By: Brian Evans

On November 3rd, Missouri residents will have the chance to take back their state, by voting yes on Amendment 3, titled a cleaner Missouri!

The Amendment does three things…

  1. Bans gifts from paid lobbyists to legislators and their employees.

This first part of the Amendment will stop politicians from entering public office, and enriching themselves on the backs of Missouri workers and taxpayers! In fact, for far too long, we have seen politicans go into office while making a normal living wage, ready to fight for the interests of their constituents, but within no time, they succumb to the massive gifts and financial incentives to defy public desires, and become members of an Elitist swamp! IT IS TIME FOR THAT TO END!

2. Reduces legislative campaign contribution limit for state senate campaigns from $2,500 to $2,400, and changes the threshold of lobbyists’ gifts from $5 to $0.

3. Changes the redistricting process voters approved in 2018 by transferring the responsibility for drawing state legislative districts from an individual state demographer, who does not answer to the citizens, and can alter the map to benefit political activists, and instead restore the bipartisan (Republican and Democrat) commission. This ensures that both political parties hold the other party accountable, and have a say in district boundaries.

This is the most important part of the legislation, in that it prevents one person from holding the power to alter the outcomes of elections! In fact, having a panel of bi-partisan commissioners making decisions, with recourse to the courts, is less partisan than a single unaccoountable demographer that is appointed by a statewide partisan office holder, the auditor, with limited input from other elected officials!

Sadly, multi-million and billionaire led-Political Action Committes sank millions into advertisements for the original ‘Clean Missouri’ Amendment, tricking Missourians into believing that they were making politics less political, but it was a wolf in sheeps clothing!

In fact, it began in 2018, when the Establishment Political Elites increased their assault on American’s basic inalienable rights, and on the Constitution of the United States itself, Missouri is now on the front lines of their attack for our right to have a voice in elections. In fact, in 2018, the ‘Clean Missouri’ was not only funded by pro-Communist George Soros, but it did the following

  • Took away Missouri residents control over their own government.
  • Re-wrote partisan gerrymandering into the state constitution, so rural communities and small cities voices are silenced, as their votes are cancelled out.
  • Democrats have been gaining massive power in Missouri, and are taking control over smaller and rural communities.
  • Gave political elites control over how districts are created and who gets to create them.
  • Gave big money interests like George Soros the ability to control the ballot box, and SILENCE YOUR VOTE!

Sadly, due to the PAC’s massive money machine, they were able to trick Missouri residents into approving AMENDMENT 1  called “CLEAN MO”, in 2018.

Sadly, Democrats with the help of George Soros have been plotting ways to trick Missouri residents and Americans across the nation into voting in favor of altering our national and state constitutions. The dirty bill has already begun to use “Clean MO” to cut up Kansas City, St. Louis, and other liberal cities across the state so that conservative rural areas can be re-districted and combined with left-wing progressive areas, so the conservative votes would be ultimately silenced.

Left-wing progressive-socialist groups designed ‘Clean MO’ to be appealing to the voters at the ballot boxes, so the average voter would be inclined to vote for it. For example…

They scripted the name for Amendment 1 as “Clean Missouri”, so it would sound like they were voting to clean up Missouri government. However, as a wolf in sheep skin, the democrats true intentions are to steal Missouri residents voices, and gain power.

On the November 6, 2018, ballot, here’s what voters saw:

Official Ballot Title as Certified by Secretary of State

Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to:

  • change process and criteria for redrawing state legislative districts during reapportionment;
  • change limits on campaign contributions that candidates for state legislature can accept from individuals or entities;
  • establish a limit on gifts that state legislators, and their employees, can accept from paid lobbyists;
  • prohibit state legislators, and their employees, from serving as paid lobbyists for a period of time;
  • prohibit political fundraising by candidates for or members of the state legislature on State property; and
  • require legislative records and proceedings to be open to the public?

In effect, Soros funded was nothing more than a radical left-wing progressive-socialist and communist-backed bill. The radical left cleverly kept their name off of the website, and off all traces of the groups brochures and literature. However, they are a FAR-LEFT PRO-DEMOCRAT, PRO-SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION. Their website stated that Amendment 1 is “our chance to clean up Missouri politics”. They claimed that they are taking desperately needed legislative reform measures directly to voters to make our state government more transparent, limit the power of big money in our legislature, and ensure we’re able to hold legislators accountable when they fail to act in the public interest. They went on to say that they were doing so by including pro-Trump 2016 proposals with hidden caveats for residents.

In the end, although it appeaed that it created openness, fairness, and more control, it truly took the power away from ‘We the People’ , reducing competitiveness, openness, and empoweed big money. THEREFORE, IT DOES THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT IT SAYS. How can this be? To truly understand, you have to go back to the Clinton Administration.

Ironically, it was the Clinton Administration who spurred ‘reform’ efforts, when they proved that they were willing to sell nearly anything for a buck. Today, Democrats claim that elections are drowning in money, but it isn’t campaigns that are awash with cash, but the politicians themselves, with their fat-cat salaries, incredibly generous benefit packages, and retirement that keeps them living the high life for their entire lifetime, after five years of service.

Regardless, Democrats view campaign contribution limits as a great pathway to solidifying and infusing cash into their PAC’s, who act like a campaign wing for candidates, especially Democrats. Therefore, the DNC and their candidates hae been able to have massive cash infusions, not to the candidates themselves, but into Political Action Committees (PAC’s), who push the globalist, socialist, and communist candidates and agendas.

Therefore, state reforms like Amendment 1 or “Clean MO” in 2018,  which limited public funding, spending limits and contribution restrictions, continued to make things worse for free and fair elections. For example, it made it near impossible for non-partisan, and especially conservative candidates from entering the public arena, unless they support the Political Action Committees agenda. PAC’s like, Black Lives Matter, and other not as well-known, behind the scenes PAC’s. In the end, CATO Institute said it best when they stated…

Ultimately, the only true campaign reform is to shrink government. As long as $1.7 trillion in taxpayer wealth is available for plundering in Washington, interest groups will spend mightily to get their hands on it.

One example can be seen by evaluating former ‘reform’ efforts, like in 1974, where legislation was passed that outlawed large contributions to candidates. As a result, it benefited Political Action Committees, as they saw their outlays and the mere size and scope of PAC’s grow by more than 800%. In the end, it would enhance their power, while taking power away from the candidates. Therefore, candidates would be at the mercy of the massive PAC’s, and politicians would be further in the pockets of interest groups. A move that would give wealthy, powerful Elitists like George Soros, more power and control over our nation’s government.

The Missouri GOP applauded a Missouri Cole County judge who struck down Clean Missouri’s attempts to radically re-district Missouri to benefit Democrats. The Missouri Republican Party applauded the decision and released the following statement…

“From the beginning, Clean Missouri has used the guise of ethics reform and sleek marketing to distract Missourians from their real aim: radically redistricting Missouri to solely benefit liberal Democrats. Clean Missouri would create non-contiguous districts and districts that stretch along highways in order to meet their fairness rule. People in rural districts would be represented by people living in urban districts and vice versa. Additionally, Clean Missouri was endorsed by George Soros, far-left groups, and is funded by ‘dark money’ – there’s simply nothing ‘clean’ about it. The Missouri Republican Party applauds the court for throwing out Clean Missouri’s subversive attempt to completely change Missouri’s legislative districts to make up for Democrats’ repeated losses at the ballot box, and we hope that any further attempts to trick Missourians like this are thrown out as well.”

Chris Nuelle, spokesperson for the Missouri Republican Party.

Then, Democrats appealed the Cole County judges decision, and the Missouri Supreme Court overturned his decision and returned ‘Clean Missouri’ on the ballot yet again. The Missouri GOP responded by stating…

“We’re disappointed with the decision of the Missouri Supreme Court not to hear the case against Clean Missouri, but the fight is far from over. Behind the sleek marketing and innocent name of Clean Missouri is an effort to slice up Missouri’s legislative districts from rural to urban areas to satisfy a ridiculous fairness rule, which would certainly benefit Democrats. Additionally, Clean Missouri is receiving an unbelievable amount of ‘dark money’ donations, effectively invalidating their ‘clean’ name. The Missouri Republican Party will be leading efforts to inform voters of the true intentions of Clean Missouri in order to defeat the initiative at the ballot box in November.”

Chris Nuelle, spokesperson for the Missouri Republican Party.

The Kansas City Star reported and noted that…

“Big donations flow to group trying to change Missouri government, raising GOP eyebrows”.

Kansas City Star

Then, they noted how Clean Missouri received a $250,000 donation from MOVE Ballot Fund, a St. Louis-based political action committee connected to a nonprofit of the same name. Three days before the donation to Clean Missouri, MOVE received a $300,000 donation from the Open Society Policy Center, the lobbying arm of liberal billionaire George Soros’ philanthropic network. MOVE reported raising only $100 before that donation.

St. Louis Post Dispatch also reported the findings and expounded on it as well. They said that…

Records show that The Open Society Policy Center — the Washington-based lobbying arm of Soros’ philanthropic network — donated $300,000 on Jan. 9 to the MOVE Ballot Fund, a St. Louis-based committee that reported having just $84 on hand before that. Two days after receiving the $300,000 from Soros’ group, records show, MOVE donated $250,000 to another group, CLEAN Missouri, which is trying to get an ethics initiative on the November ballot.

The $300,000 donation  originated from the Open Society Policy Center, which is the lobbying arm of liberal billionaire George Soros’ philanthropic network.

St. Louis Post Dispatch

Before Clean Missouri’s passage in 2018, Missouri redistricting was handled by two bipartisan commissions. Each commission was chosen from each chamber in Jefferson City. Then, the sitting governor selected members of the commission from a list of nominees that are submitted by the state committees of both the Democratic and Republican parties. It was designed so that no one person or group would have the power to gerrymander or manipulate the boundaries of an electoral constituency so as to favor one party or class. It created balanced elections, better representation, and caused Missouri to be one of a handful of swing states, as the more liberal cities have balanced out the more conservative rural vote, and vice versa. Also, it has caused Missouri to be one of the states that have seen Presidential candidates vigorously campaign throughout the state. Also, and most importantly, the legislative district boundaries currently match up representation of the voters, with their constituents needs. For example, each district was originally set up by a bipartisan commission, so that residents in a given area of the state are represented by leadership who properly represent their interests. Therefore, farmers are represented by leadership who represent their personal and economic interests. Likewise, urban residents are represented by leadership who represent their interests.

Under ‘Clean Missouri’ however, the redistricting provisions of the legislation measure passed have turned over the task of drawing legislative districts from a bipartisan commission, to what they call ‘nonpartisan expert’, who was appointed by the state auditor Nichole Galloway (D-MO), who has openly been supportive of radical left-wing ideals, and who now is running for Governor!

Therefore, the problem is, the so-called nonpartisan expert, who they claim is nonpartisan, is apointed solely by a partisan, and there are no specifications on who the citizen commission has to be. In the end, the demographer is completely partisan, as the new district maps are already being re-drawn after the 2020 census, and re-distributing power to Elitist radicals in Missouri, AND OUTSIDE OUR STATE!

The 2018 Clean Missouri proponents stated that it was to ensure legislative maps are drawn fairly, rather than being drawn to protect incumbents or to unjustly favor one party. But in reality, it did just that! It has begun to redraw maps that would enable legislative districts to be redrawn with cities split up and combined with rural areas so that the cities legislators would overpower the rural farmers and towns, and effectively silence their votes and voices. Consequently, Democrats would gain large numbers of seats in the House, and state government would be dictated by the DNC, and left-wing special interest groups and unions.

Fortunately on this November 3rd, Missouri voters have the opportunity to reverse the damage that ‘Clean Missouri’ is already causing to Missouri elections! However, dark money is already flowing in from outside the state, trying to convince voters not to approve Amendment 3 “A Cleaner Missouri”!

In 2018, the ‘Springfield News Leader’, reported that the…

“Missouri ethics panel has eyes on ‘dark money’ as donations roll in for ballot measures.”

Springfield News Leader

Now, powerful nonprofit’s are spending millions to influence Missouri politics as the “dark money” trend continues in the Show-Me State, and as they try to take power from ‘We the People’ for themselves, and their Elitist comrades!

Sadly, ‘Dark Money’ isn’t a new concept to Missouri. In fact, a “secret-cash” report was brought about by a New York nonprofit, which was financed by the Sixteen Thirty Fund, who gave half a million dollars. The Sixteen Thirty Fund is a George Soros based progressive-socialist nonprofit based in Washington, D.C.. It is the same group who have spent millions of dollars to fight for abortionfight against Brett Kavanaughpick Supreme Court Judgesrepeal tax cuts, and so much more, including the left’s “Clean MO”.

Today, it has become evident that George Soros and other left-wing, pro-Socialist, pro-Communist progressive groups are using so-called ‘dark money’ to finance their radical agenda, as they shift money from group to group, in order to evade detection. Today, according to the IRS, Sixteen Thirty gives millions of dollars to liberal interests around the country every single year. This includes $500,000 to Majority Forward, a separate nonprofit that later spent $500,000 to support Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, who has denounced and criticized “dark money” even as it benefied her campaign. The ‘dark money’ issue isn’t just a McCaskill problem, but a problem overall for the DNC. In fact, NBC News wrote an article titled “How Democrats use dark money — and win elections ” reported that…

“In a story was originally published by The Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit, nonpartisan investigative news organization in Washington, D.C., NBC exposed how democrats love decrying ‘dark money’ political contributions for which the source of funds is a mystery. But that isn’t stopping them from accepting “dark money” themselves or making it difficult to determine the original underwriter of a political donation, as a recent Southern contest vividly illustrates.”

NBC News

They went on to point out how in Alabama’s special U.S. Senate election, was a case study that detailed how the Democrats are using ‘dark money’, and hiding the sources of their contributors, in their fight to win back Congress from Republicans, but claiming it to be ‘in the name of expediency. The special Alabama election was just one example, as they realized that Democrat Doug Jones could actually beat Republican Roy Moore. Therefore, a Soros-backed new super PAC called Highway 31 out of Birmingham, Alabama, appeared a month before the election was held. another super PAC spent $5.1 million to boost Jones and bring down Roy Moore. In all, it was more than any other group active in the general election. NBC further reported that…

Using a little-known legal loophole that allows political committees to do business on credit, the super PAC didn’t disclose the identitiesof its bankrollers until a month after voters chose Jones as their senator. And when Highway 31 did disclose, most of its funders turned out to be organizations who in turn receive some of their funding from sources that are difficult, if not impossible, to comprehensively trace to flesh-and-blood humans.

NBC News

Also, Politico reported that…

the PAC was not a homegrown group, either. All but about $10,000 of the $4.4 million the super PAC raised came from three national-level, Democratic-aligned entities: $3.2 million from super PAC Senate Majority PAC, $910,000 from the super PAC Priorities USA Action and $250,000 from the nonprofit League of Conservation Voters Inc. Those millions allowed Highway 31 to relentlessly skewer Moore over accusations he molested children and helped propel Jones to an improbable victory in one of the nation’s most conservative states.


Sadly, the left-wing radicals who are funded by Soros and other pro-communist groups have learned how to use legal means to basically use a legal form of money laundering, where they can transform profits from questionable sources,  into ostensibly “legitimate” assets for left-wing politicians, and causes. In effect, they have donors who donate to other donors, who donate to other donors, and so forth, until it becomes hard to trace the so-called ‘dark money’.

Sadly, Sixteen Thirty, and other radical left-wing PAC’s have vowed to use ‘dark money’ to influence not only our nation’s policies and who is elected, but they are fighting to silence ‘We the People’s’ voices, in their quest to move Missouri and other states ever-closer to a socialist and communist state. In fact, in just the past year, Sixteen Thirty have spent millions on changing Missouri law to legalize marijuana, spike the minimum wage, and strip power from Missouri voters, so they can have even greater power over the political agenda.

The Sixteen Thirty contributions have also gone to another left-wing group called ‘We Are Missouri’, which is a campaign committee formed to advocate against a state law banning mandatory union dues. Today, although 501(c)(4) organizations like Sixteen Thirty and A New Missouri don’t have to say who gave them money, they do have to file forms with the IRS annually to show how they spent their funds. Sixteen Thirty’s most recent filing, for the 2016 year, includes budget information that shows roughly $21.2 million in “contributions and grants” received and about $14.6 million in outgoing payments.

In the end, it is of the utmost importance for Missouri residents to not only understand the dangers of the ‘Clean Missouri’ initiative passed in 2018, but the importance of reversing its damage by voting YES for Amendment 3 (A Cleaner Missouri) on November 3rd. Now, it is up to Missouri citizens to help inform as many of our fellow Missourian’s as we can. If we don’t, we are effectively surrendering our power on not only the state level but the federal level as well.