By: Brian Evans

Over the last 24 hours, many within the occultic pro-Marxist left-wing camp in America, have officially continued their ritualistic endeavors of acting like political zealots, and blindly following their occultic ministers of propaganda throughout the establishment media! Then, they take the propaganda that is spewed out like heroin and funnel it through their social media street dealers to as much of the American public as possible, in the hopes that they can draw in and taint and destroy the minds of young and old alike!

In fact, USA Today published this garbage piece in their paper, stating…

WASHINGTON — After President Donald Trump wondered Thursday about possibly injecting disinfectants into people infected with the coronavirus, “Tide Pods” and other household cleaners began trending on Twitter.

“And then I saw the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute, and is there a way we could do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning,” the president said during his White House press briefing. “As you see it gets in the lungs, it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it would be interesting to check that.”

Afterwards, Bill Bryan, an undersecretary of science and technology at the Department of Homeland Security, clarified that that wasn’t possible and said, “We don’t do that within that lab, at our labs.”

However, Trump replied: “maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t work.”

The left-wing’s zealot followers didn’t miss a beat, and without question, without research, and without thinking for themselves, began spreading the message from USA Today and other Mainstream Media organizations like the plague itself! In fact, the tide-pod eating leftist themselves saw it as an opportunity to use their own refusal to do a little thinking for themselves and spread it like Stalin’s gospel! And spread it they did, all across Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms!

Or Hollywood radicals like George Takei who want to end Constitutional freedoms and usher in Marxism…WHICH IS WHERE THIS ALL STARTED, DUE TO THEIR ARROGANCE, GREED, AND HATRED FOR HUMANITY!

Meanwhile, they fail to note that the President never said for anyone to eat Tide Pods, or drink Clorox! In fact, the President, as well as the nation knows you cannot drink straight bleach! Not to mention that the loons cannot even accept that Hydroxychloroquine has been working as a weapon against COVID-19, but since Trump mentioned it appeared to be working in trials…IT MUST BE BAD! After all, their pro-Marxist Mainstream Media lackeys said so!

Therefore, regardless of the facts, the radical sycophants who suffer from ‘TDS’ (Trump Derangement Syndrom) disregard all common sense and spread false propaganda that Trump promoted something that he did not!

In all, President Trump mentioned a hope that America would think outside the box, as he pointed out that disinfectants were HIGHLY EFFECTIVE in treating diseases on surfaces outside the body! He pointed out that ‘what-if’ there was a way to take that same type of concept and apply it inside the body! What if there were a way to create a medicine that could mimic those properties inside the body! What if there was a way to temporarily alter the internal environment to kill the virus? They are all questions that reports indicate that scientists working on a cure have mentioned to him, thus he mentioned it as a possibility to the American people! In fact, water treatment plants across the globe utilize small amounts of bleach to help purify drinking water! Also, in an emergency, drinking water can be treated with bleach using  2 drops of bleach per liter of water or 8 drops of bleach per gallon (3.8L) of water; 1/2 teaspoon bleach per five gallons (19L) of water. Therefore, it begs the question of whether it can be utilized to somehow treat viruses? Likely no, but if nobody asks questions, puts out ideas, or hypothesizes possible solutions, human beings would be in real trouble!

The American Thinker reported

From a limited base of knowledge (and sometimes an outside perspective can be useful, but not always), Trump was looking around at what he knew worked for sure (in this case, the use of Chlorox, Lysol, and other less well known disinfectant products known to slaughter the coronavirus on hard surfaces) and wondering aloud if it could in some way be employed to kill the coronavirus inside people.  It was the same with his spitballing on light treatments, something that also has some evidence to hook it to.

They added that…

Trump just wanted to throw out ideas.  He never said to go drink Lysol, nor told anyone to experiment with injecting it directly; he just wondered if the medical community could find a way to do what it does to employ the killer properties of these proven disinfectants and explore finding whatever it is that these chemicals have, to find a cure for people.  “Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t” does not sound like an endorsement of eating Tide Pods.  Oh, how they laughed.

And they certainly would have laughed at Louis Pasteur, who noticed that milkmaids never seemed to get smallpox (based on their exposure to the far less lethal related virus in cowpox) and then used that as the basis for developing the concept of vaccines and herd immunity.

They would have laughed at Benjamin Franklin for noticing how lightning behaves on conductive iron sharpened to a point, the basis for his development of the lightning rod.

They would have laughed really hard at Dr. Barry Marshall, who infected himself by drinking a broth of peptic ulcer-causing bacterium with himself as the human guinea pig in order to prove that ulcers were brought on by bacteria, not stress.  No thinking outside the box in Marshall’s world of “settled science,” either, and Marshall took a massive amount of abuse to reach his life-saving solution.

They probably still laugh at Dr. Robert Atkins for discovering the benefits of a low-carb diet in the 1960s after wondering why diabetic patients were so susceptible to obesity, or Clinton Ober, a cable TV installer and electrician who noticed how electrons from molecules in gravity of the Earth can provide health benefits based on barefoot walking.

Scientists, as they say in elementary school, notice things.  This is why the term “settled science” is so toxic.  Anyone who ever accomplishes anything must think outside the box.

Therefore, left-wing radicals like Michael Muscato (D-AZ) could re-think his statement attacking the President for his comments when he stated…

In fact, Democrats claim to support science, except they don’t! In fact, they claim to support protecting the planet, but their so-called global warming (climate change) initiative is based on false data, skewed interpretations, and nothing to do with protecting the planet or science, but instead protecting and securing their power and wealth by transforming America and the world into a global Marxist one-world government!

The American Thinker added that…

Trump in fact is sending a message from the top to all the medical researchers out there that experiments and mistakes are fine — keep trying.  He’s fostering a culture of creativity and innovation, which is exactly what is needed to kill off this coronavirus.

Therefore, as Democrats call for shutting down our nation until the economy collapses and Americans starve, President Trump continues to show that he is engaged, actively using every resource, every scientist, every doctor, every nurse, and every other medical practitioner, as he pushes them to look at every corner of the medical and scientific spectrum to find a way to protect Americans, yet allow them to return to work!

The Thinker added…

 If Trump were Obama, he’d appoint a blue ribbon commission and dust his hands off and wait for the next news cycle, leaving the whole thing to be stultified and forgotten.  Trump by contrast is hands on and thinking constantly about how to win this invisible war.

If he comes up with a clunker of an idea, big deal — sweep it away, and get a new one.  That’s how he rolls.  For the rest of us, it’s immensely comforting to know that Trump is on the job and engaged, trying to help any way he can.  That’s leadership.

Trump deserves nothing but praise for his efforts to find a solution.  The only real clowns out there are his ignorant, hostile-to-ideas critics.