By: Brian Evans

Since the election of President Trump in 2016, he has began implementing tariffs against other countries who have tariffs imposed on the United States agricultural, manufacturing, and industrial products. Consequently, the Democrats and even free traders accused Trump of starting a trade war, breaking with his base on his ‘free trade’ promises touted that he is leading the United States into a catastrophic trade war, and an economic disaster. For instance, in March, when President Trump said that the United States was going to impose a 25% tariff on imported steel, and 10% on aluminum, a number of economists said that it would spell doom for American industries, especially those who heavily relied on steel and aluminum for their products. However, the hype doesn’t seem to match the truth.

In fact, as the tariffs have been imposed by the United States, America’s business, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors have seen profits, wages, and jobs soar. Meanwhile, it has resulted in American unemployment hitting record lows for men and women, blacks and whites, minorities, and all able bodied Americans who are willing to work. Meanwhile, profits for those sectors, who have seen tariffs imposed, have actually increased, resulting in better pay for their employees. In fact, the metals industry is now growing in the post-tariff period, which is at a rate that is four times as fast as the overall economy, according to the Department of Labor statistics. Also, the fabricated metals sector added post-tariff jobs in each subsequent month following the President’s implementation of tariffs, as they added 7,000 jobs, and grew by 1%, compared to the overall economy’s .25% overall growth. Then, machinery manufacturing grew by a huge 1.7%, and added 5,000 jobs in June, while the Transportation sector added .9% with 15,000 jobs.

In addition to the jobs, American workers are seeing a substantial wage increase, as manufacturing and fabricated metal wages rose by .8% in March and June, with an overall 2.4%, yearly growth.

Wages for the workers are rising as well. The hourly wage for non-supervisory workers in machinery manufacturing and fabricated metals rose by around 0.8% between March and June, and at an annualized rate of 2.4 percent. Wages in transportation rose 0.7 percent, for an annualized gain of 2.1 percent.

Trade economist Alan Tonelson 

And not just fabricated . are up on net over last 4 months in big metal-using sectors and equipment. #Manufacturing adds a whopping 36,000 new jobs in June, including 7.1 in fabricated metal products (metal consumers). Steel tariffs aren’t depressing factory job growth for the 4th consecutive month.

Even the American steel workers are applauding President Trump’s trade agenda and tariff policy, as they cite that the United States has been taken advantage of for entirely too long, and the American worker has ultimately had to pay the price.

Earlier this week, the New York Times interviewed American Steel workers at Banner Metals, and they found that the steel workers are applauding President Trump’s fair trade agenda, saying that when it comes to trade, the…

“U.S. has been taken advantage of for too long.”

The New York Times  reported that Banner Metals steel workers believe that President Trump’s tariffs,  which are designed to re-level the playing field against countries, who have previously imposed massive tariffs against our companies, are welcomed by the workers. They admit that it may end up creating a little crunch in the short-term, but his 25% tariffs on imported steel, and 10% on aluminum will help bring jobs and money back to America.

Bronson Jones, the co-owner of Banner Metals, told the New York Times that he sees the tariffs and Trump’s moves to hold China accountable on trade, as a benefit to the American economy in the long-term. He said…

“I’m not looking at what’s best for Banner right now. I’m looking at what’s best for the national economy. The U.S. has been taken advantage of for too long.”

Bronson Jones, Co-Owner Banner Metals

Part of the problem with international trade between America and other countries involves NAFTA and other international trade deals, which have allowed massive tariffs to be placed against American companies, and therefore American workers. Consequently, the cost to Americans, and American jobs has cost hundreds of thousands of their jobs to be outsourced to Mexico alone, with approximately 35,000 Ohio workers losing their jobs to Mexicans, in the name of ‘free trade’! But, free trade today, is not really, true free trade! That is because America has been in a trade war for years, as Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, European countries, and other global competitors have imposed many times, massive tariffs against American goods, while America imposes virtually no tariffs against their goods.

Then, just between 2001 and 2015, a report by the Economic Policy Institute showed that about 3.4 million American jobs were lost due to American trade policies, and the out of control deficit with China, caused by massive tariffs against American companies and workers. Meanwhile, so-called free trade with China has cost millions of Americans their jobs, with 2.6 million coming from the manufacturing sector, and greater than 2.5 million, due to America’s political refusal to fight back in the trade war, which resulted in a massive trade deficit.

In the past, if America tried to balance those massive tariffs, and impose them back against the competing countries industries, Americans were accused of waging a ‘trade war’. That is why the President is under fire from ‘One-World Globalists’ like the Progressive-Socialist Democrats, Fabian-Rino Socialist Republicans, and foreign powers like China, the European Union, Mexico, Canada, and others! In fact, President Trump has ramped up counter tariffs in his fight for American manufacturing, farming, and businesses. As a result, his opponents claim that he has started a trade war against our enemies, and even our allies. However, the President didn’t really start the trade war, instead he has simply been the first American political leader to have the guts to finish it, as American companies and workers are finally starting to see the benefits of his ‘America First’ trade policies. Furthermore, President Trump has even admitted at the G7 Summit in June, that he would like to see a truly ‘free trade’ and ‘subsidy free’ zone, instead of countries waging a war of tariffs against each other. In fact, President Trump proposed zero tariffs, zero subsidies,  and went on to say…

“We’re the piggy bank that everybody is robbing,” Trump said. “And that ends.”

President Donald J. Trump

One prime example of the frustration across America, includes cities in Ohio, where a few years ago, the largest steel foundry in America, Columbus Casting was forced to closed its doors, due to foreign country’s tariffs on American steel, making competition virtually impossible for the foundry.  Meanwhile, foreign competitors dumped their products onto the United States market, unimpeded by American tariffs.

There was also another worker at Banner Metals who voiced their support for President Trump’s tough stance on foreign trade who said…

“If it comes out of my paycheck, so be it. You got to look at the big picture. That tiny bit of sacrifice we make, will create jobs.”

Casey Jackson, Banner Metals Worker

Two other steel workers at Banner Metals told the New York Times that…

“doesn’t sugarcoat anything,” saying, “People get offended very easily by somebody being direct.”

James Ford, Banner Metals Worker

“I like the idea of the U.S. having allies. But if this can bring more jobs back to America, that’s a good thing,”

Todd Grizzle, Banner Metals Worker

However, this is just a small sample of the American workers, who are in support of the Presidents stand against foreign discrimination against American companies, and the American workers. In fact, Americans from the steel industry, farmers, manufacturing workers, and all other sectors around the nation, are fed up with American leadership letting the world discriminate against ‘We the People’, and then politicians calling it ‘fair trade’, or wrongfully labeling it ‘free trade’. After all, massive tariffs imposed against Americans, with little or no tariffs against foreigners IS NOT FREE TRADE!

In addition to the steel workers in Ohio, American workers at the South Carolina Port Authority applauded President Trump’s fair trade initiative, citing how much they appreciate his tough talk and stance on trade, unlike many of his predecessors. For example, one 62-year-old Port Authority worker told the New York Times that…

“I don’t see where we have been affected by the trade war like they’ve been talking about. We don’t see any instability. We’re hearing about it, but we don’t see it yet.”

Glenn Jamison, South Carolina Port Authority Worker

Another worker said…

“American workers have been sold down the river with NAFTA and other agreements. He’s doing what he said he would. He’s keeping promises, instead of lip service like every other politician.”

Michael Spellman, South Carolina Port Authority Worker

In addition to his tariffs, President Trump has stated that he is planning to send billions in aid to farmers hurt by tariffs imposed by other countries, until tariffs are lowered. President Trump has admitted that he understands the short-term pain that American workers will feel, as he has fought for American jobs, and financial security, while battling China, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and other trading partners around the globe, who have taken advantage of our formerly weak leadership. In fact, Canada, China, and Europe have imposed billions in dollars of additional tariffs , on top of their already obscenely high tariffs against American farmers, and other sectors. Therefore, the Trump Administration plans to send  billions in emergency aid to farmers who have been caught in the crossfire. The plan would include temporary relief and direct aid for farmers.

As the battle for the American worker heats up, President Trump has vowed to impose additional tariffs of at least $500 billion in Chinese products, and penalties against our trading partners, if they fail to reduce or eliminate tariffs placed against American business interests, and ultimately the American workers.

In fact, earlier this week, when he visited Kansas City’s Veterans of Foreign Wars, President Trump said that U.S. trade partners need to either negotiate a

“fair deal, or it gets hit with Tariffs. It’s as simple as that.”

President Donald J. Trump

Interestingly, despite concerns of how badly the President’s tariff policy is, President Trump’s strategy seems to be paying off. First, despite the large tariffs imposed against American goods, economists are now predicting that the United States GDP is expected to top 4%, or even higher in the second quarter. Especially after they witnessed strong gains in personal income, and consumer spending in April. Therefore, a large number  of Wall Street firms upped their GDP forecasts. For example:

  • Amherst Pierpont Securities raised its estimate to 4.5% from 4.2%.
  • Macroeconomic Advisers increased its forecast to 4% from 3.6%.
  • Natwest raised its projection to about 4% from 3.2%.
  • Barclays also upped its estimate, but it was near the low-end of forecasts. It raised its target to 3.3% from 3%. GDP has only topped 4% three times since the end of the Great Recession in mid-2009.

Then on Wednesday, President Trump struck a trade deal with the European Union Comission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, in which President Trump was able to get major concessions, as the European Union backed down in fear of an escalating trade and tariff war with the United States. In fact, reports indicate that the European Union agreed to lower industrial tariffs, and increase the importation of United States soybeans. Also, the Dow Jones reported that the Europeans were working on an agreement to import more American liquified natural gas (LNBG).

In the end, despite the President being amid a hurricane of attacks, ridicule, accusations, and hate being spewed from not only the Progressive-Left, the Fabian-Socialist RINO Republicans, and One-World Globalists, President Trump is proving to be a man of his word, a man of action, and it appears, a man who knowns the ‘Art of the Deal’! Therefore, as he continues to follow through on his promise to ‘Make America Great Again’ by putting ‘America and Americans First’. The American people are re-finding their way to one of the lowest unemployment levels in history. We are re-envisioning the American promise of peace, and prosperity for all, as it moves within the reach of not just the few Elitists at the top, but for all Americans throughout this great nation.