By: Brian Evans

On Monday, Kevin Nicholson, Republican candidate for the Wisconsin Senate race wrote an op-ed in for Fox News that detailed his experiences with coming from a solid democrat family and announcing himself to not only be a Republican, but a conservative republican. He wrote…

My decision to be a Democrat was never a decision. It was just expected of me. It was understood. Born into a family of Democrats, my grandfather would often spend weekends talking to me about his respect for Franklin Roosevelt and his annoyance with President Reagan. I listened and absorbed, but was not yet ready to think critically about what I was told – or to decide for myself.

I love and miss my grandfather, but life has since taught me that thinking critically about the principles of the Democrat party is never encouraged because if you do, you have no choice but to leave – to walk away.

I was elected National President of the College Democrats of America in 1999, and now I’m a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in 2018. While the Democrats’ influence over my political philosophy defined a few years in my late teens and early twenties, that influence could not withstand the test of life and experience that made me a conservative as an adult. In contrast with my time as a Democrat, my evolution to becoming a conservative Republican was a fully mindful and deliberate decision, based on my life experiences that left me with no other option.

While my choice was made clear to me through the experience of my marriage, the birth of my three children, my acceptance of Jesus Christ as my savior, my time fighting in two wars, and my experience in business since leaving the Marine Corps, it came at personal cost.

My parents have since turned their back on me, my wife, their grandchildren, and their extended family. Adding to this, they decided to make the maximum contribution to my Democrat opponent in my campaign for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin, an intentional personal blow that made headlines across the country. It was deliberate – and it is a true representation of the intolerance of a political philosophy that stands on the false platform of tolerance.

I don’t enjoy talking about this highly personal experience, but as I see the #WalkAway movement gain momentum, I feel compelled to share my story.  As #WalkAway grows, conservatives need to reach out to those who were raised to believe in a Democrat Party and a liberal political philosophy that does nothing to make them more successful.

Many others who have decided to leave the Democrat Party have also likely paid a personal price for their decision. And others are not yet ready to leave because of the judgement and ridicule they will undoubtedly receive from other Democrats – whether family, friends, or co-workers. Unfortunately, their fear is founded.

The Democrat party is not the party of tolerance. It is not the party of acceptance. It is the party of intolerance. It is the party of closed doors, but open borders. It is the party of judgement. It is the party of identity politics.

The Democrat party is not the party of tolerance. It is not the party of acceptance. It is the party of intolerance. It is the party of closed doors, but open borders. It is the party of judgement. It is the party of identity politics. And that is why the #WalkAway movement is resonating. Because when you stop and ask yourself why you should be a Democrat, it is impossible to answer if you acknowledge the party’s hypocrisy, since it openly advocates for policies that encourage dependency and destroy opportunity for all of us.

As we look to the future, conservatives must aggressively reach out and welcome those who were not born into conservative families. We must continue to champion the dignity of all human life, conserve and strategically invest our financial resources, and work to build a strong defense that secures our nation’s prosperity for all. This is how I will win my election against Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin this November, and also how we will win the future of this nation.

During my Senate race, I have learned that some establishment Republican circles are reluctant to accept new members to our party. Too many believe that they have a club that they control – and would like to keep it that way since it keeps them in power.  Those who demand that people be Republicans from birth in order to have a voice in the conservative movement would shrink, not grow our party. And their short-sighted perspective on people’s ability to mature as they experience life would keep us from bringing new Republicans into the fold, like Donald Trump has done.  We need to push beyond these voices, and welcome new conservatives in order to secure our nation’s future.

If you’ve decided to #WalkAway or plan to, I encourage you to find strength in those who have already walked the path. Find strength in the principles of conservatism that are founded in faith, liberty, and the Constitution. And find strength in those who have walked the path before you: President Ronald Reagan, President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, former U.S. Senator Phil Gramm – and so many others. Find strength in our decision to choose to believe in the human capacity to succeed when free, as you do the same.

Kevin Nicholson, Wisconsin Senate Candidate

Almost immediately, the Mainstream Media began attacking Nicholson, and the #WalkAway movement.

In fact, left-wing Splinter said that Kevin’s parents…

“basically disowned him for turning into a shitty Republican It wouldn’t be funny if it were for any other reason than this shithawk deciding to run for office under a party with avowed racists on the ballot (including one in his own state!) and on a platform of denying people healthcareand demagoguery on immigration.”

Libby Watson, Splinter

Splinter went on to ridicule the idea of walking away from the Democrat Party. They stated…

“The rest of the column is a stirring call for conservatives to “reach out to those who were raised to believe in a Democrat Party and a liberal political philosophy that does nothing to make them more successful,” with a shout out to the extremely suspect #WalkAway movement.”

Libby Watson, Splinter

Then, Splinter called Nicholson’s parents cool-ass parents for cutting ties with their son, and donating the maximum donation to Senator Tammy Baldwin, only because he chose to run as a ‘Conservative Republican’.

Then, the Mainstream Media brushed off the #WalkAway movement by citing a Washington Post article that was published earlier this month, chalking up the e to “political vaporware”, and a “fake movement”. However, they fail to give notice to the growing movement on social media, and how it has gone viral with actual people, citing actual stories, and why they have chosen to walk away. Regardless, Splinter and other Mainstream Media outlets choose to call #WalkAway a “bot account”, a “fake movement”, or “political vaporware”.

So why does the Mainstream Media give any thought to Kevin Nicholson, and his #WalkAway from the political ideology of his parents, his world, and the Democrat Party? It is simple! Currently Nicholson is leading against his Republican opponents, including his biggest rival, Republican Senator Leah Vukmirin, according to the latest polling from RealClearPolitics. Also, Democrats and their Mainstream Media propaganda machine is concerned that there is a possibility that he could win against his Democrat opponent, Tammy Baldwin. In fact, Baldwin has stood against the President on virtually every issue, while Nicholson has vowed to stand by President Trump to fulfill the “Make America Great Again Agenda’.

Even more concerning for the Democrats and the Progressive Mainstream Media is the fact that groups like FreedomWorks for America, Club for Growth, Tea Party Patriots, Combat Veterans for Congress and Wisconsin Family Action have all thrown their support behind Nicholson, and given him their endorsement. Also, Senator Ted Cruz (TX-R), Senator Mike Lee (UT-R), and former Ambassador John Bolton (prior to his appointment as Trump’s National Security Advisor announced and released a video endorsement of Nicholson.



Therefore, despite the fact that Nicholson was raised as a democrat, he says that he found that in…

“making a budget, making payroll, branding cattle, and learning a ton about the ag business…wised me up as a Conservative.”

Kevin Nicholson (WI-R), Former U.S. Marine and 2018 Senate Candidate

However, Nicholson says that he was solidified as a conservative Republican through his time as a twice-deployed Marine, and how he saw Democrats distort the successes of the surge in Iraq in 2007. Furthermore, he says that he openly believes that Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama were actively lying about the progress made throughout that mission, and that Obama’s 2014 announcement of the troop withdrawal timeline in Afghanistan was a move that “put lives at risk,” and threw away the hard-fought gains of the military successes, and his counter-IED team in that country.

Even today, Nicholson gave yet another example of his support of the President and his MAGA agenda. In fact, today Democrat Senate Candidate Tammy Baldwin referred to the Helsinki Summit between President Trump as…

“Instead of standing with Putin, the president should stand up for America and our democracy. President Trump needs to stop treating Putin like a friend and start holding him accountable,”

Tammy Baldwin (WI-D) 2018 Senate Candidate

Meanwhile, President Trump was lambasted by the Progressive Democrats, Mainstream Media, and RINO Republicans like Paul Ryan (WI-R). However, former U.S. Marine and current Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson stood by Trump, stating that Russian leaders have proven themselves to be…

“ruthless, uncooperative and untrustworthy” but American presidents still have to work with them. “The president clearly believes an ongoing and direct dialogue serves our national security objectives and I support him.”

Kevin Nicholson (WI-R), Former U.S. Marine and WI Senate Candidate

Therefore, Nicholson is in for a rough ride in the coming months, especially if he wins the Republican Primary in Wisconsin for the United States Senate. After all, the Democrats, Mainstream Media, and even RINO-Republicans try to weaken President Trump, and all his supporters throughout the halls of Congress, and the nation as a whole. Regardless, Nicholson will fight the political battle of his life, as he fights against America’s largest and most threatening enemy. He will have to fight our countries enemies, both foreign and domestic, who aim to end our nation, as it was founded. A country based on freedom and justice, rather than a country devoid of hope, due to the communist ideals of tyranny, oppression, grief, desperation, racism, and captivity.