By: Brian Evans

Fox News reported this week

The 8-year-old child actor who went viral for impersonating Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, is no longer going to make videos due to death threats and harassment she and her family have received.

Earlier this year, Ava Martinez, known as “Mini AOC,” brought joy to her fans with several videos poking fun at the socialist darling, collecting millions of views on social media.

“Mini AOC” took social media by storm over the past year, as she acted out the New York lawmaker’s looks, matching her lipstick and glasses, her inflections, and mocking what some say are the lawmaker’s child-like propositions. The girl’s stepfather, Salvatore Schachter, posted the first video to social media, and from there, she became an internet sensation, nearly overnight

However, after months of the adorable little girl doing impersonation spoofs of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it appears that it will now come to an end! Sadly, it has been reported that…

“Mini AOC’s’ Parents Call it Quits Due to Death Threats, Harassment from the Left”

“Mini AOC,” as she called herself, became an internet sensation, as she impersonated the now well-known Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and she did it well! Regardless, her parents have reported that they have been doxxed, received death threats against their daughter, and their family!

The 8-year-old ‘Mini AOC’s’ parents reportedly provided an update Wednesday on the Twitter account @SickenTirade, where they posted…

“There will no longer be any new videos due to increasing death threats and harassment from the left.”

Then, her parents said…

“Ava will not being doing any more MINI AOC content. The Left’s Harassment and death threats have gone too far for our family. We have been getting calls on our personal phone numbers. For our safety and for our child’s safety, we deleted all Mini AOC accounts.”

Sadly, the radical left, who alleges that Conservatives are the violent and threatening ones, have instead repeatedly proven to be the hate-filled and violent ones, not the other way around! Even more concerning, is the fact that they don’t care who they hurt, whether it be the elderly, or the very young, like ‘Little AOC’, as they threaten, dox, and show that they are willing to do anything, to destroy Conservatives, Christians, or anti-Socialists, regardless of the consequences!