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By: Brian Evans
Sunday morning, President Donald Trump fired off a series of tweets where he warned Mexico about letting illegal aliens and drugs flow through Mexico to the United States. He was referencing a caravan of more than 1,500  migrants from Central America marching through to the U.S.. More specifically, he was referring to a 1,500 strong army planning to illegally enter the southern border of the United States. The army of migrants came from Central and South America, and had been organized by Pueblos Sin Fronteras (people without borders), the group behind the illegal migrant army marching through Mexico. Pueblo sin Fronteras group website shows that they have extensive experience leading caravans of migrants across different countries illegally. During this caravan, the group got the permission of the Mexican government to enter through the southern border of Mexico and travel north into the United States, reportedly planning to cross at Baja California, and use Sanctuary State as their safety net. Pueblo Sin Fronteras went even further by stating:
“Our dream is to build solidarity bridges among peoples and turndown border walls imposed by greed.”  

When the caravan of migrants approached the Mexican government’s southern border’s checkpoint, the authorities abandoned their checkpoint (pictured below) so the migrants could moved unabated towards the United States.

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Progressive Media Buzzfeed’s imbedded journalist Adolfo Flores reported over the weekend:
“I’m traveling with a caravan of about 1,200 mostly Central American migrants traveling through Mexico. The group is being organized by Pueblos Sin Fronteras. It’s shaping up to be the largest one they’ve ever had. The majority of the migrants are from Honduras. Organizers of the caravan believe they make up about 70% of the group. They’re followed by migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Everyone is part of a group of about 10 people and five groups are put together to make a sector. Each with their own leaders. My first dispatch while on the trail with hundreds of Central Americans who have boldly crossed immigration check points, military bases, & police in a desperate, sometimes chaotic march toward the US.”
Many are describing the caravan of migrants as an army that must be stopped. The marchers (pictured below) carry signs that say:
‘We are all America… no to the discrimination’.
1,200 migrants from Central America headed on foot to the US on Sunday, pictured above on Palm Sunday in south Mexico with a sign that says 'We are all America no to the discrimination'
 Apparently, the Progressive’s belief that America should have open borders to the world has been spreading like fire through the international community. Meanwhile, ‘Open Border’s’ groups are encouraging people from South and Central America to claim ‘discrimination’ if America does not open its door to the world. It reminds me of something that a very wise man once said. His name was Ronald Wilson Reagan, and he was one of the most admired President’s in recent American history.
It was President Reagan who once said…

The arduous journey will have taken about a month,  with 80% of them originating from Honduras, which is one of three countries that the violent MS-13 gang originates from. A Buzzfeed reporter that is with the migrants, and says that the migrants plan to either sneak across the border, or claim assylum in the United States. Also, Pueblo sin Fronteras believes that strength in numbers will help them push through and cross into the United States, simply due to overwhelming American border patrols.

After the Omnibus, and Democrats refusal to pass a DACA deal, combined with increased persistance by ‘Open Borders’ groups to get massive numbers of migrants to violate our southern border, President Trump has called  on Republicans in the Senate to end the filibuster, so they can pass laws that will secure our nations borders. President Trump tweeted:

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 Trump has also become increasingly frustrated with not only Mexico’s refusal to do anything to address the illegals flooding across America’s borders, nor the drugs that are poisoning America’s youth. To make matters worse, this weeks army of migrants was enabled by the Mexican authorities, as they instructed their border patrol officers to stand down and allow the migrants to pass through to America, unobstructed.  As a result, President Trump threatened Mexico over NAFTA and DACA if nothing is done. He stated:
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In addition, the migrants made it clear that they believe that they are entitled to American’s rights and privilages, since they were carrying signs like ‘We are all America no to the discrimination’. As a result, President Trump pointed out that the migrants are intentionally trying to take advantage of the Obama Administration’s DACA program, and America’s generosity. He tweeted:
Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 10.44.16 PM
Many are now concerned, since we don’t have a border wall constructed yet, the border patrol will not be able to stop the mass of migrants from entering the United States. However, President Trump is now implementing full pressure on Mexico to get control of the situation, and reports indicate that the President’s pressure is being felt within the Open Border’s group Pueblos Sin Fronteras, and Mexican authorities.
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Pueblos Sin Fronteras gave interviews on Sunday and claimed that most of the migrants would stay in Mexico, while others would seek asylum at US ports of entry rather than illegally cross the border. However, reports coming in look like the majority, if not all of the migrants, plan to cross into the United States. And the majority of those will likely end up being taken care of by the American taxpayers.
Despite the attacks, President Trump continues to fight back. He has urged Congress to do their job to protect our borders, and stop illegal immigrants who continue to break the law and flood across our border.  President Trump stressed the fact that our country is being stolen from Americans, due to inaction of Congress.  He tweeted:
Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 11.08.23 AM

Trump said that “weak” border laws passed by Democrats prevented border patrol and ICE agents from enforcing the border laws. He called on Congress to implement the Nuclear Option if necessary to stop the “massive inflow of drugs and people” into our country.

Trump fought for DACA, despite the opposition he received from his base of support. However, despite his best efforts, he declared DACA “dead” after Democrats refused to even negotiate a deal. President Trump even offered double the number of illegal alien’s brought to the United States as children amnesty, but because he wanted to secure the southern border, Democrats refused.

Trump repeated his views about DACA, saying the issue was “dead” after Democrats refused to make a deal to legalize illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children. In addition, President Trump warned the Mexican government about their blatant attempt to help smuggle illegals across their country and illegally into the United States. Progressive’s became incensed over the idea of President Trump securing the border, and calling for an end to illegal immigration, they became even more angry as they began tweeting hashtags like #EndBorderImperialism, and #EndWhiteSupremacy. Users like Paul Schmehl, who tweeted:

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 1.17.02 PM

Interestingly, the Progressive-Socialist left has classified and targeted anyone who fights for border security as ‘racist’. They have deemed anyone who fights for national security ‘racist’. They have called anyone who fights for equal rights for ALL RACES ‘racist’. They have smeared anyone who reports the facts as ‘racist’. They have called anyone who fights for the unborn and against institutions like Planned Parenthood as ‘racist’. Basically, anyone who fights against the Progressive-Socialist agenda, and for the constitution and our republic is deemed a threat to the One-World Socialist order. Consequently, the Progressives target them, smear them, and try to discredit them, whatever the cost!


President Trump rightly criticized Congress for their continued inaction when he said:

“Border Patrol Agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the Border because of ridiculous liberal (Democrat) laws like Catch & Release.

He is right! Progressive-Socialist Open-Border Elitist Democrats and Fabian-Socialist Open-Border Elitist Republicans all have one goal in mind. They all are striving for a One-World Socialist government with communism at the heart of the new world order. However, the current mass migration headed for the United States is in the hands of Mexico. After all, with the caravan being on Mexican soil, it is up to the Mexican government to stop them. As a result, President Trump said:

“Mexico is doing very little, if not NOTHING, at stopping people from flowing into Mexico through their Southern Border, and then into the U.S. They laugh at our dumb immigration laws. They must stop the big drug and people flows, or I will stop their cash cow, NAFTA. NEED WALL!”

“These big flows of people are all trying to take advantage of DACA. They want in on the act!”

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 3.18.50 PM
Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 11.19.40 PM
Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 11.19.50 PM

On Monday, the Buzzfeed reporter embedded with the migrant army, Adolfo Flores said local Mexican officials aren’t letting the caravan of people move freely through their town. A sign that not all Mexican towns are thrilled about the band of migrants moving through their cities and towns. Monday night, Fox News reported that the Trump administration is instituting quotas for federal judges to accelerate the deportation of illegal aliens. Then on Tuesday, President Trump announced that he will utilize the military to safeguard the United States border with Mexico. However, despite the President’s announcement, Pueblos Sin Fronteras claimed that the caravan would continue, and would cross into the United States in Baja California.

Truthfully, America is in this situation, because former Administrations and a Fabian Progressive and Rino led Congress refuses to do what is necessary to safeguard our homeland from drugs, illegal’s, and corruption. President Trump’s hand has been forced, and he has been reduced to unilaterally implementing his own executive power to try to do what the legislative branch is unwilling to do. In the end, America will continue to become ever-increasingly frustrated with those in Washington. President Trump’s popularity will continue to rise, and this fall’s midterm elections will prove to be a red, not blue wave. Furthermore, if our elected leaders continue to act with such childish and anti-American angst, President Trump will be propelled to one of the largest election victories in American history.



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