By: Brian Evans

In New Hamshire, 2020 Presidential Candidate and former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana announced that America no longer just belongs to Americans, but it belongs to the world! In fact, although Buttigieg claims to be a moderate, he has been promoting free healthcare for illegal aliens, pushing for the ‘Green New Deal’, is in favor of open borders, and is now advertising America as belonging to illegal aliens!

Breitbart reported that…

“We can say to a Dreamer, lying awake at night, questioning if this country is her own … this country is your country too,” he said, adding a few lines in Spanish.

The Spanish portion of his speech translates as, “We celebrate your belonging in this country and, yes, this country is your country too.”

Buttigieg spoke Spanish ahead of the Nevada primary next week where a high percentage of Hispanics are expected to go to the caucuses.

Video Via: Charlie Spiering

Also, during his speech, he touted that if he is elected, he would make sure that the American workers, which are the taxpaying Americans, would be paying for the illegal aliens health insurance, so the illegals not only could come to America and not have to work, but they would have free food, a free home, free healthcare, and free EVERYTHING!

In late November of 2019, Presidential Candidate, Pete Buttigieg attended the Sunday service and conversation in Goldsboro, North Carolina, which lasted two hours, in his attempt to try and connect with the black voters that he has repeatedly alienated and proven to suppress as Mayor of South Bend, Indiana! Therefore, in his attempt to appeal to America’s Black Christian voters, he brought his bible to the service.

The church that Buttigieg chose to attend is led by a Trump-hating radical leftist who has a history of controversial stances and statements that deviate from not only biblical teachings but towards anti-American and anti-White sentiment! Sadly, many churches throughout the United States have been slowly shifting away from true biblical teachings and towards more progressive-based teaching, as Marxists used educational seminaries to warp the meaning of bible verses, or ignore them altogether! Their goal…create congregations that are willing to sacrifice their Christian faith, in exchange for a pro-Socialist experience that is more entertaining, with loud bands, hip music, and church expectations that conform to the more carnal nature of mankind, rather than expecting the congregations to conform to God’s word!

Therefore, Barber has led seemingly good causes in the name of God, but the underlying motivations are much more secular and driven using the devout Marxist Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’! In addition, Barber claims to be carrying on the works of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but understanding the history of King shows that the motivations of the two men are pointed in completely different directions, as Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for Constitutional based and freedom-loving Conservative idealism, compared to Rev. Barber who fights for Marxist based idealism whose ultimate goal is the enslavement of the poor and middle classes! Therefore, while both men worked on what they called an anti-poverty campaign, the ends that they aim to achieve are the polar opposite of one another!

Even one of Buttigieg’s campaign staffers confirmed with the Associated Press that Barber is a partisan leftist, and added that Rev. Barber has repeatedly attacked President Trump as a racist, even though there has been no evidence of any such hate! For example, Barber wrote in Medium that…

“There is no question that the president of this country is racist.”

In fact, while leftists call President Trump a racist, a number of black Americans that have worked with him have stated that he is anything but a racist! Leftists have also tried to characterize the President as an anti-Semite, even though his own family members are Jews, and he has done more good for the Jewish people in America and Israel than any other President! They have called him a homophobe, even though he has never made any derogatory statements against the LGBTQ community, and in the meantime, he has worked diligently around the globe to protect the lives of gays, as he has fought against Muslim regimes and communist regimes who have murdered those that are gay! Meanwhile, as the Democrats and leftists criticize the President for being a homophobe, they defend those around the globe who murder people based on their sexual orientation!

Meanwhile, during his visit, Buttigieg tried to tie himself to the plight of black Americans that suffered through racial injustices of the past, as he tried to connect the idea that lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, and gays like himself, to their past! He said…

“The Poor People’s Campaign is about uniting people who have been divided against their interests, and I believe the same could be said of America as a whole. And that’s true for any marginalized group, from the LGBTQ community to poor people to those who have suffered racial discrimination.”

Buttigieg also stated during his visit with Barber that “systemic racism” and “racial voter suppression” continue to be problems in America’s democracy. 

Ironically, Buttigieg has already struggled to get support amongst blacks in America due to his policies that hurt the minority members of his South Bend, Indiana city, but his comments that mocked black American communities as having nobody to “testify the value of education” further eroded what little support he had left!

Now, fast forward to December 1st, and Buttigieg met with one of the most radical left-wing pastors, and nodded in agreement that illegal immigrants who are crossing into the United States are simply working to reclaim lands that Barber said Americans stole from them!

In other words, Buttigieg apparently seems to think or agree with the idea that United States citizens should just hand over their property, abandon parts of our nation to the illegals! AND HE IS ONE OF THE TOP CONTENDERS FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

In the end, Pete Buttigieg is no moderate. In fact, just like his Marxist propagating father taught at Notre Dame, Pete is a radical left-wing Socialist and Marxist himself! Ultimately, Buttigieg is no friend to minority communities, no ally to pr-America idealists, and certainly no friend to those who want to not only Make America Great Again, but not even for those who are trying to Keep America Great, by fighting to keep our streets safe, end drug, sex, and human trafficking, or to fight for a free and pro-capitalist nation!