On November 3rd, Missouri residents will have the chance to take back their state, by voting yes on Amendment 3, for a cleaner Missouri!

The Amendment does three things.

First, it bans gifts from paid lobbyists to legislators and their employees.

This will help stop politicians from entering public office, and enriching themselves on the backs of Missouri workers and taxpayers! In fact, for far too long, we have seen politicans go into office while making a normal living wage, ready to fight for the interests of their constituents, but within no time, they succumb to the massive gifts and financial incentives thereby defying the public desires, and they become members of the Elitist swamp! IT IS TIME FOR THAT TO END!

Sec ond, it reduces legislative campaign contribution limits for state senate campaigns from $2,500 to $2,400, and changes the threshold of lobbyists’ gifts from $5 to $0.

Finally, it changes the redistricting process voters were tricked into approving in 2018; yhus transferring the responsibility for drawing state legislative districts from an individual state demographer, who does not answer to the citizens, is appointed by an individual partisan state official, and can alter the map to benefit political activists and Political Action Committee’s (PAC’s), back to a bipartisan committee.

Therefore, a yes vote helps restore the bipartisan (Republican and Democrat) appointed commission. This ensures that both political parties hold the other party accountable, and have a say in district boundaries.

This is the most important part of the legislation, in that it prevents one person from holding the power to alter the outcomes of elections, and essentially silence the voices of Missouri residents, especially since PAC’s are trying to use the original ‘Clean Missouri’ Act to silence rural conservative voices! In fact, if this new legislation passes, it would restore the original bi-partisan commission, that would be making decisions and drawing boundaries, who had recourse to the courts, and would be once again less partisan than a single un-accoountable and partisan demographer that is appointed by a statewide partisan, the auditor, with no input from other elected officials!

Sadly, multi-million and billionaire led-Political Action Committes and George Soros organizations sank, and continue to flood millions into Missouri advertisements for the original ‘Clean Missouri’ Amendment, and essentially tricked Missourians into believing that they were making politics less political, but it was a wolf in sheeps clothing, and did the opposite!

In fact, it began in 2018, when the Establishment Political Elites increased their assault on American’s basic inalienable rights, and on the Constitution of the United States itself,  radical left-wing PAC’s spent tens of millions in 2018 to trick Missouri voters into relinquishing thier power and voices by doing the following…

  • Took away Missouri residents control over their own government.
  • Re-wrote partisan gerrymandering into the state constitution, so rural communities and small cities voices are silenced, as their votes are cancelled out.
  • Democrats have been gaining massive power in Missouri, and are taking control over smaller and rural communities.
  • Gave political elites control over how districts are created and who gets to create them.
  • Gave big money interests like George Soros the ability to control the ballot box, and SILENCE YOUR VOTE!

Sadly, due to the PAC’s massive money machine, they were able to trick Missouri residents into approving the measure in 2018, and those very same billion dollar PACS are now spending tens of millions to once again trick Missouri residents into voting against Amendment 3 “A Cleaner Missouri”, which restores the bipartisan commission, rather than a partisan demographer!

In the end, it is of the utmost importance for Missouri residents to not only understand the dangers of the ‘Clean Missouri’ initiative passed in 2018, but the importance of reversing its damage by voting YES for Amendment 3 (A Cleaner Missouri) on November 3rd. The radical-left wants you to believe that our state was set up wrong, and that taking power from the hands of the many, into the hands of the few is good and non-partisan, but IT IS SIMPLY A TRICK TO CONSOLIDATE POWER AND CONTROL OF MISSOURIAN’S VOICES! Now, it is up to Missouri citizens to help inform as many of our fellow Missourian’s as we can. If we don’t, we are effectively surrendering our power on not only the state level but the federal level as well to radical left-wing Marxists and Socialists, who not only hate our constitution and nation, but Middle American rural citizens, who put faith, family, and integrity first and foremost in their lives!