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By: Brian Evans

Since the election of President Trump, his Administration has slowed the flow of refugees into the United States, due to the risks that radical islamic terrorists impose. During past Administrations, they have been allowed to slip through our borders into our cities and neighborhoods. Meanwhile, Progressive’s have tried to not only keep the flow of refugees into America going strong, but they have fought to increase the numbers. President Trump implemented increased safeguards and vetting of those who come into America, but his push has been attacked with a constant onslaught of lawsuits and criticisms by the Progressive-Socialists and Mainstream Media. In October 2017, President Trump implemented extreme vetting procedures for refugees, which included collecting more biographical data on refugees, and scrutinizing their social media and other sites to look for any potential threats to the United States and American citizens. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has been plagued with rape, forced marriage of little girls, murder, anti-Semitism, hate crimes, and rampant terror threats and terror attacks. Now, it appears that London, the United Kingdom’s largest city, has their murder and rape incidence perpetually increasing. In fact, their murder rate has passed up New York City for the first time since 1800.

In February, London’s The Times reported that London had outpaced New York City in murder rates, and that trend continued on through March. Over the years, London has had historically low murder rates, but as foreign-born refugees, who predominantly follow Islam, with a large numbers that are proving to follow the more radically violent wings of the religion, violent crimes are increasing. London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan fought against, and campaigned against the British from ‘stop and search’, or ‘stop and frisk’ of middle eastern people, making it virtually impossible to stop, or even reduce, the perpetually increasing criminal activity being perpetrated on their citizens. In fact, the British Police are afraid to even confront middle eastern suspects for fear, which has allowed violent crimes to flourish in the UK and especially London.

The London Telegraph stated that London is now more crime ridden and dangerous than New York City, with rape, robbery and violent offences far higher on this side of the Atlantic. Looking back to a tweet that President Trump sent out in October 2017, Trump tweeted:

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In fact, just last year, stabbings and other bladed attacks involved nearly 37,000 offenses involving 214 men and women stabbed to death in England and Wales. British Authorities have been instructed to mark it down to gang activity, despite the fact that many of the offenses were related to radical Islam. President Trump’s tweet was likely derived from a statistical breakdown that showed a huge increase of 59% of attempted murder offenses largely due to terror-related cases.

 Progressive’s quickly dismissed the President’s comments as “ignorant” and “divisive”, with former Labour leader Ed Miliband calling him an “absolute moron”. Meanwhile, the Progressive Labour Party leaders and so-called criminal justice experts claimed that crime in the UK and London was due to police failures and a reduction in neighborhood patrols in London, but to nobody’s surprise, that isn’t the whole story.
To fully understand the problems in the United Kingdom, you have to go back to 1996, when the UK had the  Dunblane school massacre. It was a horrendous school shooting that sparked outrage and Progressive-Socialists utilized the British anger to implement major gun-control legislation. They effectively banned most guns throughout the country, and have strict guidelines as to who is allowed to own any firearm. Even the Police in the United Kingdom (other than Northern Ireland) are not usually armed. Instead, the United Kingdom has military-like ‘Armed Response Units’ to deal with incidents.
British authorities say that crime activity numbers suggest that you are almost six times more likely to be burglarized in London than in New York City, one and a half times more likely to fall victim to a robbery, three times more likely to be raped, and now more likely to be murdered, all despite the fact that New York City has a slightly smaller population. In fact, reports indicate that the murder rate has increased by nearly 40% in just the past three years. The British blame social media, and a need for stricter punishment for the soaring crime rate, with 31 fatal stabbings so far this year, but experts say it is related to the influx of refugees, the growing islamic radical elements, and the lack of citizens ability to defend themselves.
The weapon-of-choice in London and throughout the United Kingdom appears to be bladed weapons, with the UK’s Independent reporting that terror is up 70% last year.  To make matters worse for the U.K., the massive influx of unvetted refugees, crime and terror has escalated to unprecedented proportions. However, despite the fact that murder, rape, and other criminal activity is spiralling out of control, British Progressive’s continue to push for uncontrolled, unvetted refugee’s to continue flowing into the United Kingdom, as they fight for stricter enforcement of citizen disarmament, and strike fear into the many times unarmed police, for fear of being deemed ‘racist’ or discriminatory’. In fact, London’s Police Chief Cressida Dick admitted that constables have become “fearful” of confronting suspects as they “might get into trouble or might not be supported if they had a complaint”.
Despite evidence, London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan claims that London is:

“the safest global city in the world, and one of the safest cities in the world”

A position that is becoming ever-increasingly difficult to defend amid the embracing of Sharia laws, increasing murder rates, rape rates, forced marriages among adolescent little girls, and numerous radical islamic terror attacks like“acid attacks” that are perpetrated on innocent civilians of all ages, and now in record numbers. It is becoming increasingly difficult to defend the United Kingdom’s Progressive-Socialist open border policy combined with gun-control as fear sweeps across the their once safe countryside, and citizens are left defenseless.

Meanwhile, the British have  admitted that hundreds of their Islamic State volunteers have returned to the capital, and despite increased terror activity, Progressive’s have fought for and been able to keep them from being monitored, as they claim doing so would be racist. A common word that Progressive-Socialists in the United Kingdom, and now in the United States, as they throw it at anyone who voices concerns about islamic terrorism and open borders in America.

Despite increasing violence that is correlated to the massive influx of radical islamic refugees that flow into the United Kingdom and other European Union countries, Progressive’s will not give up the con and call all those who resist racist. London’s police boss, Cressida Dick and Sadiq Khan, both continue to push the narrative of ‘Open Borders’, despite the fact that it has incontrovertibly led to wave of crime and terror. Instead, Progressive’s in the UK blame social media, as well as anyone who questions radical islamic jihadists actions for spreading hate, and therefore being responsible for the increased crime. Never-the-less, Progressive-Socialist, open border proponents will continue to question the motive of those who question the integrity of the attacker, instead of the attacker themselves. Those are the types of attitudes that lead to the downfall of civilizations.

In the end, America can learn a lot from the monstrosities of mistakes that have been made in the United Kingdom and throughout much of the whole of Europe. America must wake-up and realize that we need to stop the uncontrolled, un-vetted, un-obstructed flow of immigrants coming into the United States. We are a nation of immigrants, but that does not mean that we need radically Progressive ideology remaining unchallenged, as they dictate that we should allow our enemies to come in with unfettered access. In fact, Progressive’s have called for the United States to mimic the European Progressive-Socialist model, despite its obvious failures. Progressives fail to note the increased rate of murder, rape, robbery, and other violent crimes in gun free zones. Progressive’s fail to admit that when you take away guns, the criminals still get guns or find other ways to attack a now unarmed citizenry. The Progressive’s fail to note the rate of violence and terror that correlates to unvetted, unfettered refugee pouring across one’s borders.

Instead, gun-control or repealing the second amendment does nothing more than risk the lives of American’s. At best, it means that the murderers have to switch from guns to knives, but more likely, criminals get the guns illegally, just like illegal drugs, and leave honest Americans vulnerable. The facts don’t phase Progressive-Socialists though, because they whole-heartedly believe in their cause. They will continue to push the narrative that guns kill people, not the criminals themselves. They will declare anyone who opposes their cause ‘racist’, despite the evidence. They will use terms like ‘white privilege’, and ‘racist’, for anyone who opposes open borders. They will use terms like ‘christian priviledge’, for christian’s who defend their faith against the attacks from radical ‘muslim’s. And yes, Progressive-Socialists will call all those who use terms like ‘radical Islam’ racist, despite the fact that muslims who commit acts of terror in the name of ‘Allah’ truly are radical Islamists.

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