By: Brian Evans

Although most Americans don’t know just how well President Trump’s policies are igniting the American economy due to Mainstream Media propaganda, the facts show that the United States job market is on fire!

In fact, Mainstream Media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and others have painted doom and gloom, and said that the US economy is set for a major recession due to the President’s pro-business, pro-American policies! However, evidence continues to prove otherwise! For example, last week, jobless claims dropped to the lowest levels since 1969, despite part of the United States government being shut down for over a month!

Progressives in the Democrat Party and throughout the Mainstream Media have touted that the Presidents tariffs would bog down the job market, despite the Presidents reassurances that it would greatly benefit the nation. For instance, the Mainstream Media and Democrats pointed to a number of economists who predicted that jobless claims would rise by 6,000 from 212,000 to 218,000. However, instead of rising by 6,000, the jobless claims declined 5,500 to 215,000. Also, weekly unemployment applications for assistance dropped by 13,000 to 199,000!

To date, despite the doom and gloom of the Socialist left, tariffs have actually stimulated job growth throughout the nation, not because taxes on foreign nations help stimulate an economy because they don’t! However, it has forced those same foreign nations to play under the same trade rules as America, therefore leveling the playing field. For example, if China charges Americans a 20% tax on a specific food item, the United States charges a 20% tax back on one of their goods! Therefore, it keeps other nations from taking advantage of American businesses, corporations, manufacturers, and the American worker and consumer!

In the meantime, with the government shutdown, the number of federal employees requesting unemployment assistance doubled to 25,419 from the previous week. However, the percentage of claims compared with previous shutdowns is extremely low, indicating that many federal workers are still not experiencing major financial strain. Unfortunately, that will rise soon, without pay. Republicans have now proposed two bills to pay furloughed federal workers during the shutdown, but Democrats have refused to sign on, as they demand that either Republicans sign their bills to reopen the government, or they will keep the government shut down and blame it on the President of the United States!