By: Brian Evans

Today, the Democrats continue to launch their hate-Trump, anti-America campaign against not only the President and ‘We the People’, but against the very Constitution of the United States itself! Meanwhile, they have stepped up and sped up their attack on the President, after it was revealed that the President, along with Attorney General Bill Barr, and the United States Attorney John Durham, is hot on the tail of one of the most massive corruption scandals in United States history! Interestingly, the scandal doesn’t point towards President Trump, but instead towards the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and countless top Democrats! Now, even before the evidence emerges front-and-center, the American electorate is growing weary and tired of the Democrats countless and repeatedly disproven allegations against this President! In addition, those weary voters are turning against the Democrat Party as 2020 nears!

Fox News reported…

The latest poll on the House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry into President Trump over the Ukrainian controversy reveals that independents are deeply divided on the subject.

The CBS News survey conducted by YouGuv also indicates that a plurality of independents right now say Trump doesn’t deserve to be impeached over the scandal rocking his White House.

Forty-one percent of independents questioned in the CBS poll – which was conducted Thursday and Friday – said that the president does not deserve to be impeached, with 35 percent saying Trump does deserve to be impeached and nearly a quarter saying it’s too soon to tell.

Among all Americans questioned in the survey, 42 percent said Trump deserved impeachment, with 36 percent saying no and 22 percent saying its too soon to tell.

Independents were divided on whether they support the inquiry now underway in the Democrat-controlled House. Forty-nine percent said they approved of the inquiry, with 51 percent disapproving. The slight 2-point margin was within the poll’s margin of error.

Among all Americans, the survey indicated 55 percent support the ongoing inquiry and 45 oppose it.

As expected, most Democrats questioned said Trump acted illegally and deserved impeachment over his conversation in July with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in which Trump urged the Ukrainian leader to probe former Vice President Joe Biden, one of his main rivals in 2020.

Most Republicans said the president acted legally and didn’t deserve to be impeached.

The CBS News/YouGov poll was conducted Sept. 26-27, with 2,059 U.S. residents questioned. The survey’s overall sampling error is plus or minus 2.3 percentage points.

Now, as the results of the Durham and Barr investigations continue to proceed, Democrats are in a state of panic, which is why they are trying frantically and quickly to remove President Trump! In fact, that is what the Democrats are afraid of, in regards to the President’s calls with Ukraine, and now Italy, Britain, and Australia! It is a common thread that the Democrats see, and it is a thread of corruption, that the Trump Administration is set to unravel, which will expose their illegal and illicit activities! Therefore, the Democrats know that given time, the President will expose their dastardly deeds, which will cause the American electorate to ditch the Dems, as they realize just how unAmerican they have been, as they tried to seize power and wealth for themselves, and all at the cost of the American people!