Breaking the law by being in the country illegally is just fine with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, but cutting hair, serving patrons in a restaurant and many other everyday commercial activities are apparently such egregious offenses that neighbors are urged to report violators to authorities.

To combat the spread of COVID-19, the Democratic mayor closed all “nonessential” businesses in a March 19 “Safer at Home” public order, and he later threatened to take strong action against businesses that don’t comply, including cutting off their power and water.

On Friday, Garcetti tweeted a recorded video statement instructing the public on how to turn in violators of the order and included a handy link to do just that.

“To protect our communities, non-essential businesses must remain closed during our Safer at Home emergency order,” the mayor wrote. “To report non-essential businesses that are operating illegally, visit:”

In the clip addressing the closure of businesses, Garcetti said that “99.9% have done it” and that the remaining businesses comply after just one visit from the city’s “ambassadors or a phone call,” suggesting that many Los Angeles resources are being used to pressure violators into compliance.

“But those who do not act,” Garcetti warned, “we will take action against them.”

“We initially issue warnings,” he later said, outlining procedures for offenders. “If necessary, we share information on recurring non-compliant businesses with law enforcement and if necessary, take charges against them through our City Attorney’s office.”

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