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By: Brian Evans
As the PA-19 district congressional race concludes, Republicans downplay the importance of the race, while Democrats try to call it a referendum on President Trump. After all, President Trump took this Pennsylvania district by 20 points in 2016. However, this was not an election like most elections that will be occurring during the upcoming 2018 midterms in November. In fact, the Democrat Party has come to resemble more of a Progressive-Socialist Party, or a borderline communist party. But, Conor Lamb is not the typical Democrat candidate. Despite the facts, Democrats and Mainstream Media both tout the apparent outcome as an “unmistakable good sign” for Democrats ahead of the 2018 midterms. However, the Democrat Party’s rhetoric has some serious cracks in the very foundation of their claims.
Therefore, what is the truth? Did Conservative Republicans change their narrative after the election? Did Connor Lamb run as a Progressive-Socialist Democrat, Reagan Democrat, Republican Lite, or Conservative Democrat?


For example, in Pennsylvania’s Congressional District Debate, Connor Lamb said that he would, in his own words:

  1. Not support Nancy Pelosi or either Party’s leadership in Washington. Just like Trump.
  2. DOES NOT support banning firearms or magazines, but DOES support strengthening universal background check systems. (Positions even more conservative than President Trump)
  3. Does support drilling or natural gas if it is done safely. (Just like President Trump)
  4. Does not support large government-funded healthcare systems or single payer, but DOES support strengthening the Affordable Healthcare Act or getting back to the drawing board. (Just like President Trump has said)
  5. Does support Trump’s military parade, and said that it could be done affordably.
  6. Lamb was critical of President Trump’s use of strong talk on North Korea, and said he would take a more careful approach. Lamb’s comments were before Kim Jong Un agreed to meet with the Administration, so it is possible that he would have had a different answer, considering Trump’s success with the rogue and ruthless nation, but that we will never know.

Does that mean that the Republican’s are right in blowing off the loss? The answer would once again be a resounding NO! Republicans, under the leadership of President Trump have the opportunity of a lifetime to not only sweep these elections, but to gain larger majorities in the House and the Senate. However, the Pro-Establishment, Rino-Republican, Fabian-Socialist wing of the Republican Party, just doesn’t seem to get it, or they simply don’t care. Their goals and aspirations are an identical copy of the Progressive-Socialist Democrat’s goals and aspirations. They both HATE President Trump with a passion, and would sacrifice their own to bring down the anti-Establishment leader of the free world.

Overall, the district should not be competitive at all, but when you have a terrible candidate, combined with a Trump-like Democrat candidate, running on many conservative themes, Republicans once again have shown their ineptitude in finding good quality candidates to run for Congressional seats.

Interestingly, Conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh believes it’s the Democrats who should be concerned because Lamb had to run as a Republican to win. Rush said:

“If you didn’t know any better, he’s a Trump acolyte. He had to run as Donald Trump. … In fact, you might even be able to say that Conor Lamb did a better job of explaining the Trump agenda than the Republican did, and it shows the power of the Trump effect.”

Limbaugh went on to say:

“Even Democrats have to pretend to be like Trump in – and this is Pennsylvania. This is [Democrat] Pennsylvania, and even this guy is out there running as a quasi-conservative and running as somebody, you know, who agrees with Trump on guns, agrees with Trump on tariffs, agrees with Trump on trade. This guy ran as Trump Jr., and they’re distressed by that.”

Therefore, if this election was a referendum on President Trump, or his ‘America First’ agenda, it certainly looks to be a positive mark for Trump and his agenda. Lamb campaigned for the 2nd Amendment, tariffs, tax cuts, and against Pelosi.

So what does it mean for the Republican Party? This election show how angry and discouraged the American people have become with the Republican leadership. After-all, Pennsylvanian’s elected the President and his agenda by more than 20 points. However, since the election, Republican leadership has fought against the ‘America First’ agenda at every turn. Leaders like Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell. They have fought against the agenda, because their Fabian-Socialist ideological beliefs are not much different from the Progressive-Socialist Democrats. They both have the endgame of a One-World Communist driven government through the use of evolutionary socialism and their Deep State shadow government. Progressive-Democrats and Fabian-Rino Republicans all fight for the same goals. They all are fighting to implement the Fabian-Economist’s end-game, which is to implement a Socialist State. Their ‘Deep State’ government has grown to a massive size, and their goal to ‘fundamentally transform’ (as Obama put it) our nations democratic framework into a socialist state. A ‘Socialist State’ that was almost complete under Obama in 2016. Their Deep State almost attained their goal to reorganize society by the emancipation of land and industrial capital from individual ownership, and redistributing that property to class or societal ownership. They swallowed up millions of Acres of private land to federal control under Obama. The IRS targeted Christians, and stripped away our Constitutional rights. The FBI and Justice Department targeted anyone who opposed the Obama Administration, and especially Progressive-Socialists, all while protecting and covering up Progressive’s actions. They placed Progressive’s throughout every bureaucratic agency in America. And in 2016, America reached the precipice of its demise. We reached a moment that would have become a nail in the coffin of our Constitutional Republic. A moment that would have re-defined our country. As Soviet Communist Vladimir Lenin stated: “The goal of Socialism is Communism”, and our nation came closer to communism that anyone could have imagined.

Limbaugh  predicted the Lamb win due to the circumstances, and now one has to beg the question of just how will Democrats respond. Will they move closer to the center? All indications now seem to point towards that idea being very unlikely. The more likely response will be that they will do one of two other options. They may move further towards the Progressive-Socialist end of the spectrum, and resemble more communist-like candidates, or morph into Trump-like candidates that campaign on a ‘pro-America First’ agenda. Unfortunately, if they do the latter, they would likely campaign as a ‘Connor Lamb Trump-like’ candidate, but they would act like a Progressive-Socialist once in office.

Meanwhile, the continual belittling, trashing, threats, and berating coming not just from the left, but from the Fabian-Socialist Rino Elitists in Washington have also taken their toll on a President who has accomplished more significant wins for the American people, while going un-noticed by the American people, due to the Mainstream Media’s strategic manipulation of truth’s and facts.

One example can be seen as Fabian-Socialist Rino Republican’s constantly are trashing Conservative Christians. In fact, Tony Perkins makes an important point about why the trashing of Evangelicals who support Trump is continuing to take place:

Although the liberal media won’t admit it, there’s a deliberate effort to try to discourage evangelicals from voting and being involved. That’s why we’re seeing an almost daily rehashing of Trump’s past. Americans can’t make it through a half-hour of cable news without hearing about the president’s behavior back in 2006. They can’t open a newspaper without another columnist shaming Christians for supporting Trump. That’s by design. Liberals know that if they can shame evangelicals for supporting this president, they can suppress their enthusiasm. Their aim is to translate that into a decline of our record participation in 2016. If that decline happens — even a little bit — they can retake Congress. And they understand as well as we do that if Republicans lose either chamber, the president’s conservative agenda is as good as dead.

 Ironically, President Trump has accomplished more for Christian people than any former President, including Ronald Reagan.
Also, Salena Zito from the Washington Examiner made these points about Lamb and his campaign strategy before the election:

The young, charming Democratic candidate Conor Lamb is running like a Republican on matters from guns to getting rid of Nancy Pelosi. When your message is simply I am for new leadership and cleaning up Washington, and you look like you just walked out of a Orvis catalog, you are going to connect with voters on both sides of the aisle.

Second, Lamb never slams President Trump; why would he? Trump won this district by double digits…

Third, none of Lamb’s campaign signs say he is a Democrat. He is not part of the resistance, he does not call himself progressive, he doesn’t try to divide voters into different special interest groups.

And fourth, the establishment Republicans have embarrassed themselves with public hissy fits about Lamb’s challenger, Republican state Rep. Rick Saccone — his lack of fundraising polish and his panache. You have to wonder if their bitterness towards this Western Pennsylvania candidate — whose military and diplomatic experience are impressive on paper and manifest in person — is deeply rooted in their persistent resentment of Trumpism.

 While it is highly unlikely that Connor Lamb will go to Washington and support the ‘America First’ agenda that he campaigned on, Democrats will likely have him do the same old tricks that they do for every other Democrat in at-risk districts. He will vote for the Progressive-Socialist agenda, until  just before the next election and then vote for some more moderate agenda items. That way he can get re-elected. As for the Republicans, they must start putting out better and stronger candidates. Otherwise, the Democrats will continue to slowly pick off Republican seats and whittle away at the Republican control of the Senate. Ultimately, if the Democrats regain control of Congress, they will certainly fight the President at every turn. Democrats will raise American’s taxes, trash the economy, and quickly take away American’s remaining liberties. They will end corruption investigations that are looking into all the various Obama Administration scandals, and work to impeach President Trump with any possible charge that they could find. American’s must understand that America is at war. We are at war with an enemy who doesn’t want to destroy America, but they want to erase the America that we all know and love. An America that is based on the Constitution with inalienable rights that are granted under God, and morph that America into just one piece of a One-World Communist government. American’s must be vigilant and fight to elect not  Republicans or Democrats, simply based on Party, but American’s who fight to put America First! We must be vigilant and look through the deceptions of the Mainstream Media. The lies spread by Progressive’s and Fabian-Rinos. We cannot take politicians based on their word, but based on their actions as leaders. Then, and only then can we safeguard our country’s liberties for generations to come.