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By: Brian Evans

Despite the research firm Fusion GPS being caught manufacturing information and falsifying information on the Trump Dossier, Glen Simpson and his firm are at it again. In January, he told House investigators that the Russians “infiltrated the NRA”. He alleged that the Russians strategically infiltrated the National Rifle Association, and that there was multiple reasons why they chose to do so.

In his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, Glenn Simpson alleged that the Russians made a concerted effort to “get in with” the National Rifle Association, and seems to have succeeded.

Glen Simpson told the House Intelligence Committee that:

“It appears the Russians, you know, infiltrated the NRA,” he said. “And there is more than one explanation for why.”

He went on to say that:

“It appears that the Russian operation was designed to infiltrate conservative organizations,” he said in the November interview. “And they targeted various conservative organizations, religious and otherwise, and they seem to have made a very concerted effort to get in with the NRA.”

Once again, and right on cue, the Progressive Democrats latched on to the conspiracy theory spun by Simpson and ran directly to the FBI. Just as with the Trump Russia collusion, the FBI began investigating the claim, and once again the Mainstream Media began spinning the news cycle with NRA/Russia Collusion, just like they have with Trump/Russia Collusion. As pointed out in the Republican “ FISA Memo”, stated that the Steele Dossier was the primary information given to the FISA court, to obtain the warrant to spy on Carter Paige and the Trump campaign. A point that was verified by the testimony of then FBI Director James Comey, and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. Both men testified that the Dossier was central to the FISA warrant, and that it was largely salacious and unverified, despite being central to the FBI and DOJ obtaining the FISA warrant.

Now, we have Glen Simpson once again spreading salacious and unverified information. Information that has been once again embraced by Congressional Democrats, turned over to the FBI, and then touted as fact by the Mainstream Media and Progressive Democrats. They claim that it is real by citing an investigation that was opened both times by the FBI, ironically because they handed over information manufactured repeatedly by Glen Simpson’s GPS Fusion. An organization that has stated that their goal is to defeat those who fight for the conservative movement. Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media remains complicit in spreading the narrative that Constitutional Conservatives are not to be trusted. Mainstream Media sources like CNN, Washington Post, NY Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the McClatchy DC, who wrote an article about how the FBI is investigating whether Russian money went to the NRA in order to help President Trump win the election, with the help of a man named Torshin.

During his testimony, Glen Simpson named Alexander Torshin, who is the deputy governor of Russia’s central bank, and is said to be close to Russian President Vladmir Putin. Simpson said that Torshin is a “life member” of the NRA, and GPS Fusion had been investigating Torshin. When the committee asked Simpson what other conservative groups were involved, Simpson replied that “the names of them escape my mind.” However, Simpson went on to insinuate that there were a number of other conservative groups who were colluding with Russia as well.

Ultimately, GPS Fusion has proven to be as unreliable as a snake oil salesman. They work in the shadows and try to discredit anyone who fights against the One-World Communist Order. As a result, Progressive-Socialist Democrats have not only used, but paid GPS Fusion to write their salacious dossier against President Trump, in an attempt to discredit his 2016 campaign, and then his Presidency. A dossier that has been proven by the House and Senate as false and untrue. A dossier that was corroborated by witnesses to be unverified and misleading. As a result, the basis of the claims against Trump/Russia collusion were put to rest. Even the Mueller Special Council shifted from Trump/Russia Collusion to looking for obstruction of justice, or any illegal business dealings over the past 30 years. Then, in January of 2018, the Mainstream Media heard the very same Glen Simpson accuse the NRA of being in bed with the Russians to help elect Trump. Immediately, without verification, or validation, the Mainstream Media pounced on the story. Even the Wall Street Journal published the article Russia, the NRA, and Fake News, which went into depth about how the Mainstream Media has become obsessed with promoting anything against Trump or conservatives. Mainstream Media organizations that would risk our constitutional republic to bring down a man who has fought to drain the swamp. Mainstream Media organizations like:

Then Mainstream Media organizations like the L.A. Times admit that the Trump/Russia collusion is simply a conspiracy theory that will lead nowhere. However, they go on to say that in order to bring down the President, they should focus on, and begin searching for things that they can pin on the President like money laundering or other potential corruption.

Ironically, American’s should be asking several questions. When did our constitutional republic get so far off its rails, that it became acceptable to try anything, to bring down a duly elected sitting President? When did our Mainstream Media become so irrational that it quit utilizing investigative journalism, and embraced conspiracy theories and propaganda to push a political agenda? When did it become acceptable to ignore repeated threats to the lives of politicians and the President, simply because they are conservative? When did it become acceptable to ridicule and demean someone, simply because they are Christian? When did it become acceptable to scream vulgarities ON THE AIR towards the President of the United States? When did it become acceptable for MSM organizations like CNN to follow a porn star around to try to get dirt on something the President may or may not have done twenty to thirty years ago? When did it become acceptable to use our children to push for gun-control, while silencing the children who oppose gun-control. When did it become acceptable to call those who question the policies of President Obama racist, while calling those who question the everything about President Trump patriots?

Now, in today’s world, it has become socially unacceptable to support our duly elected President, publicly show your christian faith, support conservative policies, support the second amendment, be a member of the NRA, embrace free speech that goes against the Progressive-Socialist narrative, be pro-American, or be white.

In the end…Progressive’s will not stop until they have ended free speech (unless you agree with Progressive-Socialistm), freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom to peaceably assemble (unless it is for Progressive causes), freedom of privacy, right to be innocent until proven guilty, right to due process, and basically an end to our Constitution of the United States and all rights and protections granted thereunder.

Therefore, despite Fusion GPS having lost all credibility, it is highly unlikely that Progressive Democrats nor the Mainstream Media will change. They will continue to push any conspiracy theory that they can use to discredit him, impeach him, and remove him from office. They will continue to attack President Trump and anyone who supports him, if it accomplishes their goal of moving America further from the Constitutional Republic that our Founding Fathers created, and more towards their vision of an American communist swamp that they truly long for, and want.

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