Far-left actress Alyssa Milano is proving to be one of the biggest hypocrites in the country considering she still supports former Vice President Joe Biden after a credible sexual assault allegation was made against him by his former staffer Tara Reade.

During Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Milano was one of the loudest voices in the MeToo movement, denouncing him for a baseless allegation. This time around, instead of denouncing Biden, Milano has made it clear that she plans on supporting him in the upcoming election.


During an op-ed written for Deadline Milano explained why she still supports Biden, saying that she is in a “gray area” in this situation.

“Harvey Weinstein’s decades of rape were clearly wrong,” says Milano. She continues by spreading the blame to President Trump and Kavanaugh. “Donald Trump’s alleged sexual assaults were clearly wrong. Brett Kavanaugh’s actions, told consistently over decades by his victim (and supported by her polygraph results), were clearly wrong. So were Matt Lauer’s, Bill Cosby’s and so many others. As we started holding politicians and business leaders and celebrities around the world accountable for their actions, it was easy to sort things into their respective buckets: this is wrong, this is right. Holding people accountable for their actions was not only right, it was just.”

Now that it’s a Democrat leader who is accused of sexual assault, Milano can suddenly not see what is right and wrong.

“The world is gray. And as uncomfortable as that makes people, gray is where the real change happens,” Milano said. “Black and white is easy. Gray is the place women can come together out of the glare of the election and speak our truths, our doubts, our hopes, our convictions and test them against the light and the dark.”

“Gray is where the conversations which continue to swirl around powerful men get started. And it’s really almost always men, isn’t it?” she continued. “As women, we’ve been gaslit, we’ve been blamed. We’re too shrill or too quiet. We’re weak or we’re insufferable. We’re whores or ice queens. We’re baby killers or welfare queens. Women are not afforded the gray. We are not allowed anything but the binary extremes. And then, we are pressured to turn on one another for making impossible choices.”

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