The other day he was taking his kids to school when he got a call from the volunteer fire department. Someone had set fire to his tractor and combine. Two semis were also set ablaze.

Harvest is in full swing – and that makes the fire even worse.

“We are devastated and crushed by the enormous loss we face from this fire, but at the same time are incredibly blessed to be from rural America, where the people are the best,” Mr. Rempel wrote on Facebook.

It’s no surprise that the family has been overwhelmed by neighbors looking to lend a helping hand.

“These people are already stretched thin, are stressed and tired, but are taking time to reach out, and offer help and aid in a time of need. We are so incredibly blessed by everyone,” he wrote.

The state fire marshal is investigating – along with local authorities.

And a lot of folks are wondering if those Trump flags might’ve had something to do with the attack. But as of this reporting that has not been established.

Let’s hope those responsible are brought to justice. Meantime…