By: Brian Evans

Thirty years ago, ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ were words that were non-existent across the globe. Today, they are heard in college classrooms, on mainstream media networks, national newspapers, and in everyday conversations. Most have come to believe that it’s as factual as the sun setting each day. However, that is not entirely the case! In fact, most scientists actually disagree with the science behind the claims. Recent NASA pictures have shown that the polar ice caps have increased in size, earth temperatures have both risen and fallen, and they agree that the science doesn’t prove the hype. So why do we hear so much about temperatures rising, severe storms resulting due to climate change, oceans rising, and polar caps shrinking? In reality, it is all about the almighty dollar and power. Progressives have come up with one of the biggest cons in history and it involves a Ponzi scheme of astronomic proportions.

To better understand how we got to this point in history, we have to look at the foundations of historical environmentalism called the ‘conservationist movement’. It involved mankind wanting to become good stewards of our environment and planet. Conservationists have always looked to take care of all of our natural resources like water, air, and land. Farmer’s were highly interested in conservationism due to their need to keep the land fertile with nutrients, water clean and pure so they could keep their plants and livestock hydrated and healthy, and the air clean and pure. Conservationists were interested in replacing trees that were cut down, keeping pollution to a minimum, and protecting the natural resources and keeping animals healthy. Over the past 50 years, as Progressives began to infiltrate the democrat party, global warming became a term that they utilized in talking about the preservation of our planet.  It was the beginning of a perversion of the conservationist movement with political undertones being the primary motivator of the left. Ultimately, over the past 15 years, as progressive/socialist democrats took control of multiple sectors of our country, they manufactured and pushed the science of the new “environmentalist” movement. Progressives infiltrated not just the democrat party, but colleges and universities, mainstream media networks, and political activist groups. Even the Republican establishment has become entrenched in the ‘climate Change’ ideology.

As the Progressives infiltrated more and more, they have taken complete control of the “climate change” narrative. They change the terminology from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ when the climate doesn’t sync with the name. They have also become filthy rich off of the poor and middle classes in the name of ‘climate change.’ This has enabled them to buy off scientists and gain tainted and distorted documentation in order to prove the so-called ‘climate change’ as the disaster that awaits mankind and the earth.

Today, their lies and distortions of reality are beginning to seep out to virtually every corner of the globe. Don’t get me wrong, climate change is a real thing. It has existed since the beginning of time. Our climate continually changes over the years, but not due to CO2 gasses. The planet temperatures have risen and fallen. The oceans have risen and fallen as well. Not only do weather patterns change, but climates do as well over time. Many ‘global warming’ alarmist’ stated that CO2 levels resulting from fossil fuel consumption have been causing a greenhouse effect resulting in rising temperatures. However, in recent years the earth has been cooling. As a result, they re-coined the name ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change.’ In reality, CO2 actually causes a greening of the earth due to the fact that plants thrive on CO2 gasses. Also, Oxygen levels increase as greening occurs since plants take in CO2 and expel O2. , Also, CO2 levels actually decrease in the atmosphere due to global greening increasing the number of plants and thus the amount of CO2 consumption. This makes the “global warming” or “climate change” theory contradictory to actual science. Therefore, why would the progressive/socialists be so determined to push “climate change”? Why have the European Union, United Nations, China, and other global leaders been behind the push for “climate change”? Truthfully, it all has to do with politics, elitism, and communism, power, and greed.

Progressive/Socialists and Communists actually have one goal in mind! All of them want just one thing! They thirst for a one-world government that implements a communist ideology. They see “climate change” as the key to influencing the world populations into agreement and submission. They see”climate change” as a way to redistribute the world population’s income from the middle class to the political elite. That way there would be two classes: the political elitists and the peasants.  That is where communism comes into focus. If the progressive/socialists can control our energy supply, food supply, and water supply; they would control mankind. We would become dependent on the government’s handouts. That is why they have pushed for stricter regulations on energy, water,  air, and even land. Just over the last eight years Barack Obama’s Presidency, he confiscated millions upon millions of acres and placed them under the control of the federal government. In some progressive states, farmers were forbidden to plow their fields, place livestock on the land, or water their crops. Democrats have discussed how they would like to implement the rationing of power to households depending on need. They have placed regulations that stifled the coal, oil, and natural gas industries. They placed regulations on cars that forced up the price of gasoline and car prices up. They implemented regulations on power companies that have nearly doubled electricity prices on consumers. All in the name of ‘climate change.’  In reality, they know that once they control our electricity and water, next will be our food, and ultimately it would be our financial independence. The Paris Climate Accord was a perfect example of the corrupt elitists taking control of the world’s population! It was designed to put a stranglehold on energy consumption and was set to be one of the largest redistributions of wealth from middle-class Americans to progressive governments throughout the world. All the while, giving our government, the United Nations, China, Iran, the European Union, and other countries control over America’s financial resources, and our independence. It would be a complete violation of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

In the end, we have a lot to be thankful for! President Trump has saved us from a major catastrophe. However, the war on our constitutional rights is far from over. Progressive/Socialists and Communists are still waging war on America and the rest of the free world. Currently, they see President Trump as a thorn in their side. Once he is out-of-the-way, they will push forward and continue down the path of world domination. Although it is our duty to be good stewards of our environment by protecting our air, water, and land from pollution; it is also our right and responsibility to fight for our constitutional freedoms and rights. We have the right to fight for our family, our children, and our country. We have an obligation to fight for the very constitutional freedoms that many Americans today take for granted.