Senate.

Now, the Democrats appear to be on the precipice of taking the White House back, too.

That’s what all of the polling says. It’s 2018 all over again. Or is it more like 1988 all over again?

Wayne Allen Root thinks it’s the latter.

In a column this week, Root said he believes that President Trump is set for a historic victory – a real bonafide landslide if you will.

Just like when George H. W. Bush rode Ronald Reagan’s coattails into his term after polls showed him way down – by 17 points in the summer of 1988 – before he won 40 states and won ‘em big over then-Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis.

Root says that’s what’s shaping up for Trump:

I’ve been calling this the Michael Dukakis election of 2020 for months now. All through the summer with Biden up by double digits, just like Dukakis.

That was before Rudy Guliani announced he had the infamous Hunter Biden laptop with a treasure trove of emails implicating Biden in a massive pay-for-play conspiracy and identifying Biden as “the Big Guy”- a partner in business with the Chinese Communist Party.

That was before Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski announced he can prove Biden had a piece of all the dirty deals. He’s now meeting with the FBI.

That was before President Trump dominated Joe Biden in Thursday night’s presidential debate.

That was before Joe Biden announced in that debate that he plans to destroy the oil industry. Biden just lost every oil and energy state (see Pennsylvania) and the votes of millions of oil industry employees.

After national polls had Dukakis up by 17 at one point, on Election Day Bush won by 7 points, representing a massive 24-point shift. He won the Electoral College 426-111.

“That’s pretty close to what I predict is about to happen in this 2020 Trump-Biden race.

He went on to point out he’s making the prediction even as most polls show Biden way up.

“Still, Politico reports a massive Democrat early-vote lead in swing states. Still, Peggy Noonan writes in the Wall Street Journal, ‘Biden has a formidable lead…’ Still, the Biden team is measuring the curtains in the White House- just like Hillary and Dukakis did. The Wall Street Journal reports ‘Biden Team Prepares for Potentially Bumpy Transition.’ The DC Swamp ‘experts’ clearly believe it’s over,” says Root.

“Folks, this is Dukakis all over again. And of course, Hillary in 2016. How quickly they forget,” he asserted.

What makes him think so?

He writes:

History proves whichever candidate leads with enthusiasm, wins. Trump holds two rallies a day with tens of thousands attending. Waiting all night in line to see their hero. Trump car parades and boat parades feature thousands of cars and boats. In Miami in consecutive weeks, Trump car parades brought out 35,000 and 75,000 cars. These are fans who would walk on broken glass to fight for Trump.

That’s true; Trump rallies everywhere are massive. Spontaneous pro-Trump parades are springing up everywhere, even in deep blue bastions like Beverly HillsBeverly Hills.

“Folks, this is a carbon copy of Hillary four years ago. Except much worse. Much less enthusiasm. Much more depressing. I didn’t think that was possible,” says Root, recounting all of the other warning signs such as the rioting, looting, attacks on police, and other left-wing anarchy over the summer.

“Trust me. The polls are dead wrong. This is a revolution alright. The entire middle class and ‘Silent Majority’ is voting for Trump,” he writes.

“The polls no longer matter. The voters don’t talk to pollsters. They whisper. An electoral landslide is coming for Trump. It’s the Michael Dukakis election all over again. With a touch of Hillary.”

Source: Wayne Allen Root Predicts Trump Landslide: ‘Michael Dukakis Election of 2020’