By: Brian Evans

On Saturday morning, President Trump tweeted
“Put pressure on the Democrats to end the horrible law that separates children from their parents once they cross the Border into the U.S. Catch and Release, Lottery and Chain must also go with it and we MUST continue building the WALL! DEMOCRATS ARE PROTECTING MS-13 THUGS.”
President Donald J. Trump
 Almost immediately, the Mainstream Media responded with attacks against the President. Headlines hit the Mainstream Media including…

Then, on Sunday Morning, Ivanka Trump posted a picture of herself holding her son. The caption read…

 My ♥️! #SundayMorning

Ivanka Trump

Most people looked at the picture and found it to be a beautiful picture of a mother and her son, but not for the Progressive-Socialist ‘Resistance’. Instead, it brought attacks from the Mainstream Media, and Hollywood Elitists toward  Ivanka Trump. They attempted to tie her to a Obama Administration era immigrant scandal. In fact, Sunday, CNN ran the following hit piece…

Sadly, this is the type of propaganda piece that would have been utilized during the Communist Soviet era. Democrats then went even further, and began spreading photos of children being detained in holding facilities. They made it sound as if the photos were just taken and said…

“First glimpse of immigrant children at holding facility.” 
Azcentral photo (Screenshot / Twitter)
AZcentral (Screenshot / Twitter)
In fact, not only the Mainstream Media and Hollywood Elitists wrongfully attacked the First Family, but Democrats attacked them as well. They pulled the picture from an article in the Arizona Republic, and published on

Some leftists pulled their tweets down, when they realized that the photos were taken during the Obama Administration. Progressive Socialists like Linda Sarsour, Jon Favreau, and Jake Silverstein.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter
California Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa fell for the article and tweeted…
Speechless. This is not who we are as a nation.
Antonio Villaraigosa (D-CA)
The response from the right, attacked Villaraigosa. They responded…
Another blue-check libs falls for 2014 article.
Twitchy Team

Other comments included:

Tearing children away from their families is a horrifying tactic we’ve seen before from authoritarian regimes throughout time — and these cruel actions have absolutely no place in our country. President Trump, you have the power to stop this from happening. Do it.

The Trump policy of separating children from their moms is inhumane in the extreme. It’s barbaric. Period.

The USA Today affiliate network called the Arizona Republic  put out the article with multiple errors, and appeared to create a false narrative. It said it was a “first glimpse” of children being held in a holding facility since October 1, but failed to mention that the article had already been reported on by Brandon Darby of Breitbart Texas. It also made it sound as if the photo was taken in October of last year, but it was actually from 2014.

Soon after it became evident that the story was a sham and from the Obama era, Democrats, Hollywood Elitists, and Mainstream Media fanatics quickly began deleting their tweets, but not until after their posts had been screenshot, shared, and gone viral. Ironically, Brandon Darby pointed out that in 2014, “The Nation” criticized him for publishing the first photos of the 2014 foreign minor crisis. They downplayed the crisis.

In addition to the misleading information, they failed to cite the reasoning behind the separation of children from adults. Authorities indicated that the separation had to do with their effort to deter human trafficking, and especially when immigration officials could not identify whether or not the children were related to the adults who brought them to the border. In fact, Brandon Darby reported on how “many times minors crossing with “parents” turn out to be children being used by strangers to enter the US. Many “parents” aren’t the parents —or even family members.

Then ABC News reported on the Sunday evening news that…

“The president’s efforts to deflect blame also comes amid a #WhereAreTheChildren backlash on social media against the policy.”

ABC News

The Progressive Democrats, Hollywood Elitists, and Mainstream Media attacked the President, saying that there is no “law” that requires separating illegal alien children from their parents, but rather a policy that could be ended by the president.

Also, they said that the Office of Refugee Resettlement within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has reportedly lost track of nearly 1,500 of the illegal alien children it has placed with families in the U.S. However, those missing children were not simply lost. Instead, many or possibly all of them were placed with relatives living within the United States already, and those relatives failed to report their whereabouts to the authorities. Similar to the reason that ‘catch and release’ illegals never show up to their court dates over deportation.

President Trump and his Administration have been fighting to secure the border, and end the Obama era “Catch and Release” program, which is responsible for the Department of Health and Human Services losing track of nearly 1,500 illegal alien children. As a result, immigration authorities will be able to detain illegal alien parents until their immigration hearings, instead of being released into the United States in the hope that they will actually show up to their hearings…which they usually don’t. In addition, it helps to deter the incredible illegal immigration surge that has been seen in recent months. Regardless, celebrities hit twitter and called President Trump’s efforts to halt illegal immigration “torture, inhumane, and un-American.” Opponent’s like Hollywood Actor Jim Carrey posted a photo depicting agents with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency acting as violent law enforcement officials dragging away women and children.

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 11.58.38 PM


Other radical leftists tweeted out…

I don’t understand how anyone could work for @ICEgov. ICE’s policy of separating children from their families under the Trump administration is not only un-American, it’s inhumane.

Call 1-866-DHS-2-ICE and ask them ?

Actress Jessica Chastain cited an MSNBC piece that falsely claims that an end to ‘Obama era Catch and Release’ is taking children away from their parents. She said…

Are we really such monsters?! 

Must watch: Chris Hayes on ‘despicable’ new Trump policy

The United States government is now systematically taking children as young as 53 weeks old away from their parents at the border, thanks to new directives issued by the Trump administration.

Mikel Jollett from the indie band the “Airborne Toxic Event” compared Trump’s ending ‘Catch and Release’ to the Holocaust. He said…

The Holocaust did not end with people being called subhuman, constantly compared to criminals, put into yellow markers with children torn from the arms of screaming mothers..

But it did start there.

Alan Alda called it “emotional torture.”

Do we want our country to use emotional torture for border control? 

Julianne Moore accuses United States Customs and Border Protection of abusing children. She said…

I’m fighting to stop U.S. Customs and Border Protection from abusing immigrant children. Will you join me? 

In reality, America must secure it’s border, and if immigrants want to enter the United States, they should do so legally. Regardless of what the irrational Elitists say, President Trump is honoring one of the most sacred duties of any American President, and that is to protect America and American’s. Today, more than three out of four GOP voters approve of how the President is handling the immigration issue. In fact, 76% of GOP voters, 77% of conservatives, and 85% of Trump supporters approve of the Presidents handling of immigration.

Meanwhile, ICE, doubled doubled the number of raids it has conducted on businesses that hire illegal aliens instead of American citizens. These raids, along with increased deportations for illegals living in the United States. As a result, it has tightened the labor market, and raised legal American’s wages. Furthermore, it has given a huge boost for American workers in construction, small businesses, and many other industries. Women have benefited, legal immigrants, and minorities with increased wages and lowered unemployment.

Ultimately, the Progressive left can throw fits, and try to fabricate lies and distortions to try to paint the President, his family, and his agenda in a bad light, but American’s are finally able to see beyond the blurred television screens of Mainstream Media and Hollywood Elitists. They can make up their own minds, as to what is real and what is fake. After all, American’s are not the feeble-minded fool that the Progressive Elitists make them out to be. In fact, American’s are proving to be far more brilliant than anyone could have hoped for, as we finally elected a President who not only promises to restore America to ‘Greatness’, but we finally elected a man who not only loves America, but is able and willing, to follow through on the promises he made to people who elected him, the ‘American People’.