By: Brian Evans

Somedays, the level of reckless ignorance and carelessness that Marxists and Socialists exude is insurmountable, and for Starbucks investor Howard Schultz, he has exceeded that level!

This week, Shultz announced that he is exploring the possibility of running for President in 2020, not as a Republican, not as a Democrat, but as an Independent. Schultz is trying to make the claim that he is a moderate, as he claims that he is a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. However, both are far from the truth. For example, a true liberal advocates for private property, an unhampered market economy, the rule of law, constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and of the press, and international peace based on free trade. Democrats claimed to be liberal for years, but over the past 40 years, the idea of “classic liberalism” has been transformed and perverted into Progressivism, which is simple socialism and Marxism! Therefore, no matter how hard radical leftists like Schultz try to convince the American voters that they are moderate, and even conservative, they are far from any semblance of liberalism or conservatism. After all, Marxism is the polar opposite of Conservatism and far from liberalism!

That is also one of the reasons that Democrats were angry this past weekend when they found out that Shultz was considering running as an Independent for President in the 2020 election. That is because, since they have moved to the Marxist left, Shultz would peel votes away from their base.

How radically left is Howard Schultz? Actually, as far as many of his policies, he is as far left as a number of Socialists in the Democrat Party. In fact, Schultz is pushing for the amnesty of at least 11 million illegal migrants in the United States. Furthermore, he is calling for open borders combined with amnesty for tens of millions, which would further incentivize millions of more illegals to pour into our nation.

Jessica Vaughan who serves as the policy director for the Center for Immigration Studies said that his policies would benefit investors in American companies, but it would come at the expense of both white and blue collar Americans! Schultz said

“The country, first and foremost, is based on humanity, fairness, goodness. We have been for 200 plus years a country of immigrants, and for the 11 million people here, unauthorized, there should be a fair and equitable way for them to get in line, pay the taxes, pay a fee and become citizens of the United States. What I hear is not only platitudes about immigration and cliches about an amnesty being earned … but a complete ignorance and disregard for the effects on Americans of unlimited immigration.”

In other words, Schultz not only believes that there is no such thing as a true American, but the the idea of an American nation is obsolete and irrelevant today! Therefore, anyone who wants to come to the United States should be welcome, and be eligible to everything that the nation has!

Even more frightening, Schultz believes that ‘We the People’ should not have a say in the matter of immigration, as if we were no longer part of a Constitutional Republic, but instead, more like a Dictatorship like in Venezuela!

Ironically, Schultz has strong incentives to be in favor of unbridled illegal immigration. After all, he is a major investor in Starbucks, and as an investor, he has a lot to gain if illegal immigration continues to grow. For example, when the federal government imports welfare-aided consumers and cheap labor, it would result in Schultz’s investments in Starbucks gaining. Especially if the government grants amnesty to illegals and imports additional consumers and workers.

However, what Howard Schultz doesn’t realize, or more likely doesn’t care about, involves the fact that illegal immigration at the current rates that are flooding into the United States is unsustainable and dangerous!

Jessica Vaughan who serves as the policy director for the Center for Immigration Studies said…

“We’ve had so many years and decades of constantly increasing immigration without a period of low immigration that enables the country to absorb immigrants and have them become Americans.”

Therefore, as the Marxist Democrats and greedy Socialists like Shultz continue to try to boost both legal and illegal immigration, it will continue to shift the wealth of the nation from the middle classes to the wealthy elitists like Shultz. It will shift it from from the younger generation to the older generation, literally enriching the wealthy elitists by destroying and eradicating the middle class!

In the meantime, the open-border advocates flood the market with millions of new illegal immigrants, as well as more than one million legal immigrants and visa workers who swallow up white and blue collar jobs, leaving more than 150 million Americans on the unemployment and welfare rolls and shrinking their salaries! Also, the cheap labor widens the gaps between the rich and poor, decreases investment in tech, increases taxes at all levels, reduces the quality of education, shrinks the labor market, and especially at the higher paying levels.

Ultimately, Starbucks investor Howard Schultz is no better than the Marxist candidates running on the left! After all, Marxists are pushing for unbridled illegal immigration for power and ideology! Shultz may or may not be doing it for power, but he certainly is doing it for greed and at the cost of the American people!