By: Brian Evans

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on what his meeting with President Trump was about in an interview with Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace. Putin said that the United States and Russian Federation relationship has changed for the better due to President Trump’s diplomacy, and he revealed some of the items discussed including North Korea, China, the Iranian Nuclear Deal, and other crucial topics. Putin said…

“I think we should be grateful to our staff and our aides who spent several last months working with one another and not just in the preparations of this summit,” Putin said. “I’m referring to the effort of our agencies across the board who worked in even the very sensitive areas, sensitive both for Russia and the United States. Primarily, I refer to the counter-terrorism efforts today, with–talking with President Trump, we agreed that terrorism is a greater threat than it seems at first. Because, God forbid, if something happens, if there is a terrorist attack using the weapons of mass destruction, if they get their hands to weapons of mass destruction, it may have devastating ramifications. And so, our military, our special agencies, do establish cooperation in this particularly important area. We also discussed the Iranian nuclear program. We discussed what we can do to improve the situation with North Korea. I’ve pointed out, and I will point out again, that I think that President Trump contributed a lot, that he did a lot to settle this issue. But in order to achieve complete denuclearization of the peninsula it will take international guarantees, and Russia stands ready to make its contribution to the extent that will be necessary. So, we can say that there are several issues of crucial importance for us — this and some others — we are starting to achieve some understanding which gives us sufficient ground to say that some things — a lot of things changed for the better during today’s meeting.”

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation

The full interview is below…

Ultimately, everyone knows that Vladimir Putin, nor the Russian Federation are entities who can be trusted, but cutting off diplomacy is not a way to stop or impede Russian meddling in elections, or doing any other dastardly actions. Regardless, just as the Democrats and Mainstream Media attacked President Reagan for his meetings with the Soviet Union (modern day Russian Federation), they are now intent on regurgitating their dust-ridden playbook, and using it once again against President Trump.

The questions is, can President Trump use the bilateral talks to improve the relation between the United States and the Russian Federation? Furthermore, and even more importantly, can President Trump use the talks to help protect our allies, reduce international nuclear armament, win the war on terror, further push North Korea towards nuclear disarmament, and reign in the radical, ruthless, and out of control Iranian regime’s nuclear aims? Regardless of the Presidents success or failure, one thing is for certain. No matter what the outcome, refusing to talk with the Russians will either bring about more of the same, or get worse. However, talks between the two leaders at least bring some possibilities of success in reigning in the Russian Federation, as well as creating an open channel of communication between the two politically strained countries.