This week, a group of high school students were bussed to Florida Governor Rick Scott’s (R-FL) office at the State capital in Tallahassee Florida. The kids marched into the governor’s office and began yelling and chanting, “where’s Rick Scott”?  When there was not an answer, they began yelling ‘shame on you’! MSNBC and other major Mainstream Media networks began slamming Governor Rick Scott for refusing to answer questions from the kids. MSNBC claimed that they were being told that the governor didn’t have time to meet with them. Interestingly, the Mainstream Media and Progressive-Left, in an attempt to create a ‘False Narrative’, manufactured the story, bussed the teens to the capital with the help of the women’s march group, and all in an attempt to smear Governor Rick Scott.

The student group was correct in saying that the Governor was not available to talk with them, but they failed to paint a clear and truthful picture of why. The Media made sure to capture the following scene at the Governors office:

MSNBC’s Katy Tur reported that Governor Scott was ‘refusing to speak’ with the students. The media captured outrage from the students, and the reporters talked about how the students wanted Governor Scott to stop fighting the immigration issue and take a stand against not only assault weapons, but rifles as well. Katy Tur made an obvious attempt to smear the Republican Governor, and push for not only taking semi-automatic guns, but hunting rifles as well. However, Katy Tur and the Mainstream Media outlets that broadcast the so-called student outrage, failed to reveal that the Governor had agreed to meet with them at 5:00PM later that day, and he was not able to meet at the time, when they were broadcasting their public outcry. The reason he could not meet with their unannounced visit was because he was attending the funeral of one of the Parkland Florida High School victims.

Shortly after the scene, the Free Beacon revealed that Katy Tur funally admitted that Scott’s absence was due to his attending one of the victims funeral, but conveniently, they had already broadcast the staged scene, in an attempt to create outrage by Americans who tuned it. Furthermore, it did not stop other Mainstream Media outlets from airing the footage in loop to create further division and anger throughout America.

Meanwhile, The Hill reported that:

A spokeswoman for Scott’s office confirmed to The Hill that protesters delivered a petition and demanded an audience with Scott, who was not in the office at the time. The protesters represented students calling for stricter gun control following the high school shooting in South Florida last week.

Scott’s office confirmed to The Hill that the governor on Wednesday attended a funeral for one of the 17 people killed in last Wednesday’s shooting, and plans to meet with groups of student protesters at 5 p.m. upon returning to his office.

Now, the EMPOWER Women’s March organizers are recruiting, encouraging students, teachers and their allies to walk out of schools on March 14 to protest gun violence. They will stop at nothing to confiscate guns, bring down President Trump and all conservative voices, in an effort to further move America towards the Progressive agenda and institute Socialism in America. It is not about the rights of women anymore. It is not even about the guns, but rather about the elimination of all ideologies that oppose their own socialist ideology, and move America one step closer towards the communist ideology.

Regardless of ideology, it is a sad day in our nation, as reporters try to lie and distort the truth, simply to push an ideology. Our Media has lost sight of their once clear vision of being a voice of truth and insight. A voice that would lead to justice, and the protection of our fragile constitutional republic. Instead, our media has become a weapon. In fact, it has become the weapon of choice for the Progressive-Socialist political activists.

As Katharine Graham from the Washington Post once said:

“News is what someone wants suppressed. Everything else is advertising. The power is to set the agenda. What we print and what we don’t print matter a lot.”

Today, her words ring more true than ever in our nation’s history, especially in regards to her families newspaper, the Washington Post. Little could she know, just how far the Mainstream Media would go to suppress real news. They have suppressed it to the extent that her family newspaper came up with a new slogan, “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”


In fact, it has become not only a slogan for the Post, but an agenda for the Mainstream Media, in nearly its entirety. The Mainstream Media will continue to beat the communist drums, as they fight to diminish and destroy our constitutional freedoms, one by one. They fight against our Bill of Rights as they try to eliminate Christianity in America. They fight to end free speech and against a free press, as they attempt to silence opposing voices like Breitbart, Townhall, Conservative Review, Gateway Pundit, Washington Times, Drudge Report, WND, Fox News, Evans News Report, Conservative Social Media accounts, and other’s who don’t embrace socialist ideology. They demean and ridicule those who try to assemble and petition the government, as they fight for their own right to be heard, and simply because they oppose the Progressive-Socialist agenda. The Mainstream Media not only refuses to defend, fut fights against the second amendment, as they try to end American’s rights to bear arms. They allow the Mueller Special Counsel to violate American’s rights as they commit unreasonable search and seizures by illegally taking documents without legal means. The media covers for the Mueller Special Counsel as they violate Americans due-process of law. They fight for and provide cover for the Progressive-Democrats, as they allow the States rights to be swallowed up by a massive and quickly growing federal bureaucracy. The media allows conservatives to be targeted by the IRS without concern, or even a report to the people. In fact, the list could go on, and on, and on, and on…. Therefore, as the Progressive-Socialist’s in the Democrat Party, and the Fabian-Socialist-Rinos in the Republican Party, inch closer and closer to diminishing the value and meaning of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Washington Post’s new slogan begins to reveal its true meaning for our media. However, it should read, “Under The Shroud of Media Deception, Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

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