By: Brian Evans

On Friday, Guatemala signed a comprehensive migration reform deal which allows the United States border officials to legally block asylum claims by migrants who pass through Guatemala, but choose to try and apply for asylum in the United States instead!

Breitbart News reported

The migration deal “is going to be terrific for them and terrific for the United States. This landmark agreement will put the coyotes and the smugglers out of business… [and] will usher in a new era and investment and growth for Guatemala,” said Trump.

Pro-migrant groups denounced the deal, which reportedly says the U.S. need not consider asylum claims by migrants who travel through Guatemala. The impact could be huge, because most migrants from Central America, South America, Africa,and Asia travel through Guatemala, as it occupies the full width of the land bridge between Mexico and South America.

Kevin McAleenan, the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, described the deal in an Oval Office press conference. Migrants “can make a protection [asylum] claim, if they would like, in Guatemala, so if they arrive in the U.S., not having availed themselves of that authority, they will be returned to Guatemala.”

The deal does not bar U.S. asylum claims by people from Guatemala, but Trump’s migration deal with Mexico has largely stopped migrants from Guatemala.

The full details of the deal were not immediately released by the administration.

Pro-migration groups squawked at the deal, calling it an illegitimate agreement, as they cited international asylum and migration laws! However, the asylum laws of a nation aren’t dependent on any international body! In fact, International bodies cannot tell Americans who we allow across our borders, because America is a sovereign nation, run by an American government, with American laws, protected by an American Border Patrol! Regardless, pro-migration, open borders, and globalist radicals are denouncing the deal as illegitimate!

In the end, this is another huge win for a President who works tirelessly to secure the border of our nation,even in the face of immense and unrelenting left-wing obstruction and attacks! In fact, between the radical open-border Democrats, activist Judges, pro-Socialist and Marxist groups, and others, it is miraculous, in what President Trump and his Administration have been able to accomplish! After all, just imagine what he could get done, if Democrats stopped their radical ‘resistance’ movement, and worked in unison with Trump!