By: Brian Evans

As the Establishment  Media continues to try and stir panic in America over the (Covid-19) Coronavirus, it has led to a faltering stock market, a run on medical masks and supplies, food hoarding, and ultimately fear and terror of the unknown! Sadly, that is what happens when the media fails to do its duty in reporting facts, but instead tries to use fear or terror as a political weapon against its enemies! In addition, the media made a huge profit as well on advertising due to the virus scare, leaving many questioning their ethical standards and motivations all around!

However, regardless of the establishment media, the Trump Administration, in combination with the Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Health and Human Services, they have been working around the clock to mitigate and minimize the impact of the virus in the United States and especially around the world! In fact, the United States’ response to the (Covid-19) Coronavirus was ranked at the top in regards to mitigation, prevention, and response!

Meanwhile, other nations came on board and began working diligently to catch up and stop the spread of the disease! As a result of everyone’s efforts, the virus now appears to be having a severely reduced number of cases, with a simultaneous uptick in recoveries form the virus!

Trending Politics reported that…

“a new chart from John Hopkins CSSE would end ALL of the hysteria if it was actually reported by the mainstream media.According to data from ARCGISnot only are worldwide cases of Coronavirus flatlining, but the number of people RECOVERING from the Coronavirus are rising at a rapid rate:

The orange line at the top is the number of people affected in just mainland China. The yellow line at the bottom are those effected everywhere else in the world.

However, the GREEN LINE is the one I want you to pay the most attention to.

The green indicates number of “Total Recovered”, which means that people are recovering rapidly from the Coronavirus while new cases are flatlining.

If this trend keeps up, we could completely overcome these virus fears in just a few weeks.

Here is another version of the chart that shows the RECOVERY number outpacing NEW cases:

To see these interactive charts for yourself, go here.

If your 401k or investment portfolios have been hit by these fears, don’t worry. According to this recovery trend, things should be looking up very soon.

In all, it is good news, as it will likely give Americans a reprieve, thus allowing more time for the Administration to prepare for a resurgence, more time for Pharmaceutical companies to prepare for the next (Covid-19) Coronavirus resurgence, as well as manufacturers of medicines, medical supplies, and the like to prepare for its return! In all, it is too bad that the establishment elites in Washington D.C., or in the news agencies won’t report the facts, leaving the markets unsure, and making Americans uneasy, and leaving them in the dark!

Fortunately, we still have a somewhat of a free press online, at least when the left-wing bigots on social media don’t suppress the truth!