By: Brian Evans

On Monday night, President Trump held a massive rally that broke New Hampshire records, as he was able to pack a 12,000 seat SNHU arena in Manchester, New Hampshire.

His rally was held within hours of the New Hampshire Presidential primary, and although he has gone virtually uncontested, supporters flocked to see him in massive numbers, both inside and outside the arena! In fact, the Gateway Pundit even revealed how the rally had to have an overflow for the overflow crowd, as the numbers of rally-goers overwhelmed the massive arena!

The Gateway Pundit reported…

Monday night on the eve of that state’s first in the nation presidential primary. Supporters started lining up in the cold and rain two days in advance, with several thousand remaining outside to watch the rally on a Jumbotron after the doors were locked when the venue hit full capacity. Amazingly, there was an overflow crowd of hundreds apart from the overflow crowd of thousands outside the arena that gathered way across the street to view and hear the Trump rally on the Jumbotron from a distance.

Screen image from video by Scott Ford of main overflow crowd.

Earlier Monday the Trump campaign blasted Bernie Sanders for falsely claiming he had the largest rally in New Hampshire this primary season with a crowd of 1,981 in Keene Sunday night.

Democrats quickly began attacking the President and claiming that the rally was poorly attended. However, the Manchester Fire Department’s numbers show a truly different and evidence-based story! The New Hampshire Granite Grok publication wrote

GraniteGrok was on point in debunking the empty-seat conspiracies. No left-wing sorcery. They had record-breaking attendance at the Manchester Rally venue. The City Fire Department has confirmed that close to 20,000 people showed up.

The previous record for that venue was 11,300 for Elton John. 11,500 were inside. The rest watched from out front.

First, Skip’s exercise was to challenge reporting at another political media space. They’d shared some theories about why some seats were empty. None was true. The arena had general seating. There were people everywhere, with many making it to the floor of the arena. The walkaways around the inside of the facility were packed with people, many waiting on access to concessions.

The Daily Mail delivered the reality sandwich coup de gras. They asked the Manchester Fire-Department, whom we reported had stopped entry because the building had hit capacity.

At least 11,500 people were inside. They estimated another 8-9,000 outside. That’s a picture of the overflow crowd up top.

So, 20,000 people came to see Mr. Trump in Manchester, New Hampshire. Maybe more.

They noted that the Fire Marshall wouldn’t allow every seat to be physically occupied, as they noted that it was not safe due to the numbers on the floor! In actuality, the limits are based on physical bodies occupying a building, and not on seats filled!

Interestingly, the GraniteGrok of New Hamshire pointed out how Manchester’s Democrat Mayor wanted to have pictures of the overflow crowd taken down, as it showed the thousands in attendance filling the overflow areas! After all, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for the Democrats come November, and Democrats have become the epitome of intolerance!

Meanwhile, Zach Parkinson noted how Bernie Sanders had falsely claimed that he has held the “largest” rally in the state, during this cycle, as he stated…

Also, Dan Scavino showed the packed auditorium, as Presiden Trump took to the stage…

To make matters worse for the Democrats, President Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale, who has revealed a growing trend at their rallies, showed how the number of Independents and even Democrats who support the President CONTINUES TO GROW, and is GROWING BIG, as he revealed that they had 52,559 tickets requested to attend the rally, with  24,732 who said they were from New Hampshire (41% of the attendees), and 17% who didn’t even vote in 2016! Even more, concerning for Democrats is the fact that 25.4% of those attending are registered, Democrats!

In all, it shows a growing and concerning problem for the Democrats come November, as their radical socialist crop of Democrat Presidential candidates, succumbs to the long-time push by the DNC to appeal to and push a pro-globalist, pro-socialist, and even pro-Marxist agenda in America!