By: Brian Evans

Last week, the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke to Congressional members and openly admitted that President Trump’s tough talk towards NATO member nations to ‘pay their fair share’ is working, as member nations are now stepping up and paying a larger portion of their nations gross domestic product (GDP)!

Fox News reported

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, in a historic address to Congress, declared Wednesday that President Trump’s push for NATO allies to increase their defense spending has “had an impact” and made the alliance stronger.

NATO’s  Secretary General stated…

“Allies must spend more on defense. This has been the clear message from President Trump. And this message is having a real impact. After years of reducing defense budgets, all allies have stopped the cuts and all allies have increased their defense spending. Before they were cutting billions, now they are adding billions. That money will allow us to invest in new capabilities our armed forces need, including advanced fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, missile defense and surveillance drones. This is good for Europe and it is good for America”

According to the NATO guidelines, the member nations are committed to spending a minimum of 2% of their Gross Domestic Products on defense. However, most nations paid either very little, or none at all, leaving the American citizenry to cover America’s share, and much what other nations refused to contribute! In fact, President Trump pointed out how the United States pays 2%, plus another 1.5% on top of that, to make up the shortfall of the other nations! However, President Trump has now repeatedly called out members that do not meet that commitment!

Democrats have complained that his tough talk against our allies has fractured relations with the member nations, but Stoltenberg admitted this week that NATO is actually stronger as a result of the Presidents increased pressure for members to step up! In fact, the Secretary-General told Congressional leaders that the European allies and Canada have spent an additional $41 billion in the last two years and that by the end of 2020, that figure will rise to $100 billion.

As a result, he issued praise upon NATO and US efforts to Congressional leaders, as he said that the allied war against ISIS has made “remarkable progress”! He added…

“Thanks to American leadership and our collective efforts, we have stopped this brutality and millions of people have been liberated.”

On Tuesday, President Trump, besides the Secretary-General, said that the relationship with NATO “has been very good” and has made “tremendous progress,” but Germany, in particular, was not “paying what they should be paying.”