By: Brian Evans

After years of Democrats attacking the men and women in uniform, passing laws that endanger their lives, and diminish them as human beings and Americans, the International Police Union Associations have had enough! In fact, as of this past week, they have officially endorsed President Trump for re-election in 2020!

The Gateway Pundit reported…

The International Police Union Associations serving over 100,000 members were early endorsers for the re-election of President Trump.

The International Union of Police Associations Formally Endorses the Campaign for the Re-election of President Donald J. Trump

Today President Sam A. Cabral announced that the International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO, has formally endorsed the campaign for the re-election of President Donald J. Trump.

They went on to point out how President Trump has done more for Law Enforcement in the past two and a half years than under the entire two-terms of Obama’s leadership. They noted the President’s accomplishments below…

– He signed an order that once again provided law enforcement agencies with life-saving surplus military equipment, especially armored vehicles that have saved the lives of
countless police and civilians.
– He directed the Attorney General to develop a strategy that will aggressively prosecute criminals who attack law enforcement.
– He provided more than 100,000.00 dollars to help communities hire more law enforcement officers.
– He championed and signed the Mental Health and Wellness Act that improved police access to Mental Health Service.
– He has resumed capital punishment of Federal Prisoners sentenced to death after a nearly two decades pause.

Ultimately, it is of no surprise that law enforcement would support this President. After all, under President Trump, our Police have been lauded with praise, as well as, fiscal and emotional support! It has led to safer communities and neighborhoods throughout much of America, and has exposed the corruption, violence, murder, and crime that has plagued Democrat strongholds, as their policies put the power, in the hands of gangs, thugs, and criminals, while stripping the power to stop the violence and crime, of the local, state, and federal authorities!

As a result, Police officers, as well as, most men and women in uniform, are lining up behind one of the greatest and most pro-American Presidents, in recent history!