By: Brian Evans

House Democrats introduced legislation this past week that not only fails to fund a border wall or barrier along the southern United States border, but it cuts funding for border security, and even provides a sickening and heinous twist! The Dems include a provision within the bill that would effectively end border immigration enforcement for any migrant that is trafficking children across the United States border by the end of 2019!

Republican Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) called it the “Child Trafficking Encouragement Act”. He said…

The immigration enforcement ban, or “Child Trafficking Encouragement Act” was originally introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and supported by every Senate Democrat. In addition, the Democrats also drafted a budget that provides the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency with $7.4 billion, which is nearly $850 million less than the amount that was requested by the Trump Administration. It also only provides the funds for about 1,250 beds for adults and migrant children coming across the border in 2019, which is a major decrease in detention space than what is already available currently. This provides a major problem since they already are having to release thousands of illegals into the interior due to a lack of space and beds!

Therefore, through their legislation, and through border security funding cuts, the Democrats would effectively end border enforcement for the majority of illegals, especially for child traffickers! Therefore, instead of being held in detention for a period of time, the traffickers and illegal alien children whom they trafficked across the U.S.-Mexico border would be released immediately into the interior of the country.

Already, due to the incentives that Democrats have provided to child traffickers, illegal aliens arriving at the southern border has surged over the past few years! In fact, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), adults crossing with children has skyrocketed 280% compared to the previous year, and a number of those illegals are believed to have shown up with children that are not their own. Democrats have blocked the Administration from running DNA tests to verify paternity and maternity, but left-wing groups and Democrats have blocked those tests, calling them a violation of the illegal aliens’ privacy! This year, the Department of Homeland Security expects yet another spike in child trafficking across the border, especially if border security measures are not implemented, including a barrier.

So far, the Democrats have refused to provide any money for a wall or barrier. However, they have included more than $500 million to give to the illegals for humanitarian assistance for food, transportation, housing, and medical care. Typically, the Democrats show that they care for those who live outside our nation, much more than they care about the people they work for, the American people themselves! However, in this bill, they show that they care more about power and creating an ideological shift in America, than they do about doing what is right for not only the American people, but for the migrants, and especially migrant children, who they are willing to turn their back on, as they put them in harm’s way!