By: Brian Evans

On Friday, the Trump Administration officially ended the lax discipline rules that were implemented under the Obama Administration. The Associated Press reported that the Department of Education and the Justice Department had officially revoked the Obama-era policy, which had encouraged violence and behavioral issues, rather than solve them.

When the Obama Administration initiated the policy, they cited the need to ease the punishment of minorities and said that there were racial disparities. Therefore, they instituted new rules that eased student punishments for racial minorities. However, in effect, it actually increased improper behaviors and attitudes of students throughout the nation.

Now, as the Trump Administration undoes the Obama policy, it has been revealed as to why! In fact, the Obama Administration’s 2014 policy was aimed to address racial disparities in student punishment where they claimed that…

“black students are suspended and expelled at a rate three times greater than white students.”

The  Obama policy wanted school officials to take “restorative” measures that protected misbehaving students, and even teens who make threats of violence able to further progress towards violence, without notifying the police. In fact, school administrators had their hands bound and were not able to easily expel students or report those students to the police, due to the Obama Administration’s new rules. As a result, the Obama policy appears to have contributed to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida. The Wall Street Journal reported that School authorities reportedly knew that the gunman had behavior problems, drank gasoline, and had made threats to use guns against his classmates, as well as the fact that he possessed firearms to carry out the acts.

President Trump’s safety commission, led by Education  Secretary Betsy DeVos revealed several proposals earlier in the week, which included arming school personnel, removing guns temporarily from the possession of those who could hurt themselves or others, and installing blast-proof glass on buildings.

of cities enacting laws where guns can be temporarily removed from people who could hurt themselves or others and districts installing blast-proof glass on their buildings, according to The Wall Street Journal. Betsy DeVos stated…

“Our decision to rescind that guidance today makes it clear that discipline is a matter on which classroom teachers and local school leaders deserve and need autonomy. I would encourage them to continue to implement discipline reforms that they believe will foster improved outcomes for their students.”

Democrats have vowed to fight, as Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) who said…

“By rescinding this guidance, Secretary DeVos and Acting Attorney General [Matthew] Whitaker are creating confusion for schools and making it harder for students of color to learn without being discriminated against.”

However, sadly, in the end, Democrats don’t appear to really care about discrimination. They don’t even appear to care about the safety and security of our young children in schools. Instead, as with every other claim of discrimination and racism that they claim to be fighting against, it is actually their effort to ‘divide and conquer’ America, and Americans, as they seek to destabilize our nation, our constitution, and our government. They seek to pit American against American, as their policies lead to school shootings, mass murder, hate, discrimination, and violence. After all, until they can turn American against American, the Democrats will be unable to fully end the Constitution of the United States, in their quest for their global socialist one-world government of tomorrow.