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President Trump Addresses CPAC With An 80 Minute Extemporaneous Speech, Delivered With Thunderous Applause, As Trump Says, “We’ve Got 7 Years To Go” (FULL SPEECH VIDEO)

President trump entered the CPAC convention to a rock star welcome, with the largest audience’s in their history. The Hill reported that President Trump did have an uneasy relationship with the CPAC faithful, which was illustrated in 2016, when he pulled out of a planned appearance at the conference amid backlash from some conservatives, even though he was leading the GOP presidential primary. However, that distrust has melted away and shows a hardened support for the President, as he has proven to be one of the most conservative Presidents in history, despite what Fabian-Socialist Rino Republican Elitists say about Trump. President Trump celebrated the accomplishments that his Administration has been able to implement despite the overwhelmingly negative Media attention that has tried to bog down his agenda. President Trump said “Hey, we have got seven years to go, folks!” A comment indicating that despite the Media trying to paint him as a one-term President, he would be running again in 2020, successfully into a second Trump term. News that brought the crowd to its feet, with thunderous applause. Reports indicated that the president had arrived with a prepared speech, but as Trump likes to be Trumpian, he quickly abandoned the teleprompters and spoke extemporaneously to the ecstatic crowd, who had waited long hours to hear see and hear him speak. 

Watch the replay of the event below, brought to you by W.H.Gov:

President Trump said to the crowd, “I think now we’ve proved that I’m a conservative,” as he lauded his accomplishments to the audience, and shifted to

laughter, as he joked about his bald spot that he said, “I try like hell to hide.” 

Trump got more serious when he pivoted to discuss the Florida school shooting. He detailed his plans to not only improve the accuracy of the background check system, but also talked about his plan to allow trained teachers to use concealed guns in schools in order to be more offensive, rather than defensive. The President said, “A teacher would’ve shot the hell out of him before he knew what happened,” in reference to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Breitbart News reported that Trump’s CPAC speech comes just days after his push to arm “20 percent” of trained public school teachers as a way to make schools safer. He introduced the plan on Wednesday and has stressed it’s importance, citing that authorities are “5 to 8 minutes away,” but teachers can shoot the sickos, as he called them, “immediately.”

President Trump spoke for over an hour, and urged American’s and grassroots conservatives to re-energize for the midterms, and warned that Republicans are going to face tough elections, especially with the historic nature of the political party in power, loses the majority in Congress during the midterm election. He said American’s MUST HAVE DRIVE for the midterms and avoid complacency, and then cited how CRAZED the Progressive-left has become to eliminate the second amendment. President Trump warned CPAC attendees on Friday that Democrats WILL AlSO TAKE AWAY the tax cuts and if given control of Congress. He then further emphasized the importance of preserving our second amendment to the Constitution.

The President delivered an incredible 80 minute non-scripted speech citing illegal immigration, the 2018 midterms, America’s booming economy, Obamacare’s timely death, the Democrats goal of gun confiscation, and so much more. He did not talk about raising the minimum age for gun ownership, but he did talk about how John McCain voted for Obamacare, and even pulled out a copy of the poem ‘The Snake,’ in reference to McCain. A move that brought the attendees to their feet, cheering.

President Trump concluded by stating, “We’re going to Make America Great Again and I will never ever, ever, let you down,” and to that, the President has certainly been a man of his word.

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