By: Brian Evans

Over the past week, Americans who are hurting financially and demanding to be allowed their right to work protested in cities and states across the nation! Democrats balked at them, called them names, and many said that they should be denied medical care, should they need it!

Then, in addition to the name calling and badgering, the Mainstream Media reported how health care workers were out in the protests, blocking traffic and disrupting the peaceful protests! Leftists called the healthcare workers patriots, while the Chinese government’s state-run media compared them to their Tienamen square, and said that they were heroes!

Now, evidence has emerged that not only were the so-called healthcare workers not truly healthcare workers, but it was staged by the Mainstream Media! 

Several postings on Twitter showed how the media staged the incident, to try and smear the protesters who want to simply go back to work…


The Gateway Pundit reported

In an instance of photo staging by the media caught on Facebook Live, a car with lock down protesters comes to a stop at a traffic light. As soon as they did, a medical worker hopped in front of their car with photographers, had a few photos snapped, then crossed the street like nothing happened.


They added…

Some protest, right?!

The woman filming the staged photo-op quickly called the photographers out and urged them not to publish the faked photos.

“You’re a fraud!” she screamed as they walked off, never having actually protested.

There are countless versions of this type of photo online, which means that photographers capturing these images are probably making a pretty penny — but are they all just fake news? It sure looks like that might be the case.

Sadly, it appears that the Mainstream Media, or as some call it, the Establishment Media, are almost always lying these days! Ultimately, their agenda is more about pushing global marxism, rather than reporting actual news!