Breitbart News reported


Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has repeatedly been making the claim that President Trump would cut Medicare and Social Security to the older population in America throughout his multi-million dollar ad blitz, but his allegations have no foundation or evidence to base his claims upon! However, quite ironically, Bloomberg himself once stated that the United States should make major cuts to both Social Security and Medicare, which is exactly what he is accusing President Trump of!

Bloomberg said on Sunday that…

When he was running for office, Donald Trump promised not to touch Social Security, and yet as president, he’s proposed cuts/ When I’m in the White House, I will keep my word to seniors and to the American people.”

During his campaign for president, Trump repeatedly distanced himself from Republicans such as Rep. Paul Ryan, who told Americans that cuts in Social Security and Medicare were essential to the long-term strength of the programs.

Ironically, Bloomberg had previously said the opposite, stating that cuts to both programs are necessary. Bloomberg stated…

“We cannot continue to say we’ve got to cut, but we can’t touch Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, defense. That’s virtually 90 percent of all of our spending.”

Therefore, while Bloomberg and his fellow Democrats try to cast a false and negative light on President Trump, in regards to older American voters, it now appears that either they are either confused over the facts and what they have preached in the past, or they are intentionally lying and misleading the public, as they tell them what they think that the American people want to hear. After all, like most politicians, it seems that Democrats will tell the voters whatever they think that they want to hear, rather than telling them the truth!