By: Brian Evans

As the Democrats seem to look more like a bunch of anti-American lunatics, hypocrites, sexists, homophobes, and Trumpobphobes, the term Trump-derangement syndrome has become a common term associated with their hate-driven condition! However, it is more than hatred for Trump! In fact, President Trump is merely a major thorn in their Marxist behind, as he fights to restore pride in America, and the American dream, as he works to restore our Constitutional Republic to its former glory! In fact, the Democrats, who should more appropriately be called the Marxicrats, as their hatred for Trump is a condition of their Americaphobia, better understood as a ‘hatred for America’!

Now, as a result of President Trump causing their hate-driven agenda and condition to bubble to the surface, the American farmers, machinists, oil drillers, coal miners, secretaries, union members, construction workers, and almost all professions have realized the agenda of the radical left, as they abandon the Democrat party in droves! Even Party loyalists are jumping ship, including both women and men, the old and young, the rich and poor, the educated and uneducated, whites and blacks, Hispanics and non-Hispanics, and virtually every other demographic!
The Washington Examiner reported

A politically resilient President Trump has pushed into the lead of the 2020 White House race, riding the public’s good feelings about the economy and the view by voters that all leading Democratic candidates will “probably lose,” according to the latest election survey.
By a 52% to 48% margin, Trump is leading the generic “Democrat” in the race, a significant margin for a president who just beat back impeachment to stay in office.
The latest Economist/YouGov survey also found that most voters believe that Trump will probably beat all of his Democratic challengers by at least 19 percentage points.

It showed…

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 9.41.00 AM.png

Ultimately, regardless of Elitist Establishment holdouts like Senator Mitt Romney (D-UT) OOPS I MEAN (R-UT), it found that President Trump has not only unified the Party, but it has brought Independents and some Democrats to move over and join the MAGA movement!

They also found that not only does President Trump BEAT ALL OF HIS DEMOCRAT RIVALS, but he BEATS THEM ALL BY DOUBLE DIGITS!

For example, President Trump is showing 19 points ahead of Bernie Sanders, and EVEN FURTHER AHEAD OF ALL OTHER DEMOCRAT CANDIDATES!

It is no wonder, as the Democrats offer the American people higher taxes, threaten to take their health insurance coverage from them, to take their jobs and give them to foreigners, to release felons onto the streets while inviting more in through open borders! They are threatening to legalize ALL DRUGS, which endangers America’s youth! They are encouraging violence against anyone who dares to oppose their radical ideology and support President Trump! They have created a two-tiered justice system…One for the elites that give them a free pass on criminal activity, and another one for the American citizenry that not only prosecutes them for everything, but throws the book at them, and sometimes for doing nothing at all except voice opposition to the elite! Sadly, the list could go on and on, and STILL, THE RADICAL LEFT DOESN’T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY ARE LOSING!

Meanwhile, the radical left ridicules and demoralizes farmers, machinists, factory workers, coal miners, oil drillers, and most every American worker, and all while calling the heartland of America…”The Passover States”!
Now, as the Democrat primary goes into overdrive, Americans are finally seeing THE TRUE DEMOCRAT PARTY AND THEIR RADICAL AGENDA!

Meanwhile, President Trump has been lowering taxes for ‘Middle Americans’, helping veterans, rebuilding our nation’s military, supporting veterans, helping women, blacks, and every other minority! He has been helping to reduce drug trafficking, reducing human and sex trafficking, reducing drug smuggling, showing support for our nation’s police and law enforcement, the Border Patrol, building a wall to protect the homeland, and deporting criminals and those in our nation who are here ILLEGALLY! In fact, to note all the accomplishments of President Trump in the last three years, IT WOULD TAKE VOLUMES!

Regardless, President Trump has helped African Americans, Hispanics, Whites, Women, Christians, and virtually every group in America! I say virtually everyone because of Marxists and their racist allies in their ranks hasn’t gotten anything, at least anything that they want, because THEY ONLY WANT VIOLENCE, HATE, AND A SOVIET STYLE COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT OVER OUR NATION!

Today, Democrats don’t understand why Middle America supports President Trump, but it is simple! He not only says that he supports what the Middle Class and Poor in America need and want, but he follows through with action! Today, President Trump has become one of the greatest Presidents in history, as he is fighting for the forgotten men and women in our nation! President Trump said that he would fight for Middle America, and he has, and continues to fight for us! We may shop at Wal-Mart or Target! We may live in houses that pale in comparison to the elitists mansions who try and tell us how to live our lives and how to vote! We may drive cars that pale in comparison to their Ferraris, Limos, and Lamborghini’s! We may eat out at McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, or Chic-Fil-A, instead of in fine dining restaurants! We may be farmers, contractors, or construction workers! We may be machinists, or factory workers! We may be dentists, doctors, or pharmacists! We may be secretaries, housewives, or stay-at-home dads! We may run restaurants or businesses, work in beauty salons or barbershops! We may drive taxis or be chauffeurs, or we may be miners or drillers! However, is what they fail to understand is that ‘WE ARE AMERICA’!

The Democrat Party of today fails to understand that wealth and power is not what is most important in life to us, as we cherish freedom and family!

Meanwhile, they wonder why so many of their own die of drug overdoses, slit their wrists or drink themselves into rehab yearly! Sadly, it is because THEY JUST DON’T GET IT! After all, they might be financially the richest men and women in America, but Middle Americans are truly the richest people throughout our nation, as they cherish what is most important…family, friendship, freedon, and the Lord God himself!

Today, Democrats don’t hate President Trump because he is the President, but instead because he stands in the way of their agenda! They hate him because he is uniting the American people against tyranny, which is what the radical left-wing Marxists fear!

Trump America

Therefore, in the end, is it really surprising that ‘We the People’ would choose a man like President Trump, who towers above all others who are running on the left? He towers above them, not because of his wealth, nor because of his power! He rises above them in heart, in compassion, in truth, and in honor, as he puts All AMERICANS above himself! In truth, the Democrats could truly learn a lot from him, if they would only stand down from their ivory and golden pedestals, and put the people above party, power, and themselves, just as our Founding Fathers originally intended our leadership in Washington D.C. to be!