By: Brian Evans

For four weeks now, President Trump and House and Senate Republicans have tried to get Democrats to the negotiating table to open the government, secure the border, and get federal workers their paychecks! Democrats blame the Republicans and President for the federal workers not being paid, but evidence now shows, that it is the Democrat Party under Pelosi and Schumer, who are denying the federal workers pay! For example…

  • $5.7 Billion for the wall
  • $2.5 Billion for the wall
  • Border fence instead of a wall
  • Reopen government in exchange for wall funding
  • $5.7 Billion For A ‘Barrier,’ $800 Million In Humanitarian Aid, And More Border Agents
  • $5.7 Billion ‘Barrier,’ $800 Million In Humanitarian Aid, Temporary Extensions On DACA And TPS Immigrants
  • Republicans attempts to block Congressional pay during shutdowns, but Democrats blocked the legislation!
  • While a number of Republicans have refused to be paid while federal workers remain unpaid, Democrats refuse to do the same!
  • Republicans have offered three major compromises to re-open the government, but Democrats turned down all three compromises, many times before they were even presented, and said that Republicans either sign their bills, or the government would remain shut!
  • Republicans proposed at least paying federal workers during the shutdown by proposing a clean bill, just to take care of the workers on Thursday, and once before, but Democrats blocked federal workers pay without reopening government both times!
  • Republicans proposed giving Democrats their requested Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for millions of illegals for three years, but Democrats rejected the proposal
  • Republicans proposed giving Democrats their requested DACA illegals three years grace period, including Social Security numbers and work permits, but Democrats rejected the proposal!
  • Democrats made history by denying President Trump his Constitutional right to deliver the State of the Union to Congress and the American people, unless the President signs their legislation!
  • Democrat bills have been riddled with spending excesses that give more than $12 billion

Ultimately, the Democrats bills have been riddled with spending excesses that give…

  • $12 billion more for “international affairs programs,” including $2.9 billion more “for economic and development assistance, including funding for the West Bank/Gaza, Syria, and Pakistan, where our foreign aid is either frozen or under review.”
  • $700 million more than requested for the United Nations, including restored funding for the United Nation’s Population Fund, which would undermine the administration’s Mexico City Policy that bars the use of taxpayer dollars for foreign organizations that “promote or perform abortions.”
  • Approximately $2 billion more than requested for the Environmental Protection Agency
  • $7.1 billion more than the administration requested for Housing and Urban Development programs

However, their bills give little to border security, and nothing for a border wall or barrier!

Ultimately, Democrats have proven one thing! They don’t care about the federal workers who go without pay, because they are just being used as a propaganda piece by the now-radicalized left! Democrats don’t care about our southern border, and the horrors that it brings to the American people, or the Caravan members! Democrats don’t even care about government being shut down. After all, they are still getting their paychecks! In the end, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and countless other Democrats ONLY CARE ABOUT THEIR MARXIST AND SOCIALIST POLICIES BEING IMPLEMENTED AND EMBRACED IN AMERICA! Therefore, it will likely be the President who will have to break the stalemate by reopening the government and declaring a national emergency. After all, the now-radicalized Democrats with their Marxist agenda are going to continue striving to drive America into a national emergency, and to the brink of a constitutional crisis!