By: Brian Evans

Over the years, America and the world have made incredibly huge strides in technology and innovation. In fact, just thirty years ago, American’s and the developed countries around the globe, predominantly used landlines or pay phones to contact their friends and loved ones. Pagers came into existence a few years later, and then cell phones began to surface, just a few short years after that. American’s valued their privacy and were concerned about the government spying on the citizens throughout our great nation, but as the tech sector grew so quickly and rapidly, nobody had time to realize the dangers that were coming over the horizon. In fact, technology progressed so quickly in the subsequent years, that each time a consumer would buy a phone, computer, or other electronic device, it would be outdated within a year, or sometimes even sooner. It has been a miraculous journey to see just how fast the human race can create, innovate, and grow in the world of technology. It has been, and continues to be a journey that would not have been possible, without a free and robust capitalist economy, to incentivize the competitive nature of mankind. Unfortunately, it has been a journey that has been wrought with pitfalls and dangers. Ironically, it has been a journey that has now endangered the very competitive capitalist economic miracle that enabled it to come into being, and violates the privacy of everyone in the world, as nobody can escape technology’s watchful eye.

Today, technology has become a part of virtually every part of our daily lives. We use it to wake up in the morning, tell us the weather, control our home’s environment, measure, learn, drive cars, direct traffic, deliver the news, communicate with friends and family, find answers to questions, tell us if we are getting enough exercise, operate in hospitals, provide electricity, cook food, run home surveillance, and purchase and pay for food, clothing, and all other items. We use technology to remind us of what to do, how to find locations on a map, play games, make phone calls, text, pay bills, get coupons or discounts, monitor our health, travel, file and pay taxes, vote, take notes, watch tv, mail items, see online doctors, get online medications, price compare, check the colander, take photos and videos, store photos and videos, social media, type, and virtually every other aspect of our lives. It has made life easier in one way, but has that come at a price?

Actually, Americans and people around the world have lost all rights to privacy due to technological innovations. No matter what settings you have on your phones and devices, companies like Google and Facebook track where you go, what you do, who you call, who you text, what you say on those calls and text messages, what pictures you take, what you search for on the internet, what you buy, how much you spend, how much in debt you are, how much in savings you have, your personal identification information, everywhere you have gone, what you did while you are there, and virtually every other aspect of your lives. To make matters worse, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other tech companies can make or break businesses, as they choose.

Tech companies like Google now encourage you to fill out a review of businesses or places you visit, rate them, and post pictures of those places, so they can file away those reviews for their own safe keeping. Many consumers complain that they are asked to fill out reviews on businesses that they were driving by continually, but didn’t actually visit. Businesses complain that they are receiving negative reviews from individuals who didn’t even patronage their establishments. Companies like systematically target company’s items based on complaints by political ideologues and can crush businesses at will. Power has been growing with these tech companies, as their immense power base grows and grows to astronomical proportions. The question is, how far will it go, and how much power can these tech companies amass.

Today, we have reached a pivotal moment, where tech companies know everything about us, but we know nothing about them. We are slowly learning what they are collecting on us, and what they are doing with that information, but what is their end-game? They know what we are doing and saying, but we don’t know what they are doing or saying behind their sealed doors. They know where we are going, and what we are doing, but we don’t know what they are doing. They know all of our dirty little secrets, but we are not allowed to know theirs. Even more concerning, we are now learning that Facebook and likely Google have collaborated with Progressive Democrats to spy on President Trump, the Supreme Court, and other’s who do oppose, or might oppose their ideological agenda. Meanwhile, the Progressive Democrats and Fabian-Rino’s refuse to do their duly elected responsibility of fighting against the corruption, and defend American’s rights to privacy. It has created an informational monster that is leading America ever-closer to a Constitutional Crisis. A problem or conflict in the function of a government that the political constitution or other fundamental governing law is perceived to be unable to resolve.

As a result of our government’s inaction, the public confidence in Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and other tech companies has waned. Additionally, trust in the Mainstream Media has waned as well, as they have covered up, participated in, and been complicit in aiding and abetting the corruption. According to a survey  that was conducted by the Monmouth University Polling Institute, the vast majority of Americans believe that mainstream media outlets report “fake news.” An incredible 77% of those surveyed indicated their distrust for major Mainstream Media outlets. That is up 14% in just the past year. Progressive’s blame President Trump; however, he simply has raised an awareness to their corruption. Despite who is to blame for awareness of corruption, the fact remains that corruption does exist throughout our tech sector, and Mainstream Media outlets like the NY Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, LA Times, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and many more. Meanwhile, tech companies like Google have buried news outlets who oppose the Progressive ideologies, while redirecting their internet traffic and search results to the very Mainstream Media companies who have now proven to deliver lies, distortions, manipulation of the facts, and ultimately epitomize ‘fake news’. Anyone who questions their validity, is deemed ‘fake news’ by those same Mainstream Media outlets and tech giants.

As a result of search engines like Google and Bing re-directing their search results and traffic to politically based and  ideologically Progressive Mainstream Media sites and Soros backed media like Daily Beast, Vox, and others who push communist based One-World government ideology.  Meanwhile, as many of the non-Progressive-Socialist ideological news organizations have tried to publish news, they have been systematically silenced. Consequently, they flocked to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, only to find out that they would once again have their readership redirected to more Progressive media sites, and methodically removed from the platforms, deemed ‘fake news’, or promoting ‘hate speech’. The ever-increasing speed that the world-wide web has become ideologically Progressive-Socialist controlled is now occurring at an alarming rate. Now, as the fall in trust of the Mainstream Media has reached all-time highs, Social Media platforms have joined their predicament of public distrust.

Monmouth University polling also found that 87% of respondents believe that the same Progressive-Socailist ideological forces influence social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and even YouTube. A distrust that is likely to grow and flourish as evidence now shows that companies like Facebook have been using their platform to silence christians, conservatives, and alternative’s to the Mainstream Media. A blatant violation of ‘freedom of speech’, and ‘freedom of the press’.

One such example has to do with the internet giant Google. Until they were sued for it in 2008, Google refused to allow anti-abortion advertisements on its platforms even though they freely allowed pro-abortion ones. On the flip side, Google often blacklist certain sites from hosting ads which denies them revenue. Recently Google owned YouTube has introduced procedures to cut off revenue to, quote, “offensive content.” The question is, what is deemed offensive, and who decides?

Then there is the Social Media giant Facebook. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said in a recent interview with the far-left online publication Vox, that Facebook’s new system of favoring “broadly trusted” news sources, via a mechanism designed to favor established outlets and crush new media. In other words, Facebook will ultimately decide who can speak, and who cannot. They will decide who is trusted, and who is not. Then, they will silence all voices whom they decide are not worthy of being publicized. Basically, they will begin censoring non-Progressive voices, or publications of whom conflict with the Progressive-Socialist ideology.

President Donald Trump has been pointedly calling out his and the American people’s distrust in the media since the inception of his campaign. To the dismay of Progressive’s and Mainstream Media, the public overwhelmingly liked his openness about his distrust for the Mainstream Media. However, their approval of his distrust was related to their own growing discontent and skepticism of the Mainstream Media.

However, despite growing concerns over fake news, and growing infuriated over privacy rights, Facebook introduced its new system for censorship in January, and the results became clearly apparent, almost immediately. Breitbart News showed how Facebook’s redirection of traffic from alternative media outlets to Pro-Progressive Mainstream Media outlets like CNN skyrocketed, while traffic to conservative and christian outlets fell dramatically In addition, Facebook engagement of likes, shares, and comments fell dramatically as well, across multiple new media outlets. Even Facebook engagements on President Trump’s account fell by 45 per cent. Twitter has had similar trends, as conservative and christian users have been expunged from the site, tweets blocked, and followers to conservative accounts plummeted.

Facebook’s’ Mark Zuckerberg chalked it all up to giving his users a more “meaningful experience.” However, he quickly slipped up and admitted:

‘Facebook is going to act like a publisher, with a view on what counts as “quality news,” and make judgments about the accuracy and reliability of news publications.’

A frightening statement, since they believe that Facebook has the moral authority to decide what is so-called ‘real news’, and what they deem ‘fake news’. Zuckerberg went on to say that:

Facebook is targeting spammers, state actors, and “real media outlets who are saying what they think is true but have varying levels of accuracy or trustworthiness.”

Zuckerberg then explained Facebook’s methodology for determining a “trusted” news source.

“This year, we’ve rolled out a number of changes to News Feed that try to boost in the ranking broadly trusted news sources” said Zuckerberg. “We’ve surveyed people across the whole community and asked them whether they trust different news sources.” Zuckerberg went on to say “Take the Wall Street Journal or New York Times. Even if not everyone reads them, the people who don’t read them typically still think they’re good, trustworthy journalism. Whereas if you get down to blogs that may be on more of the fringe, they’ll have their strong supporters, but people who don’t necessarily read them often don’t trust them as much.”

Therefore, Zuckerberg plainly lays out the basis for Facebook in determining ‘Fake News’, as any outlet that has been around, and is well-known. Ultimately, censoring and preventing any new news start-up from having the chance to get started and off the ground. Subsequently, ending not only free speech or free press, but ultimately taking away competition. Ultimately, taking away the American dream from those who strive to start-up their own company.  Breitbart News previously reported, their method is designed to favor establishment media, and crush all who try to expose the truth.

Zuckerberg then explained how Facebook will further help out the Mainstream Media by helping them attract paying subscribers. He said:

“So I do think a big responsibility that we have is to help support high-quality journalism. And that’s not just the big traditional institutions, but a big part of what I actually think about when I’m thinking about high-quality journalism is local news. And I think that there are almost two different strategies in terms of how you address that.”

“For the larger institutions, and maybe even some of the smaller ones as well, subscriptions are really a key point on this. I think a lot of these business models are moving toward a higher percentage of subscriptions, where the people who are getting the most value from you are contributing a disproportionate amount to the revenue. And there are certainly a lot of things that we can do on Facebook to help people, to help these news organizations, drive subscriptions. And that’s certainly been a lot of the work that we’ve done and we’ll continue doing.”

As Facebook and other Social Media companies take on the power of judgement over what is newsworthy, and what is not, they have waded into the waters of constitutional violations. They are treading on the freedom of speech. They are trampling on the freedom of the press. They are becoming more like the Nazi ‘Propaganda Ministry’.

Progressive’s and others have claimed that since Facebook is a private company, they can allow any information on that they choose, and deny anything or anyone that they so desire. They claim legal immunity under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which exempts online platforms from legal liability for content posted by their users. However, as the internet has grown to such an extent, that American knowledge and flow of information can be influenced by a small group of ideologues. As a result, tech giants were grilled by Senator Ted Cruz about how they have undermined their case for legal immunity. In fact, as much as I hate government regulation and controls over the many facets of our lives, there are times when it becomes a necessary evil.

It has become increasingly obvious that Google cannot be trusted to do any of this. Facebook and Twitter have both proven to be untrustworthy. Therefore, why should companies that shut down free speech for political reasons, have the power to dictate what the world knows and what they think?  Google’s motto for years was, don’t be evil, and ironically, that is exactly what they have become…evil!

The answer to the internet crisis is certainly not government control of private companies, because as we have already witnessed, government is no more trustworthy than tech companies have proven to be. However, making them fall under the same expectations of free-speech and implementing privacy protections on users would stop them from violating our constitutional freedoms. It would allow users to be able to voice their ideological beliefs without fear of reprisal. It would allow for christians to be able to voice their faith online without fear of persecution. Safeguards would be a huge step in protecting the future of internet and individual security, privacy, and free speech. A move that would be welcomed by the masses of users who interact online daily.

As we can see, America and the world have become not only witness to likely the largest breach of public trust, but most certainly one of the largest violations of American’s right to privacy. As America, and the world watch in horror, as millions upon millions of people, realize that the free Facebook account, did truly come at a price. It cost them their identity! It cost them their freedom! It cost them their privacy! It could cost them everything!

Google, Twitter, and Facebook continue to defend their actions, despite evidence increasingly showing that they have violated our constitutional rights and freedoms beyond comprehension. As America and the world learn that they don’t only record bank account numbers or credit card numbers, but they record and file away every phone call you make, text message you send, pictures you post, and much, much more. Despite the evidence, the tech giants will continue to fight, despite admitting wrongdoing. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the company “could read and censor the private messages that you send to your friends.” Despite his blatant honesty, Facebook responded to plummeting stocks and angry users by saying that the company  is mining data for the purpose of child safety. They said that “keeping your messages private is the priority for us; we protect the community with automated systems that detect things like known images of child exploitation and malware.”

Facebook went on to defend itself by claiming that the data mining is not even done by humans. Zuckerberg further defended Facebook by saying that “The reality here is that if you want to build a service that helps connect everyone in the world, then there are a lot of people who can’t afford to pay, and therefore, as with a lot of media, having an advertising-supported model is the only rational model that can support building this service to reach people. … But if you want to build a service which is not just serving rich people, then you need to have something that people can afford.”

Basically, Zuckerberg is saying that because Facebook doesn’t make money off of you using their service, then the users are the commodity for sale. Facebook users are the bread and butter for their company. Therefore, he says that by signing up for the service, you are ultimately selling yourself to the company, and whoever they want to sell you to.

It reminds me of an article that was written by the Washington Post in 2015. It read

“one of the most common is that companies are getting rich off our personal data. Our thoughts, friendships and basic urges are processed by computer algorithms and sold to advertisers. … That information is valuable. A frequent gibe is that on Facebook, we’re not the customers, we’re the merchandise. Or to put it another way: If the service is free, you’re the product.”

WND said it best in an article where they said:

‘However, people will continue to flock in droves, because “free” is too irresistible. But remember, when free stuff means you become the “product,” the next step is inevitable. A product isn’t free. It’s owned.’

This further reminds me of the cycle of civilizations that nations go through. America broke free of the chains of bondage by the British as they gained the faith and eventual courage to break free of those chains. Our Founding Father’s courageously and ingeniously created and implemented the Constitution of the United States. A document that bestowed liberty and freedom under God, and upon all who have since been born into this great nation, or granted citizenship. As a result, our nation has been fruitful and had an abundance of food, wealth, and all that one could want from our life here on earth. However, with abundance and innovation, American’s began to get complacent. With technology, complacency and apathy have been magnified. American’s in record numbers had begun to be dependent on the government for food, shelter, money, and virtually all other aspects of their lives. With technology, American’s became dependent on that tech for information, power, transportation, and all other areas of our lives not covered by government. We have been on the verge of returning our once great nation back into bondage. Fortunately, President Trump won in  2016, which has undone a number of the wrongs that have been done to our nation, and ‘We the People’. However the battle is not over.


Tytler’s Cycle of Civilizations

American’s are finally waking up to how distasteful it is to be someone’s “product”. How unappealing it is to be dependent like a house dog for scraps from their government masters. Now as President Trump fights for us, we must continue to do our own part. However, does that mean that we need to disconnect and come unplugged from technology? Does that mean to disconnect from social media. In truth, that is virtually impossible these days, but we must continue to be wary and vigilant of the dangers of tech. We do need to walk away from our cell phones and re-connect with friends and family…IN PERSON. We need our children to disconnect and play outside. We need to turn off the tech and read a good book. However, it has become the best way to stay informed. Think about it… Would President Trump have won the election without the internet or twitter account. If he wasn’t able to use them as a campaign tool, America would have to rely on the Mainstream Media for their information.

In fact, today millions upon millions rely more on the internet for our news than any other source. It is one of the reasons that Progressive-Socialists have strived to protect these massive corporate companies. The Washington Post went on to say:

“Political progressives once embraced the utopian promise of the Internet as a democratizing force, but they’ve been dismayed by the rise of the ‘surveillance state,’ and the near-monopolization of digital platforms by huge corporations.”

Ironically, Progressives are upset because conservatives, populists, nationalists, and christians have been able to embrace the very tool that targets them, to reach the people. That is precisely the reason that Progessive-Socialists who run these tech giants are trying to systematically silence the ideological opposition.

Therefore, as we need to separate from tech to an extent, it will forever be a part of our lives. Tech companies package ‘people’ as the product so well now, it is becoming an ever-growing part of our lives. The convenience of carrying a phone, ease of watching a show, simplicity of storing photos and information in the cloud, facial recognition as we drive our smart cars or walk down the street, and the effortless ability to turn on our lights, adjust the temperature, control security, or operate devices from our phone has made the marketing of ‘people’, so very attractive to those same people.

But, do we really need all that technology? Do we need to open our lives to tech companies, government agencies, or hackers? Today, most American’s can be held hostage by our homes, or even cars. Businesses get held for ransom when hackers lock up their computers, and those businesses are willing to pay millions of dollars to simply get access to their computers back. The simple answer is that we don’t need ALL THAT TECHNOLOGY! However, we do need information, and we cannot allow private internet social media companies to hold us hostage.

It is for that reason that Evans News Report has chosen to continue to utilize Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other tech companies to this day. Along with other conservative, christian, and nationalist websites are using tech companies own platforms to fight their anti-American, anti-constitutional, and wrongful attack on our constitution, our country, and ‘We the People’. We refuse to allow them to win the war for our lives, and instead utilize their own platforms to fight the wrong that they are inflicting upon our nation our people, and the world. In the meantime, we must remain aware that they are listening to our every word, monitoring our every keystroke, following our every move on Google Maps or GPS, monitoring our every text, our every phone call, our every email, and our bank account.

Regardless…we will continue to fight for our country, our freedom, our children, and fight on the side of our God.

Brian Evans, Evans News Report