By: Brian Evans

Today, as the Democrat Party has succumbed to the most radical left-wing Marxist members of their Party, the United States has pushed for open borders, free medical care for illegals, free food for illegals, free schooling for illegals, free housing for illegals!

The Gateway Pundit reported video footage of the incident…

The GP reported that the illegals claim they are victims of racism, as they demand that they are granted free everything, and citizenship for simply invading the French nation! In actuality, what better way to conquer a nation than invade through mass migration, demand that the nations citizens pay for their every whim, and destroy the nations self-determination and right to exist, by making citizenship a right for everyone around the globe, instead of the naturalized and legally born citizens of the nation!

It is truly what the globalists in the world, and even in the United States want, as they strive for a one-world Marxist government, where the Elitists rule the equally poor and huddled masses!