By: Brian Evans

One of the courtesies that have always been afforded to the Vice President of the United States has been an office space in the House of Representatives chamber. However, as the Democrats continue their war on President Trump, and anyone who works with him, for him, or in support of him, they have now allowed their hate and vindictive childhood antics to spread to their treatment of a tradition and courtesy!

In fact, according to NPR, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi quietly revoked the office space that was awarded to Vice President Mike Pence. It was an office that was located on the first floor of the United States Capitol after President Trump’s inauguration in 2017, but Pelosi took it upon herself to end the symbolic gesture. Congressional leaders were caught off guard, as she had VP Pence’s placard removed without warning! 

A Congressional aide said that…

“Room assignments are reviewed and changed at the beginning of every Congress”

After it became public, and after it began creating quite a stir, Pelosi’s office responded by stating that they will be offering another space to the White House legislative affairs team, but neither Pelosi or has the White House has commented on the incident!