By: Brian Evans

Since the election of President Trump, the Democrat Party has become consumed with changing the outcome of the 2016 election! They have accused the President of colluding with foreign governments, despite having no evidence, and all while Democrats and Hillary Clinton exchanged money, and nuclear materials with foreign governments like Iran and RUSSIA! They have alleged that he was running a chaotic Administration, despite him having one of the most successful Administrations in history, and with no evidence of chaos, only sabotage by the radical ‘RESISTANCE’ left! They have accused him of threatening and demonizing reporters, although he has simply been responding to their vicious, incendiary, and hate-filled attacks, as the Mainstream Media and radical left have promoted hate-speech and violence against the President and anyone who supports him or his agenda! They have accused him of inciting a nuclear war with North Korea, despite the fact that he has had more success than ANY PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION IN HISTORY! They have accused him of racism against blacks in America, although he has created more jobs and pushed for the better treatment of blacks in America, while Democrats have done nothing! They accuse the President of homophobia, yet he has done nothing to show he is homophobic! They accuse him of being anti-feminist, yet he has improved the women’s unemployment rate, fought for better maternity and family leave, and done more for women’s issues than any Democrat President ever has! They accuse him of being Xenophobic, yet he has fought to not only secure our borders, which has the support of a large swath of the Hispanic approval, but in fighting for secure borders, he has helped to safeguard and protect legal immigrants who are the first to lose their jobs to illegals who flood across our Southern border and take jobs at such lows that it destroys key jobs for the legal immigrants and the American people! Therefore, President Trump is right, in that he claims that he is the victim of “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!”

On March 3rd, President Trump said…

“Presidential Harassment by ‘crazed’ Democrats at the highest level in the history of our Country! After more than two years of Presidential Harassment, the only things that have been proven is that Democrats and others broke the law.

He later added that…

“PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT! It should never be allowed to happen again!”

Sadly, since his election in 2016, he has been harassed incessantly by the Mainstream Media! He has been harassed by Robert Mueller and the Special Counsel! He has been harassed by House Republicans like Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA)! He has been harassed by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)! He has been harassed by numerous Congressional Committees! He has been harassed by the FBI, CIA, and DOJ! He has been harassed by regulators! He has been harassed by AntiFa, Marxist groups, anti-Capitalist groups, radical environmentalists, and globalists! He has been harassed by Democrats in not only the legislative branch but in the court system! He has been under an endless anti-Trump litany of law-suits! investigations, eaves-dropping, wire-tapping, spying, and so much more!

Already the Democrats have already launched hundreds of investigations and lawsuits against the President, in their attempt to subvert the Constitution and remove him from office! The following are just a sample of some of the investigations that they have already launched, and some that they are preparing to launch against President Trump. They include

  • President Trump’s tax returns
  • Trump family businesses
  • Trump’s dealings with Russia, including the president’s preparation for his meeting with Vladimir Putin
  • Stormy Daniels
  • James Comey’s firing
  • Trump’s firing of U.S. attorneys
  • Trump’s proposed transgender ban for the military
  • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s business dealings
  • White House staff’s personal email use
  • Cabinet secretary travel, office expenses, and other misused perks
  • Discussion of classified information at Mar-a-Lago
  • Jared Kushner for ethics law compliance
  • Dismissal of members of the EPA board of scientific counselors
  • The travel ban
  • Family separation policy
  • Hurricane response in Puerto Rico
  • Election security and hacking attempts
  • White House security clearances
  • White House treatment of the press
  • Presidents decision to initiate the Space Force
  • Handling of the Department of Justice
  • Handling of the Department of Homeland Security
  • Handling of the Department of Health and Human Services
  • 2020 Citizenship Census question
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • White House Security Clearances
  • Initiate more than 64 subpoena’s
  • John Brennan’s Security Clearance
  • John Bolton’s Security Clearance
  • Office of Personnel Management
  • Handling of Medicare and Medicaid
  • State Department over decision to close Cyber office
  • RUSSIAN MEDDLING and threat to our elections
  • Refusal to defend Obamacare (Affordable Care Act
  • Investigate what Democrats allege is a ‘Political loyalist lists’
  • Administrations handling of Title X Family planning and proposed Gag Rule
  • Handling of the EPA
  • Steve Bannon’s involvement with law enforcement during the 2016 election
  • Administrations handling and hiring of immigration judges
  • Administrations handling of whistle blowers
  • Chartered flights
  • Administrations use of private email accounts
  • Department of Justices classification of Dana Boente notes
  • State Department’s releasing of left-wing employees
  • Rejected security clearance applications
  • HHS’ Removal of certain information on abortion from women’s health website
  • Acting Head of the Department of Civil Rights Division, John Gore
  • Administrations handling of the contract for emergency meals
  • Administrations handling of the deadly Niger ambush
  • CBP’s handling of allegations of sexual assault by employees
  • Department of Defenses hurricane response
  • Reassignment of Employees
  • DOJ and White House involvement in AT&T Time Warner Merger
  • Treasury Inspector General
  • Tax Administration
  • USDA
  • Jared Kushner’s possible conflict of interest
  • Trump Organization
  • Russian interference before 2016 election, and ties to Trump
  • Administrations involvement with Inspector General report on what democrats have called a ‘Muslim Ban’
  • If Jared Kushner violated the Presidential Records Act
  • Administrations handling of the Iran Nuclear Deal
  • FDIC
  • Administration’s handling of Michael Flynn’s foreign contacts
  • White House Aid’s computer usage
  • Ivanka Trump’s documents and emails
  • Allegations made by Democrats of Housing Abuses by the Trump Administration
  • Findings by Mueller
  • Trumps use of pardons
  • Re-investigate Mueller findings, as Democrats claim House Intel leaders obstructed justice.
  • The hiring of Jeff Sessions as AG
  • The firing of Jeff Sessions as AG
  • The appointment of Matt Whitaker as Acting AG
  • Administrations involvement in the FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh
  • Administrations and Interiors decision to expand mining and drilling on federal lands.
  • Administrations involvement in the expanding of offshore drilling
  • Zinke’s removal of references to humans’ role in climate change from agency reports, instead of embracing ‘global warming’ theory
  • Alleged violations of the Hatch Act by Zinke
  • The EPA’s decisions
  • Trump’s politicization of the military.
  • Profitability of the Trump International Hotel in Washington and whether it’s being used to violate the emoluments clause.
  • Administration policies on domestic terrorism.
  • Relaxing of regulations for for-profit colleges and limiting of student loan forgiveness.
  • Department of Education’s rollback of Obama-era rules that expanded transgender students’ access to school facilities.
  • Administrations revocation of CNN’s Jim Acosta Press Pass to the White House, after he put his hands on a White House aide.

Ultimately, the Democrats have vowed to investigate, subpoena, investigate more, and launch one of the largest and most massive governmental investigations against an opposing Party, in United States history. Already, they have used the court system by judge shopping for judges who would rule in their favor, and then use the judicial system to stop, or stall virtually every aspect of President Trumps Agenda.

Now, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) who is the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence chairman, said that the Democrats aren’t going to launch the investigation and subpoenas all at once, but instead they plan to target the Administration over the next few years, steadily and consistently so they can bog down the Administration in the court system. It is an unprecedented assault on the highest office in the land, as Democrats seek to cripple the Administration and stop his Presidency and agenda!

Even the New York Times reported that the New York State Department of Financial Services, who is the agency that regulates the insurance business, issued an “expansive subpoena” to Aon, the insurance broker for the president’s companies. The agency leaped into action after former Trump fixer Michael Cohen told the House that Trump had at some point inflated his assets to an insurance company. Cohen, who has pleaded guilty to lying to Congress and faces serious questions about the truthfulness of his latest testimony, supplied no details.

However, the Times reported that…

“the subpoena that was served on Aon contains no indication that the company or any of its employees engaged in misconduct. Nor does it specify any possible wrongdoing that is the focus of the inquiry by state regulators.”

The subpoena didn’t request anything specific, but instead, it asked for “a broad range of materials” related to Trump’s dealings with Aon going back ten years. However, it didn’t stop there! In fact, in New York, the State Department of Taxation and Finance announced last October that it is investigating Trump’s taxes going back at least 20 years, sued the Trump Foundation for sued Trump Universities, the funding of the Trump ‘s inauguration, the funding of the Trump SuperPAC ‘Rebuilding America Now’, Trump properties, the Presidents children, business holdings, business deals, personal life, sex life, and every other aspect of his life, going back decades before he became President! In addition, the Attorneys General of Maryland and the District of Columbia are suing Trump, accusing him of violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. Therefore, former President Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch had it right, when she said…

“I will be shining a bright light into every dark corner of his real estate dealings, and every dealing, demanding truthfulness at every turn.”

Ultimately, the Democrats have turned from following Constitutional law to seeking to destroy the Constitution of the United States! Congressional Democrats no longer serve as oversight, but have turned their position and power into a political search and destroy Gestapo style hit squad!

Now, even the House Ways & Means Committee is reportedly preparing to demand the Treasury Department turn over the President’s tax returns, as they claim yet another suspicion that Trump must have done something wrong with his taxes or he would have long ago released the returns. In addition, the House Judiciary Committee’s made the decision to demand documents from 81 people associated with Trump, which many are citing as a request that is so out of control and wide-ranging, that even some Democrats worry that their party’s investigators have overreached. Even the left-wing Washington Post reported

“The extensive scope could bolster claims by Trump and Republicans that congressional Democrats are seeking to undermine the president and cripple his 2020 reelection effort rather than conduct a disciplined, fact-finding inquiry.”

Ultimately, the Democrats have a lot of places to search for a crime as they engage in “Presidential Harassment”! They can search through thousands of places in order to find a slip-up, a misstep, or even an inappropriate thought or action! After all, since President Trump has one of the vastest business empires, it leaves a lot of paper trails for them to dig through, in their quest to subvert the Constitution, and unseat a duly-elected President of the United States!